Title:Enjoy Shanghai


Have friends from afar, as the host of course I want to do landlord should. And Shanghai is trying to recommend her to my place on the Internet, put her on the phone numerous times in Shanghai,Like others said, to Shanghai it. I do not know it because I grew up in Shanghai, it is kind of a special affection for her, pushed up three generations three generations have been rooted in Shanghai locals. Can be considered more authentic Shanghai someone.


Shanghai in the eyes of others is a modern metropolis, and Paris, New York par, in the fashion vanguard of things can be seen here. Shanghai in my eyes, it has a beautiful appearance, but rich in content. The accumulation of history made her look thick and Apprehension, as the fish - Shanghai trip invitation - that she is a story of the city.With 10 fish and I returned from Shanghai, the aircraft landed firmly in the Hongqiao Airport. 6 days, have been quick to leave Shanghai for a week at home feeling good. Shanghai to see the night in the air, bright gorgeous, never felt so beautiful cities, exposure to which is often overlooked. A bridge or road is yellow, white lights disguised as thin strips, and the entire earth like a circuit board, non-stop flashing. The first time feel so deeply the beauty of Shanghai.


Coming all the way from the airport to the Bund, but could not see any light. Will leave Shanghai for a week, 10 cities have black one scene why? Shanghai's night scene, where? Admired the beauty of the fish gone, I am ashamed. Reaching the center of the exhibition began a little blocking. Are people who go out on weekends. Shanghai is a dynamic city, rich in her lively and colorful night life, in the new world before 12 o'clock, 12 o'clock after the Maoming Road, Hengshan Road. 12 life began.Bund a dark, only the Pearl of the Orient that big ball of blue light flashing weak. Listen to the driver said the master, particularly Shanghai's hot these days, the evening should be "Let the power", so put off the whole landscape. Today, the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Huaihai Road, are also true, no lights. Dark Bund buildings, not blurred lights, the faint moonlight, seemed calm and peaceful.


No night to be seen, then back to hotel. Put down your luggage, I decided to go with a new world of fish. Fish asked me: What is the new world? I answered: is the place to eat, drink entertainment, a collection of stylish things, seductive, and there was a good place, gathering a large number of foreigners. Handsome, beautiful passing, perhaps a chance encounter occurs.In fact, I am not sure whether there will be new world of light, will not let electricity. But I would also like to try, entertainment lighting should be guaranteed it.The new world is very noisy at night, especially those open-air bar business is booming. Foreigners like to sit open-air bar, you can look at the scenery, romance, open-air have more flavor.


We chose a transparent reflection (TMSK). It is Yanghui Shan - Taiwan's Golden Horse award that year open. She gave of Motion Picture Arts career, with her husband, Chang obsessed with glass art. I like glass, Shanghai now has "Glass House", "Grand Glass" and so many brands, but I mostly like to Newworkshop to see if it's those small ornaments, do so sophisticated, some pendants, the girls are like, especially in winter sweater, hung a beautiful glass ornaments, simple is not subtlety. Transparent reflection of the things to come from Newworkshop.


Glass has always been on the cabinets marked with spotlights to enjoy, but in TMSK free to play. Drink the cup, sitting chairs, bar, candlestick table to adjust the atmosphere, everything related with the glass, ubiquitous, luxury blurred. The outside tables and chairs are red and black wooden objects, small fish seem to enjoy such an atmosphere, in fact, a woman will like as long as I time too. We had two cups of iced coffee. I worry that fish sleep at night drinking coffee, she said: A Re friends go, reluctant to take much time to sleep, I love coffee, she also fell in love with.


In TMSK next to Yifei's home, a painter Chen Yifei open a store selling household goods, such as candlesticks, bowls, dishes, Chinese style of bag to put paper towels, vases, but expensive. Where people ask me Yifei fish, I do not know, but that he visit you in Shanghai, the old, or is the people of Shanghai? Fish do not agree with my point of view. Later, she checked the home, said to be born in Ningbo, Shanghai seeking too early in the study.Want to make a photo, did not suffer with a tripod, and shoot at night to play the flash is not eligible for such a view, do not play the slightest shake will affect clarity. But I still help us, please press the one waiter, alas, disappointed. Also requests the other person then a serious disappointment.


Day morning, the sun straight shot down, an estimated 37 degrees is a hot day. But then the sun can not hold our big trip. 8 points of the new world, only three two and travelers like us, or cleaners, no night noise China. I like the new world in the morning, cool, quiet, subtle, as if a lady, not his usual broad smile line is not open-toed general. Quartzite of the road, also stained with dew and humidity, blue, red brick with a dignified sense. New World come and go many times, but so close as the first time. I do not have to thank the fish. Xintiandi is a very successful transformation, it has become a Shanghai fashion coordinates, regardless of Shanghai people, outsiders, foreigners like it here. CPC is also a great venue here, every year 71, there will be many units of the organization of party members, activists pay their last respects to a great venue to learn, "into the feelings of a large venue in Shanghai yesterday; out of the experience is a great venue in Shanghai Today ", July 1, this sentence in the news in that there might be some truth. Some people say "New World" a good name, day, is "one big" words together. Is this really says. Compared to China's youth editorial in the original 3D reconstruction of the bar is not so fortunate, a group of veteran letter to the municipal government, said the site turned into a revolution bar, is the historical lack of respect. 3D forced to close. In fact, where the scenery is more elegant, in the extension of the green, there are bridges, water, music. Well ... ...


East West to go shopping, take a lot of photos, I did not expect such a campaign would put fish flapping silk, while leaning, while Looking back, a moment for intimacy and touch the wall, while his hands to ask, while those for the tray to be like, sitting , standing, relying on, tummy, squatting posture everything, murder me a lot of digital space.Tired, stomach is hungry, eat breakfast at Le Maison. Fish points apple pie, I like yellow, so French Peach tart, another card is not the cup of Keno. Weekend morning, the store very few people, in fact, is not generally the people of Shanghai to such a place to eat breakfast, expensive, and not necessarily tasty. I love to enjoy the very people with limited funds I used to indulge in eating all been on. I like the breakfast, very relaxed. Cafe side has a small garden, placed three carved cast iron round table, just show his face in the summer sun, shines into a corner. The house is full air-conditioning, watching the sun does not feel hot, but there is a warm feeling well. Such a morning, sunshine, music, coffee, a close friend, who needs. Photo of the heart eventually die, I put the camera mounted on the bar, press the self-timer, 10 seconds later, he left us smile.


10:10 go to the UME UME Cinema to see "See Me." Listen to a lot of people mention this film, is very funny, is more suitable in this morning to see a relaxed film. UME is the investment in the construction of Hong Kong director Ng See-yuen, should be considered the best in Shanghai, a cinema, in accordance with its ergonomic seat design. Not require any mechanical adjustment, according to the audience to give back the automatic back pressure, back recline angle large enough to almost lying down to watch movies. Chair between the handle can also be random flips, prepared for the lovers' intimate contact with zero distance. " Saw last night fare, 50 yuan each, but buying $ 100 also looking for 40, I think that ticket lady made a mistake, the original morning show playing on the break, I really cried, you know this cinema fare is the most expensive on the beach, never set foot in, I did not expect to also discount the first time.


The movie theater audience, only six, two in a row, watch movies or watching sport double, single point of view, after all, very few, and when he is to try the feeling of a movie? 'Entertain' orientation may be comedy, a man crush on the village rice Jihong aloe, aloe as an actor in order to achieve the dream of whim to be self-financing, their producers, their directors, one of us play martial arts giant film, the same desire to persuade a group of villagers acting, with a home DV shooting machine "off the Woman." Funny from time to time during the emergence of the lens. But I did and realize some of the lines in: Although this film is about the actor to realize their dream of a loved one regardless of everything, but he insisted, dedication, unwavering spirit found in one direction is more commendable. He persuaded the villagers to take that into serious look; because he shot the wife of the lens a little more, attracting baseless rumor he cares; not much thought of his loved ones understand and tears; his martial arts and shoot think hard; his voice and command post with a simple village to engage in festive activities in the village to play the various musical instruments when intoxicated; because of the feudal village does not allow filming throughout his Kukuxiangqiu seems funny ... ... , in reality, it is ideal to inspire people to have to persevere, no success comes from persistence. This reflects not only adhere to the persistence of love, but also insist on an attitude of life. Ending with a passage should be carefully read. This film is based on the true story adapted from my actor prototype awe. Should give him applause and flowers.


After the movie we both talked about Feedback, fish, said: like the "Odyssey," just like the first look at laugh, a second look, the laugh would burst into tears after feeling. Maybe a good movie, not just a simple gel-free head. Right great. I think the movie's two biggest benefit is that you can see the exchange, which is a movie that can not achieve the function.


In the new world there is one to be seen in: "Shanghai house car" Exhibition Hall. Shanghai dialect called home for the "house car" on display here are some of the old Shanghai style. Exhibition Hall is one built in the 1920s Shikumen old house reservations, transforming from a total of three floors, with reception room, the library, old room, master bedroom, the daughter house, the son of room, kitchen Phi A total of seven rooms, a Shikumen family story. It shows the unique Shanghai culture Shikumen building, then the people of Shanghai to reproduce the living space and lifestyle. All furnishings are retained in the 1920s and 1930s kind.


On the second floor, an old photo to see fish, a pair of sisters standing dependency, a female armpit Envelope, a woman with hands folded at the grip placed in the lower abdomen, with a smile, soulful. I put the camera on the chest of drawers, and imitate them - we both caught a group photo. Day is too hot, people feel dizzy. Passing LATINA (Latin) restaurant, I saw written on a sign in front of vanilla ice cream 5 yuan / month, Chan Chong came. What we want is color - the vanilla ice cream and chocolate together. The restaurant did not come off, relatively simple layout of the room, feeling a little tropical rain forest. Walls made of brick-like, the bathroom door is wooden primitive-like, reminds me of who live in the Amazon jungle in the kind of round house built in the water. Noon buffet, there are barbecue packages, but we have set a good eat Hui Lau Shan, so the next time barbecue can only be left to decompose.


Hui Lau Shan is eating lunch. Hong Kong New World Tower on Huaihai Road, the newly opened a Hui Lau Shan is a Hong Kong to Shanghai to open the first. Lunch is, in fact, because it is too full after eating, and are simply unable to shelter other things. Hui Lau Shan is a dessert to eat the whole, Tangtangshuishui's. I have observed, to the dessert where mostly girls, and men are mostly with his girlfriend, two men rarely have to. I like the multi-Hui Lau Shan mango coconut black sticky rice, fish, and I have the same choice. I have always been more focused on eating, like it will always choose it, and occasionally may be small for other attempts, but eventually returned to the origin.


Hui Lau Shan mango features and signs. Mango coconut black rice and more, in fact, more mango and black glutinous rice and coconut milk. Fish said, yellow, white, black is her favorite colors. It seems that I really like right. Oh. Mango coconut black sticky rice to eat more personal experience is to scoop a spoonful of black glutinous rice add a little coconut milk, again a mango, full of a really fragrant. Ice cool black glutinous rice, it is waxy, very delicate, sweet coconut, mango and slippery, three is really a perfect match, after eating the cheek teeth, get enough.


Time is running men, and small fish to Shanghai's most important task - IKEA has not done it. I like visiting IKEA, love to go and see nothing, and convenient transportation can take light rail home. Like IKEA's design, it's something a lot of home, large cabinets, small furnishings, back and forth may have spent thousands of dollars of it. Every time there is always a lot of people to IKEA, it seems that more than one person I like. Fish bought a lot of things, but I also take this opportunity to buy a hanging basket.


IKEA to promote DIY, you can buy those fragile items in brown paper, a kind of bubble paper packing. I like work, work with is beautiful. So I do it for a fish. Look to buy more things, in fact, a small box is almost filled. Hotel next to the post office, I advised her to send something home, so that you can traveling light.


Send over something straight Wujiang, Shanghai on the final leg. Stomach hungry, first get something to fill the bowl fill. Spicy fish like to see one every family Rice Noodles Restaurant in Changsha, coincide. The acid is called a bowl of beans meat powder. I'm afraid of spicy, just spicy, fish may be afraid to sweat and therefore chose mild. Acid beans delicious.Then I took her to eat fried Xiao Yang. I quite like the store's fried, thin, with soup, at the end of yellow, crunchy. The business has been booming Xiao Yang Pan-fried, fried at the door waiting to take a long line of people often. But we are very lucky, not many people line up.


Had never eaten fried fish, nor seen this thing. I introduced her to eat the way: first immersed in a dip of vinegar, carefully bite has a small mouth, suck the soup, then eat it. Fish said: Why is it called fried bread, is not that the buns do. Alas, this is totally fried bread as a "blasphemy" (possibly a misnomer). Some places may be called the Pan-fried dumplings or Shuijian, but fried bread and Shanghai, this is different. Well, no matter what, I still love my fried bread is.A total of four passenger fried, each of us spending out of two. Feeling a little bulging stomach, I feel really comfortable.


Fish trip to Shanghai to go places that are planned to go, basically did not drop anything. In sending her way to the airport, I am very happy for her, said: Our itinerary was very good, very compact. I am very happy. Fish said: I think if a place is not fun, just because there may be no one to like you told me, the place where it is attractive.Parting is always injury. Yanji a week plus 1 day in Shanghai, and small fish from the strange to the familiar, the process has much to remember and treasure. Although thousands of miles away this friendship, but always warm me. Reluctant to let her see my sadness, I hope I always leave her happy smile. Waved, and walked away, my heart silently wishes: a safe journey home.