Title:Fishing in Chengdu


Fishing in Chengdu tour is the salt of the side gate depths of a remote town, traffic inconvenience, but everything changed because of Second Beach. When the water in the Ertan Reservoir, the original stop people coming out of the ditch water is now a way thoroughfare; original Xiongjun the mountain surrounded by the Yalong River water gently, it was gentle and up; had to travel long distances to see the Qing River beauty, and now you can easily travel through the fishing door.
Ertan the completion of the formation of the Ertan Reservoir is not only national forest parks, beaches and backwater due to fishing around the door, the Qing River, Yongxing River, the new Ping River and other tributaries of the Yalong River water level , and the Ertan reservoir area, rice is easy slope of mountain forests of white area, the formation of the Yalong River in scenic landscape rolling one complete system, this is the future Ertan National Forest Park in the prototype.
Because the door is located in the scenic fishing the center of the door now, although fishing is not yet complete tourist facilities, but now go to, you can see the simplicity of a smile, the real ethnic customs, hospitality from the heart, if Do you have old dream of adventure travel, origin and on the mountains you will find that the number  china travel tour of hidden beautiful scenery!