Title:Feeling Lhasa with A Modern Mind


Lhasa City, the summer blue skies, hot, highly transparent. I took an ordinary tourist's perspective, to a free and curious mind wander in the streets and alleys, looking around.Not a kind of never feeling these days as the flood burst like overflowing my many years of careful cultivation mature heart. I thought, an upsurge had turned into a trickle, a vision of youth and fantasy, romance and youth Passion has begun into a middle-aged, mature and indifferent, but do not want this summer on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the hot sun and strong ultraviolet rays and I have activated the rest of the slack factor, but in my heart fly.

Fortunately, I still also waiting for a bit of a dream, a bit of passion, a bit of fun and a bit of consciousness. Think of a philosopher once said: "The joy and pain of life is consciousness," I walk through the consciousness of In pleasure and pain, but also in the perception of pleasure and pain in life. With the recitation sound, hard to search for another but I can not predict the perceived echo. Transferred outside the Potala Palace through the narrow gallery, I silently watched the hanging wall of stroke have been faithful sparkling light clank

By the barrel of it in the year-round babbling reincarnation believers of pleasure and pain; several monks meditating in the side wall, shaking the hands of a few old small turning cylinder, mouth and remembered "??, Well , then, speaker, microphone,?? " Mantra, and travel-stained pilgrims from afar, is meticulous three steps servant bowed to the ground knocking around the Potala Palace, the line ... ... that look of piety, to the realm of no one else, really impressive.

When I climbed the ladder of the Potala Palace, when the steep turn, a sense of spontaneously Soars climbing days. Surrounded Lhasa valley, is a stretch of rolling hills outside the Potala Palace is that the rise of a mountain valley Peak, a boring ladder. Narrow deep intrauterine rotation, butter lamps shining in Youde Emmanuel, as the patron saint of eyes to look at the mysterious person; greeted everywhere are gilt Buddha, mix, layer upon layer of mountains the minute Clear to each other, the nations colorful notes attached to a thick heap of Buddha four weeks; nostrils is rich butter flavor, it has apnea, feeling the blood coagulation; Again back in time, into an ancient mystery

Exotic palaces, people confused, this earth there is such a shrine? Holding a thick "Tibet", a book of foreign tourists than domestic tourists almost more than they look even more devout and curious to see them, only fat He still exists in the modern sense of space.
Prior to this, I just browse to look normal readers some books on Buddhism, during which the secret is difficult to sentiment, especially Buddhism Tibetan Buddhism is no more thorough study; today I feel, an ordinary concept Light of the heart of Tibetan religious feelings of the penetration, still feel mysterious and unpredictable, it is too far away from our lives, and feel no sense, only sigh!

This exotic palace enshrines so many people, a few Dalai Lamas, a rare books collection of scriptures, as well as display various types of Buddha, Thangka, musical instruments, etc. for a large number of precious cultural relics and rich subject matter Mural ...... Simply amazing treasure trove of priceless human Block! Is the spirit of the Tibetan church! Imagine all the people the religious domain in the ground, how to communicate with the people here thinking? How can just a few days in this

Appreciate the Tibetan Buddhism ubiquitous penetration?There is a saying that "not less than Balangjie been to Tibet," I came to the Barkhor Street, you turn for a long time, one to enjoy this old building, and second, to browse a variety of crafts, but also look at the blues of
State. Barkhor Street around the Jokhang Temple surrounding that whole slice of old, has a strong flavor of Tibetan life, neighborhoods, one after another stone from the composition of Tibetan buildings; street also from hand-made stones paved, Although the streets are not
Very wide, but it is the most highly trafficked areas in Lhasa every day. Here many shops, wide range of goods, including various sizes of the turning cylinder, and other forms of thousands of Tibetan incense Tibetan ethnic characteristics of the full array of travel souvenirs

, There are Tibetan boots, Tibetan hat, robe, backpacks and other kinds of daily necessities, as well as India and Nepal who have come from a variety of goods. It is said that if the knowledgeable or vision, then, you can buy very collectible antique Many artists, collectors have a soft spot on the Barkhor Street. This is simply like a blend of medieval and modern civilization the Place des Nations, is the variety of voices heard, what kind of race but also can be seen, "Jianlibao"

"Chinese wine" kind of advertising signs to make people feel they are in modern times, people in the sun and ultraviolet burning grill, the still leisurely, calm and quiet to come and go.I am turning the channel through the Barkhor Street, Jokhang Temple came marching quartzite, shrouded in cigarette intensive visitors stopped at the gate, the gate prostrate, bowed silently watching believers feel they are beyond the self in a squareSustenance of life-style aspirations, their inner world is simply that we can not understand. As there is a point of view and said: ignorance of the faith than belief in a more purposeful culture selfless and noble. It is understood that every year for Hajj or Lhasa

Kailash Mansarovar believers, young and old, poor and even their life savings for many years, and thousands of miles without any hesitation akin to finding dangerous, according to their length, bowed down and prostrate three steps the line, even if it is to pay the expense of their lives! It is reported that, Common in the wilderness of the pilgrims at the bones, it is their advance into a "paradise", the soul has gone with the wind, to reincarnation.Jokhang temple in the dark, I step in the traces of adhesive on the floor of butter lost its direction in fugue, an inattentive to touch the pole, hand touched, but also sticky butter, butter flavor here is imbued with

Idol world. I listened half-comprehended by a Lama release, about the life cycle of practice and the meaning of life. The wearing a purple robe of a young lama, Mandarin is pretty good and may be graduated from the Buddhist School students and the like, it is understood that many monks of cultural training and language levels are high. "Life is Oliver, Oliver is no cliff, the root of all suffering is human greed and desire. Only in the consciousness and Buddhist practices in practice The cycle of life is the way to resolve distress, "the Lama Cycles induced in people.

Reincarnation of Tibetan Buddhism for ordinary mortals is mysterious, and I know a book from the 12. The reincarnation of Tibetan Buddhism is the highest of the universe, there is some justice or good, people always wanted to tap and release itIs "good." When do good, people will move forward to close it; whenever evil, people in hiding and suppressing it. When unable to express it in life and action, people will feel the pain and frustration. Therefore, if If you want to get from the cycle of the fact that an important message, that is: the development of this kindness, hope someone can find eternal happiness, and action to get the kind of pleasure, culture and cultivating kindness. This often

Say "spiritual cultivation," "self-discipline, and lenient towards others", "with people" on from this, right? Eight Long school hostels, Asia hotels, hotels and other snow are near Barkhor Street in Lhasa's old city with strong Tibetan characteristics of the hotels, architectural style and layout for the national customs, said the poster columns where the gate is more Is known, there are countries in the world of text, visitors, together, exchange information on small signs. I went one by one "spy", found here, "Ghosts" more than the people also, as early as people hear more in love than foreigners in Tibet,

Seeing is believing, really the case. Door in Chinese, English, Japanese, Han Guowen notices and many other languages, most notably a notice in Japanese, is generally content to find in June after the loss of access to Ngari Trace of the three Japanese students, but also printed three photos of young people smile. I thought there was a strange moment of pain, these three young men must be the odds, to adventure on the ready to pay with their lives. In Tibet, the danger will occur at any time, especially in the inaccessible wilderness, landslides, avalanches, landslides, floods, wild animals ... ... at any time, do you want to challenge themselves, to conquer nature is not an easy task. Although

So, every year in Tibet still attracts many tourists to the world, she has become the world to explore religion, art, natural landscape and human permanent topic. Although Western culture and the ancient oriental culture varies enormously,However, in Tibet did not rule out the existence of common culture.Foreigners in Tibet more than we can work hard, they can sleep on ground floor, to eat dry food, standard of living to a minimum line, in order to be able to "pilgrimage", which is a great need for spiritual support, and perhaps

Westerners than Asians on the nature, the nature of mining and exploration is more persistent. Heard a story about Westerners came to Tibet are proud of, people bet or Dakan, when, if someone said: I have been to Tibet, youBeen to it? At this point it awe-inspiring, must have the upper hand of this man. Is not an exaggeration to elegant, but the cause of Tibet is indeed the charm of world attention.

In the Barkhor Street, three dollars will be able to get a tricycle around the city, the $ 10 taxi ride (do not jump table) can arrive in the city. I chose the tricycle, which is the modern metropolis has been extinctTransport, I turn with you in the city, the total is endless, according to the total is not enough. At sunset, I walked with tired feet, board Chakpori, shooting Potala Palace sunset. At this time the mountain has gathered a group of photographyWho we greet each other a bit, they have a direction toward the sidelines, waiting for that beautiful moment.

Chakpori close by the sea with the Potala Palace, a wide main road across the city during most, two mountains connected by the White Tower and the streamer. Sunset afterglow shadow of the Potala Palace is another big scenery, blue sky background tile Wipe with a few walk the gray side of the orange clouds, like a painting such as the Potala Palace, the pan shot Symphony and a three-dimensional sense. No matter when, no matter from which point of view, the Potala Palace are people flashing her psychedelic style. I am in the mountains overlooking, watched the setting sun was setting; overlooking the foot of the steady stream of vehicles, look at the coming and going of the world, dead is dead, the living still alive, lives in the vast universe of never-ending

In reincarnation, who can determine its own destiny? Who can grasp this opportunity? Why live? Dead what? Explore the value of human life is always a topic. Why use the devout followers of the hard life Practice, in exchange for the afterlife reincarnation? Civilized world, the Internet, Yemeir, WTO, stock, laid-off ... ... read the mantra in the mouth before the faithful not feel nor perceive. As we see them, same as Distant and unfamiliar, God arranged for us in the same era, but it is the two extremes of life, two very different mentality alive. Here and so I can not clearly divide what is a positive lifestyle Which is negative, because each frame of reference and the pursuit of a different realm. The development of the civilized world at the expense of the environment too much extinction of species at the expense of human reproduction, high-tech advances to the hustle and bustle of humanity

Impetuous war and human hypocrisy makes a return to pursue that reflect the dream fade away. In a near-original Tibet, many places had no roads, no electricity, but also oxygen, climate and environment is very harsh, but quiet and Tibetan Buddhism as the spiritual pillar of calm is not shaken by the outside world to live in this magical Pure Land, her style being watched by the civilized world, attracted to the charm all visitors, and really thought-provoking. Especially in recent years, Tibet Redu in growth, tourism around the world, artists, climbers