Title:Guilin Yangshuo West Lake Impression

Clients:Bao Lee

20:00 or so, we washed the day's fatigue and dust began a new course, but this time visiting the West is relatively idle.
West Street is about a 500-meter long street, bluestone road board, said to have replaced, the old bluestone road board because too many people go years old, worn smooth and slippery on rainy days especially, it is easy to hurt too much, so for now the new stone path. West Street to the main bars and clothing shops. The bars here are similar decoration, are decorated with wood, where the chairs are basically logs, simple-minded, humble humble feeling, but very simple, people feel very warm, very genuine. Some will be covered with tie-dyed cloth, great flavor. West Street, a lot of people walking around, perhaps because the relationship between Christmas Eve it, uh, a lot of people wearing Christmas hats in a shop inside and out. Blue Orchid and I decided to start from the first store shopping. Tie-dyed cloth, apron there is very folk-style purse, bag, all we see vertigo flooded mess, we are home from a clothing store to see these very folk-style clothing, and see the various national costumes, really very beautiful, there are many many folk customs of jewelry, a very fine silver earrings, silver bracelets, silver necklace ... ... ... blue blue handmade jewelry at a franchise shop in a fancy necklace, Oh, the boss is a very young and very young boys, he seemed to will himself to do something, uh, as to when we saw he was on sewing machines to do things, think of day when the tour guide said he was wearing the sweater of their own to fight, when I Lan Lan is surprised, because it is really very good hand, he said a lot of Yangshuo man will do these things, uh, I was blue and blue is also joked a lot, I feel ashamed ah, now made us to shame the. In a shop, blue to blue and collecting Mao Niugu she wanted to do the necklace, so we some bargaining, we finally get the price of admission also cost-effective in this baby. Wandered a company called le collections shop, I saw a pair of Tibetan silver earrings, try a bit with the hat today, just, uh, so seductive, bid the boss 65 is a boss and I Blue Blue is that a very handsome guy, but some feel the cold, boss only willing to less five, I feel like a little worth, uh, probably because we buy things in front of Shihai price is basically still only half of it at least five I feel a bit uncomfortable block it, uh, decided to stroll to say. But one out of the shop, I was a bit like Xianglinsao, Oh, blue Blue in the end kept asking good or bad, worth, oh, blue blue pretty soon, I'm sick of crazy, Oh, finally I decided to buy It is, as to their Christmas gifts. :) Hey, the poor so that ah, ah, then turn back, a rushed into the shop on the Straight asked the boss: "boss, fifty for sale? Sale, then I'll buy!" The boss, as I fear is never seen such a fierce guests it, uh, straight in, and a strong attitude, uh, good boss, good, got up to give me the earrings to win, so, hee hee, one of my favorite earrings that I wear in the ear on the , Oh. Out of the store, and blue Blue is my crazy shopping, ten o'clock, gain a lot of light apron we bought eight, are friends to the, uh, buy yourself something like we just bought jewelry, but our stomach can not stand, so we decided to eat something. Went no hotel, we point the black pepper steak, tuna pizza, there is the beer, uh, wanted to drink red wine with, but then do stop, uh, because I like the taste of beer Ice , Oh. Steak, good taste, the taste of tuna pizza I have some blue and blue are not accustomed to feel strange. Eating something while listening to music, I side on the table to write postcards to friends, want to own the most real time experience the most authentic record, Oh:)

Eaten, we started a real sense of the roots of the, uh, nothing to ignore, in this five hundred meters long walk back and forth on the quartzite. At this point the West Street lights, street bar tables and chairs are sitting on a lot of people, sipping wine, while the same feelings as we do in the West atmosphere. There are many in the street at this time to put fireworks, Oh, but most people are afraid to play the roll bar of the gun and thrown. The funniest scene is the number of foreign men with a few Chinese girls across the pass, a throw of the rejection of foreigners shot, suddenly let the three girls that scream, throw the result that the rejection of foreigners shot looked days, and then looked at his companion an innocent expression. More a rejection of foreigners shot against blue blue throw, the results did not affect rejection gun, ha ha, I was half dead smile and blue blue, blue blue jump the gun step ring, then against foreigners shouted: "merry chirstmas" . So we watch a home bar. Tintin is the climax of the bar by some men and women started dancing on the table, first a table, a man and woman in the top jump, and then we turn the tables cleared away so the next one becomes two, two becomes three, three into four. French kiss between men and women standing on the table is the climax, others stop booing, Paiba Zhang ~ ~ ~ and then there are many people around the table is turn, I also pulled into the blue and blue, the result is many people stepped on the foot are numb , my next day ~~~~~~~~~ Hotel California do not remember the name of a bar selling point is that people will be on the second floor of the large windows open, allowing people on the street to see the people inside racing , stop twisting, one of the most selling point is that a woman dressed in shorts and sexy Lu Qizhuang and a shirtless man dancing.