Title:Experiences of Hangzhou Independent Travel


May 24, 25 My boyfriend and I to travel to Hangzhou, a detailed reading of the netizens of travel, we embarked on a journey, two days after the end of play, experience the following: The first step equipment: 1. Towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable chopsticks, disposable cups, 2 toilet paper, wet paper towels, napkins, 3 shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner, 4 alcohol, cotton, bandage, 5 poker card, headphones, 6 cameras, 7. Sunscreen Lotion.  Step two tickets: We bought: Shanghai → Hangzhou N537 train, 5:50 minutes by car, nine to Hangzhou! ! ! Hangzhou → Shanghai, N510 train, at 17:07 hours drive, 20:00 to Shanghai! ! ! Twice trains are air-conditioned car, the price is 33 yuan a round trip ticket, car is very clean and comfortable. If you have the opportunity to also be able to buy a soft seat ticket conductor (usually pack a travel company, it is difficult to buy), and more comfortable! ! ! The third step is shopping: the journey with as little as possible on things, we only bought two bottles of the pulse, 4 eggs, butter, a packet of tofu, easy to hit the road! ! !


Step Reservation: I was in the room set Ctrip online, satellite states in Hangzhou Jinmao Business Hotel, Address: No. 1, sea level, phone 0571 -28,887,888! ! ! Transportation is very convenient from the train station 2KM, located in the city center, away from the West Lake Bin 0.5KM, price of 258 yuan. K3 from the Railway Station Road, four out of bus stops to go. This hotel's facilities still in place, the hot water tap is great, very comfortable taking a bath! ! ! The disadvantage is that only two time receptionist attitude stay cold, check out the next day when the attitude was surprisingly good, there is room a little small, but it does not matter, to live on the line, anyway, a night on the matter, as users say the harassing phone calls, we put the telephone line from the door began to remove, and there is practically no friends. . . .


Step trips: 4:00 am to get up, called the car to the train station, start time 5:50 minutes the train, but because it is slow stop and go along the way, until nine to Hangzhou (the old trouble, but this is a train To comfort you will waste little time friends). The train station, find 3-way car terminal (Hangzhou bus with a K-word is air-conditioned car), to the hotel, registration, stay put luggage after we finished off! ! !


Get back to the train station, on the road there will be travel agents sell up eight spots aunt even 145 yuan a ticket, that ticket is to buy even more than our own tickets to various attractions cheaper $ 60, we find several have refused to cheap again, and finally in a relatively remote corner we find a stalker in my aunt's nothing more than taking her under running finally agreed to sell two 250 yuan to us, ha ha! ! !


Bought tickets, we began to enjoy the play: the talk about here: Hangzhou buses are mostly air-conditioned car 2 yuan / person, the taxi I feel no need to take two tours, first take the 7 Road to the Temple fly to peak, I now feel that the benefits do not travel with the tour: that you can leisurely walk klippe's Peak, where the sparsely populated, fresh air, Hangzhou City skyline! ! ! Swim to sit out five-minute walk to the Yellow Dragon Cave Road 807, does not look good on a yellow dragon in the water, taking pictures, we found that there are months old temple, went to pray, it is already completed more than 3 pm, We take the 3-way travel, the road through the many large and small holes, but did not go in, all in the road, even Tiger in road, water is drained, no spectacle, we have the car to the Sir Georg Solti , we both reflected wave from the bridge went Sudi West cold bridge, along the way sunny, although the weather in Hangzhou is thirty degrees, but walking in the cool breeze I Sudi is on seats, it really happy, and along the way through the Huagangguanyu, but inside the big fish have all died, and now the new raised fish, boring! ! ! We eat snacks, eaten lunch, a little walk, so sit on the tour bus Sudi 10 yuan / person to the Pagoda, climb my legs trembling, dizzy. . . . . . . Came out a small pond next to the tortoise which form one hundred different, very cute. Day's sightseeing is over.


Step eat: We called more than six cars to the famous Hangzhou Zhi Wei Guan Head Office dinner, guests in the Lake Avenue, where a cab in the past, but the initial costs ten dollars, Hangzhou taxi grade high: Buick fear of Sartre, red, Chinese, send Leo! ! ! We ordered a few snacks: ① Mrs. Geng Song: taste good and worth a try, ② Xihucuyu: Mama Huhu it, can burn your own home, ③ violence are significantly less shrimp shell: I do not feel good, fried too old, ④ Orecchiette: the good, delicious and, although only 6 per bowl, inside the peas, ham, scallops, shrimp, etc. that are a lot of suggestions we have to try Oh, not to be missed friends. . . ⑤ small tomato, with a refreshing, ⑥ sugar aloe: I personally like to eat, Shanghai and some. A total of 151 yuan, enough for two people to eat it! ! ! We finished all the way back along Lake Avenue hotel guests, the hotel is flat sea road, slowly shaking for 20 minutes is up, take a bath, watch TV, sleep! ! !


Next morning, as BF stay in bed, after ten o'clock before we organize things, check out. 7 Road to the bridge, take the snow, in the bridge next to each rent a bike and West 10 yuan / hour, you can also rent different places around the lake rent has more than 20 points, easily. After Bai Causeway, Pinghuqiuyue, take pictures, this time we rode a bit not tired pm is the car is finished, we went to Uncle Paul on the road to eat 900 bowls of noodles, taste good! ! ! Also to mention this: Uncle Paul snack restaurant on the road more, but distinctive, since you can go try! ! ! We see the boss, fried dumpling, films are full of children Sichuan seems tempting, but unfortunately could not eat a heavy meal side, 2 points after eating several of our kiosk in the West Lake side yard take a break, consider the points to the 5:20 train, dinner on the train to solve, so they stroll by 7 Road to the city center mall in Hangzhou, and then to McDonald's to buy some food inside a taxi to the train station → back to Shanghai myself. . . . . .


Two-day trip to Hangzhou has ended, I hope this article can serve as a reference for you later to Hangzhou, I hope you can provide more valuable advice, thank you! ! !