Title:Guizhou Tourist Routes to Qian Dongnan


D1: flight to Guiyang, take the airport bus directly to the train station, live sports station next to hotel, standard room 168 / day. The next day bought a train ticket from Guiyang to Kaili, take a city line bus tour Coloane Guiyang city, Guizhou at night to eat traditional snacks Arrow Street;
D2: morning 7:50 minutes 248 to Kerry tour, tickets 16 yuan, 11:00 about the Carey station, take the minibus into the city, live in Camp slope nation Hotel, 80 yuan / day; at rest;
D3: the morning bus ride to the fishing hole, long field direction, in the Matang and walk into the (artificial leather) Zhai, (artificial leather) family does not belong to 55 ethnic minorities, but have their own clothing and customs , at noon in the (artificial leather) Village home after lunch to go out fishing hole, fishing hole is a relatively large cave has been the development of tourism; return in the evening Carey;
D4: morning ride to Thunder Mountain in Grande Xiazhai direction and get off bus, walk on into the Grande Village (Miao), see Hmong dance, eat lunch in the Miao, the afternoon walk to a junction take the bus to Thunder Mountain , transfer to the Xijiang Miao village, Xijiang Miao Village live at night;
(Note: D5 started two programs)
One: to continue to the South line
D5: leave in the morning Xijiang Miao Village to mine mountains, driven to Rongjiang, NT $ 30 per ticket, hotel stay Rongjiang large bridge Qingfeng, 50 yuan / day in the evening into the car Jiang Dong Village, Dong village ornamental style, jump "Duo Ye", step on songs together;
D6: Rongjiang away to the south from the River, tickets $ 15, live from the river big bridge Tenglongge, 60 yuan / day; stay here looking after the bus to Basha Miao Village, enjoy the unique style Basha Miao, late back from the river;
D7: the morning to find a motorcycle from the river 10 km away from the high growth Dongzhai, fare $ 2 to see Dong Jia Boasting the Drum Tower, looking from the high growth Dongzhai Dongzhai small yellow car to listen to Dongzutaige (no sub-part choral accompaniment), late back from the river;
D8: starting from the car from the river to Sanjiang, Guangxi, to see the country's largest Dongjia Boasting - Cheng Yang Bridge, consists of three Jiangjing Long wins back to Guilin, travel end. (D8: also by starting from the river by the Pirin to Zhaoxing, the bus ride from the river to the Luo Hong, Pilling of the bus, in the end of Pirin, the dealers about three hours; transfer to the Pirin Zhaoxing, Zhaoxing visit the famous Drum Tower group, later lived Zhaoxing; township cultural stations Mulou ¥ 10 / bed.
D9: get up early every day in Zhaoxing intersection so a group of Sanjiang, Guangxi from Liping sent to the inter-provincial bus (about 10 o'clock after Zhaoxing) to the floor, dealers about two hours, visiting the territory of Guizhou Province, the largest storm Dong Jia Bridge --- Floor Bridge; because every day by the Sanjiang, Guangxi Liping sent to only one class of vehicle, visit the floor Boasting three rivers after the shuttle did not go through the floor, only to find on the ground floor a large farm truck to the bridge Guangxi high security - where the fork in the road can easily be sent from the river by the bar to the bus to Sanjiang, agricultural vehicles fare is 10 yuan; night to reach the Sanjiang, Guangxi.
D10: Jiangjing Long wins from three to Guilin, travel end.
Advice: As the river has been to the car, high growth, small yellow unique Dongzhai is not recommended to Zhaoxing, Zhaoxing township in addition to five Drum Tower, five Boasting almost is a very common outside the towns, both see Dong clothing, do not see how much Dong folk customs; inaccessible and difficult road trip will add a lot of problems, travel time will not be able by their own control, and thus proposed to go directly from the river end of Sanjiang, Guangxi travel. )