Title:Guizhou Hua Miao Village


Yishanbangshui Miao Diaojiaolou, beautiful Hmong girl, melodious Lusheng dance ... ... Nanhua Miao Miao original ecological culture, the tourists who come here looking for Probing and interest to.

"Three in a different style, ten different customs," Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in ancient rich, colorful culture known. Here Miao and Dong minority of the total population of 81.87 percent, which Miao Miao population accounts for about half the population of China, known as the "Chinese Miao's headquarters." Kaili from the state capital and 16 kilometers south to the village, is a place for visitors, with more than 180 families living in the ancient village Hmong people.

Car to the foot, far seen houses on stilts nestled in the hillside on the Miao of green leaves, this roof wooden houses on stilts with the architectural style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Several wore exquisite embroidery clothing, wearing a silver crown of the head of the local Hmong girl walking leisurely, like paintings of the characters. They set up roadblocks in front of Village wine, which is welcoming ancestors handed down a courtesy, after drinking a can into the Village.

Through a winding stone path after another, suddenly in front. About 200 square meters from the small cobbled square, a height of about 7 meters in the central totem pole stands, this is the gathering of the villagers had Lusheng field. Miao Lusheng is an ancient bamboo wind instrument sheng, its strong sense of rhythm, dance, full of appeal. When the costumes of the Miao girls dancing around Flutist guy, let watched the tourists feet itching to try it.

Authentic local culture and landscapes, pastoral scenes, so that an enchanted tourists from Northern Europe, she said, "everything here is very interesting, unique architecture, the stunning beauty of song and dance costumes." Visit the Miao, but also play together with the villagers. Summer, the Miao people and tourists in the foothills of the Parana River to share clear Hmong traditional game of catch ducks. The villagers rushed to the river ducks, visitors dive into the water, and ducks chased. A girl from the city said, than in the pool, "dumplings," a lot better. Cool bottom of the river, mountain eyeful of green, and bring the joy of the game, allowing visitors to forget the hustle and bustle of the city and work in the dilemma, one smile in a good mood.