Title:Follow Me to Tour Chengdu Sichuan Province


Ten years ago I have been to Chengdu and Chongqing, Sichuan, Leshan and Emei swim, ten years later went to listen to Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Siguniangshan friends about how there is the beauty of the scenery and charming, plus photos and Cheng heart disc charm of fascinating people. So in the case with the false, we have a pedestrian in a travel agency organized on the 5th and flew to Sichuan, eight-day trip.

First day:

By 8:50 early in the flight arrived in Chengdu International Airport. From the airport you can enjoy high-speed down the most representative of the people of South Road, Chengdu, clean and tidy. Afternoon eating lunch with Z, H a taxi to the city center: Chun Xi Road ($ 10 part that we live next to) the Kowloon shopping plaza, something cheaper, like a big wholesale market. However, some vendors want you to pay first, after trying on clothes, feeling uncomfortable. Red flag to sell specialty mall-based, the price line. Chain stores, prices on almost a community where there. Chun Xi Road Long Chao Shou, the White House red rice rolls two stores high note is relatively clean, the price is expensive. Snack city things, the most expensive package can eat. Ladies Z proposed to stroll, shop on both sides of all small accessories. Tired also thirsty, looking for a selling ice powder: nuggets slag powder and brown sugar with water to drink to quench their thirst as it is, cool! (Of course, the grandmother on the roadside to sell better, not only these things, and peanuts, hawthorn and cherry, 2.5 or a price). Ate Ji Chuan, string. Red rice rolls must try is the package does not, because too full to eat in front of a small bowl of red rice rolls two people can not eat, delicious hemp is too spicy. Fast eight o'clock dark days. Zhang Tianfu Square and Chairman Mao to the camera, it would not count Liugejinian. Around the square in a spate of construction repair the tunnel, around the big shopping malls and more, a lot of different brands. Along the way to go back to the hotel, the Chengdu Sports Center, which exercise a lot of people really, children play, adults to play, after all, is the home team in Sichuan do! Really tired, find a rickshaw. Small wind blowing, watching the street back to it. (Rickshaw can bargain).

The next day:

Travel to Jiuzhaigou, the Mianyang, Jiangyou, Pingwu, climb 4000 m Azalea Mountain. Summer Mountain Rhododendron flowers not fill the fields, but sporadic several flower. Considerable way Minjiang River valley scenery, tour guides will introduce Tibetan and Qiang style, so you visit the selling yak meat and yak hair shop, of course, enjoys what the price is not authentic. Rest stop, the roadside selling Tibetan jewelry, fruit can be bought relatively cheap. As the road from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou in maintenance, a full 10 hours to reach the hotel Mizoguchi. It was late, his face dust, relatively cool mountain night, the hotel near the jewelry shop selling Tibetan jewelry, inexpensive, general 2 to 3 million. There are various shawl cloak also good to see the price around $ 20.

With a large force into Mizoguchi (Mizoguchi 1990 m above sea level), get tourist bus (look on the left view, look on the right view,) Miss explain the transformation of scenery, people have a really into the "fairy tale the world "feeling, eyes green, occasionally colorful flowers, wait for them to jump off the car a deep breath, a natural oxygen bar!

1, coaches will be carrying you around on a turn in the scenic area of ??Jiuzhaigou you have a general impression. Finally stopped at Changhai (elevation 3150 m) take a photo, and then we sit down car, travel Zechawagou Wucaiche and on the upper, middle and lower seasonal sea. Snow Day Lang noon meal, because the money has this cost group. (Buffet $ 25 per person, tickets can go to a restaurant. Some travel agents are exposed to tourists to eat meals.)

2, Chibi lunch ride to the Rize area (which is the essence of Jiuzhaigou scenery) and the same morning, up visitors know. Car parked in the virgin forest, extending along the cliff onto the circle, towering trees upright feel good. Swan over the sea, seagrass, to Jian Zhuhai (where the hero is shot), no reflection is over to shoot at noon. Panda to go under the plank road, extending down stream about 1 hour to the station, each station a bit under the traffic, the tour guide will tell the location of car, train more, do not worry. Peacock can see the car go Wuhua go Laohuzui road extension, a peacock is not the reflection of Kaiping in the sea. Full of blue-green Hai Zi. Pearl Beach vast waterfall, the water is very wide, everyone competes to photography, under water in the refraction of light as the blossoming real pearl in the beating (where film Journey to the West). The hour is late, over mirror sea, directly to the tree falls.

3, over the sea rhinoceros, tigers view of the sea, the tree falls one, we got out, went straight falls away, watching the water go down the waterfall more greater extension of the old mill along the cliff walk forward, we can into the room a closer look: the role of water under the wheels turn to drive housing estates in the turning cylinder also circle around turning, listening to tour guide said: "The turning cylinder turn once again on behalf of Buddhist study.", up the stairs , a considerable village and Baita Jiuzhaigou national culture. Distance tree group sea pictures. Wolong sea, Reed Sea, passing in the car, Bonsai Beach last spots take a photo, it is necessary to leave the beautiful Jiuzhaigou a car. Jiuzhaigou 6:30 Now after Qing Yuan, tourists all live in the ditch outside.

The day is not too tired, though not to the excitement and emotion, but also some small disappointment, Jiuzhaigou scenery dominated by green, blue and green-based Hai Zi, was no more spring and autumn, the colorful, the level of clear. But not regret, weather, see the see the whole. Back to the hotel recess, the Tibetan and Qiang night dance party brings a new experience, worth a look, I really do not pressure on the Spring Festival, is the high cost of admission 150 yuan / person.

Fourth day:

Huanglong scenic ride to get up early in the morning snow to certain distance (elevation 4428 m), distance Xuebaoding, the other not see much fog, I saw mountains of yak. Noon destination. After dinner, we go hand in hand H, D, Z talking and laughing. Huanglong scenery mainly in a 7,5 km long, 350 m wide valley, terraced-like layers of scattered up the pot from Mizoguchi to Wucaiche for the single-channel straight up and down. Drop of 3120 meters above sea level --- 3570 meters, if Xiashan do not look to have a direct view down the road, saving about 1 hour, I followed the porters to go with D, Xiashan only took 40 minutes. As the relatively high altitude, and Z some more serious altitude sickness, and ultimately did not climb to the top. Huanglong scenic spots are divided into: Welcome Pool (tail), waterfalls flow Hui, wash the body hole, Sands floor (its body), bonsai pool, mirror reflection pool, blooming pot, in the Temple, Huanglong Temple, colorful pool (leader). I and several other forward slowly with the flow, in areas of high altitude, unlike the flat step three, to go slowly, to maintain uniform. Huanglong Scenic Area has three oxygen station 1 yuan / person. The weather was not very good in the shade, and seen the sun, calcification of the pot there are many, large, small. Water than the main green, sometimes yellow, to Wucaiche about three hours, rain, mountains, the weather is really baby face, that they please. This has not diminished the enthusiasm of visitors, photo camera reluctant to leave.

17:30 is set, has been dragged 18 points start to Maoxian. Traffic is not very good, at 23:30 to reach the hotel. Drivers are really hard, we all slept in Yaoyao Yu, drivers do keep your eyes open, hovering in the mountain road, the driver on the front of the car to listen to the master said: "Drivers are afraid to open any tour today, a long time, traffic and not good. "Yes ah, travel agencies take into account the visitors a good point you to sleep! Maoxian relatively lower elevation. To the hotel for dinner but not a supper. Tiring, not to walk off, especially calf acid.

Fifth day:

Morning departure from Maoxian, extended way many Tibetan girl to ride, our car with the two, the name really interesting one called "spicy chicken 'called' Saqi Ma 'transliterated Tibetan names. Girls an introduction we laughed, I do not know why we get the girl laugh? . Go laugh to laugh, the girl's singing can be nice. They put the yak is the way to the mountain side delivery. Car to a local restaurant after lunch in town then hit the road (good food, locals come to eat a lot). I remember that there is a fork in the road: a return to Chengdu; one to Siguniangshan.

Afternoon, the weather was getting bad, to climb the Tibetan mountain Balang Shan (elevation 4523 m), the car ahead in the fog, rain harder and harder, more and more cold, what clouds, yaks, meadow see all . Higher and higher above sea level, college friends bully to fall asleep. Place at an altitude of 4100 meters, the driver to brake flush, I walk off, try to buy string mountain birds, although very cold, and that rain on his face like ice, but do not feel too good. Successful challenge in 4523 Miba Lang mountain peak over a few hour and then finally reached the day's Jiarong CO., hotel, hotel room in good condition and large, there is shower room. Eat dinner with other friends to talk first to know: "Japan CO., here, has the next three days heavy rain today, into the ditch did not see anything, horses dirty." Do not pray for God under the bar tomorrow!

Nearby there are many Tibetan jewelry store, but compared to Jiuzhaigou, Maoxian's expensive, but prices are still down.

Sixth day:

Get up early in the morning are most concerned about the weather, the rain no less, the day some blue, look like a good day. Morning we visit the Shuangqiao Gou: and Jiuzhaigou, as there are guided tours to the tourist attractions in the car parking camera. Channel length 34 km trench main attractions are: the yin and yang Valley, Sun and Moon Hokyo, ginseng fruit Ping, Bonsai Beach, Potala peak, Pinus koraiensis. Especially the ginseng fruit has floor to expel the fish dam at large has drifted. We are in the green jungle, big meadow in roaming, to make fragrant flowers open over and over the plateau, enjoy nature's beauty. The original ecology of peace. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! The sky is so blue, white clouds floating overhead, people gave purified, Ah Pi distant mountains, Hunter Peak, Glacier ------ This is the feeling of any person who is living in the big city feel of. Even together with us from Chengdu to the drivers up the hill to see King. He said: "Trust your blessing, I have been to many times, much like such a good day!" We are really lucky!

Back to the hotel to eat lunch, afternoon tour Chang Ping Gou: morning afternoon can be no comfortable coach the tourists to Mizoguchi, they walk along the cliff, or riding horses, but only three companies of horse. Must be closer to Siguniangshan distance, I H, D decided to take the path along the cliff edge viewing. Chang Ping Gou length of 29 km main attractions: the monastery, said the first floor, two floors, Talent-Bank Road, withered Beach, Bugs foot waterfall, and so on. Because of the time and we only went to the road problems withered beach, and then riding into the Cave (horse capital from 30 million), suddenly it is a King, I, H, D, but we play a more attractions in this group of people Oh! Basic to the beach others withered on the back is gone, withered beach with rental $ 2 a Tibetan service. Afternoon feeling unsound, predecessors did not see mentioned in the river curved, wide flat lawn. Had asked through the depths of human knowledge: a long wooden mule into the ditch in the afternoon, return to eat Chinese food, some with tents to live in the trench in order to play for three days and beautiful panoramic view. However, the Plank Road on both sides of the tree thousand odd shapes and sizes. Backtrack, the last one for the coach to send visitors to a ditch 18:30 pm, of course, no tour guide said to the hotel. Go get yourself back to the hotel.

Seventh day:

Leaving Siguniangshan that some reluctantly. Particularly good day, the car crossing the Ba Langshan, the day before yesterday did not see the yaks, sheep, mountain wildflowers, sea of ??clouds, with the winding road of change, car pictures of a cat nose and finally with the Siguniangshan. Remember this wonderful moment of it! ------ Car directly to us back in Chengdu.

Eighth day:

Afternoon of plane in the morning, and H, Z went together to the Qingyang: Sichuan important Taoist temples, there is a copper intrauterine sheep, set Zodiac, is said to be I ride through the local Qingyang. Tickets only $ 5. Then go Wangjiang Park: (next to Sichuan University) Park to commemorate the Tang dynasty poet Xue Tao, Xue Amoy wells within the park as many as dozens of varieties of bamboo, well worth a visit. Admission $ 2. Park has old people drink tea and talk to them to enrich their understanding of Chengdu. Yulin noon to eat Chuanchuan Xiang, marked the end of the money pot will not (white pot, duck pot to), a string of 10 cents, according to the sign billing. Good to eat peanut milk. Satiate the plane to leave with good memories of the beautiful land of abundance, the end of a pleasant trip back to warm their homes.

Friendly reminder:

1, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong scenic view though not heavy quarter after quarter, but the fall is the best, summer green-based. Not necessarily have time to keep up, the day can also play down the more intense is the time. After August the road from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou repaired to a reduction of one hour's drive.

2, Chang Ping Gou Siguniangshan ditch at least spend a day in order to see some scenery. Withered from the beach to walk along the cliff Mizoguchi only a half hour. The following scene to horse riding, walking way more muddy.

3, Tibetan jewelry spread the goods are not necessarily bad, sights to buy, to be counter-offer, the more back the more expensive.

4, although with some more clothes to summer in July and August it began to rain as much as in winter, the temperature difference between morning and evening.

5, sunscreen, sunglasses must take people home or into Plateau do not know.

6, such as with the group, with some more side dishes and snacks in order to adjust the round-table meal.

7, near Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain, the city within the Temple, Du Fu Thatched Cottage can be a visit.

8, to bring some more film, the camera quality is better. Attractions were more than shoot landscapes, free photo with others.