Title:Guizhou tourist routes to enjoy the Qiandongnan


Zhou Lusheng Creek Church:
Township boat more than a short skirt Miao people, also known as "short skirt Miao", dressed up with Baizhe Qun, Yin Yi, embroidered apron, leggings, Hua Xie, and so on, play on the copper-nickel alloy with silver crown and silver jewelry , worn finish and weighs about 8-10 kg. Zhou Lusheng Church Creek Township in the boat port, Ming Dynasty, together with the mouth monument to record, describe the difficult business Miao ancestors, reminding future harvest time celebrate Lusheng jump ancestors forget the hard work. Zhou Lusheng Creek Church is the annual Lusheng Festival one of the main venue, when hundreds of Lusheng halls while playing outside the Church, singing along with the silver wear Miao girls jingle noise reverberates merged into four townships, hundreds of Miao girl wearing a head Daiyin Guan Yin Yi silver horn dance, the scene of spectacular.
Transportation: From Carey Beijing West Pakistan by the duck pond to ride, fare $ 3, about a half hour dealers
Yudong cave:
Fishing hole is a natural cave formation of karst caves, and other famous caves are no major Yi Chu, fishing hole in town, in 1984, found that development, has developed the 2000 meters, there has not been proven more than 6,000 meters in the dark hole . Inside a large number of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone flowers, sculptures.
Transportation: From Carey fare is $ 4, about 2 hours driving
Matang (Ren Ge) home:
(Ren Ge) family is a unique minority, they are about 10,000 inhabitants, scattered in the northwest Carey Yudong, Long Course and villages, are not included within the 55 ethnic minorities. There are claims that they are a branch of the Miao, but the Hmong do not recognize; they called themselves "leather family." Leather living at home have their own unique customs and language, dress is more unique: the girl's leather outfit like the ancient home of the generals, the head of the batik scarf plus a bunch of red Ying Luo, like a general's helmet, wrapped around them on the front four like armor , waist and long leggings are embroidered with red, silver chest in addition to common items between the collar necklace, there are a number of knives and guns like the shape of the sword, hammer, her body wrapped up the awe-inspiring. Leather home everyday dress is relatively simple, but rich colors that are different and at first glance to blue-black color of the Miao. Matang is more typical of a leather home village, the villagers usually Zhaizhong farming, leisure to do batik and embroidered clothing.
Transportation: From Carey Beijing West Da Wang Yudong, China and Pakistan in the long direction of the field get off at junction Matang, fare $ 3, 15 minute walk into the Matang leather camp.
Round the Village:
Round the Village in Kaili south about 50 kilometers, is one that has been opened as a tourist attraction Hmong village. Here you can enjoy the Hmong in addition to the unique wooden houses on stilts outside the building, you can also enjoy wine Walled people performing highway song, dance costumes seedlings, Lusheng dance, eight lift Lusheng dance, etc. program, performing a cost of approximately ¥ 400. Walled side Boasting water mills preserved, quaint. Round the Village of Miao people's clothing to dress as a feature called "skirt Miao."
Transportation: bus ride from Kerry's car to the direction of Ray Hill, in the Landes Xiazhai intersection, and walk about 20 minutes; can go from the Kaili car rental, round-trip fare is about ¥ 100 million. Round the Village within accommodation, night ¥ 5 million.