Title:How to keep safe in Tibet


Tibet's biggest security threat is usually the altitude sickness, altitude sickness is actually a function of the human self is a process to adapt to high altitude. For most people, if the proper measures taken, then this process should not be a problem. better choose Qinghai-tibet railway to Lhasa through xining.

Under normal circumstances, the health of tourists fly to Lhasa and did not react.

The usual altitude sickness will reach the plateau after 6-10 hours of hit. So if you have a Lhasa immediately began to move, to pay the cost of the evening and the next few days will be very uncomfortable.

Therefore, the most necessary thing to do is to Lhasa in the day, forcing their absolute bed rest immediately.

Usually the case that tourists just arrived in the evening, may have very mild symptoms, such as rapid heartbeat, headache, etc. However, if immediately to maintain absolute rest, after 24 hours these feelings will disappear.

Note that if you are cold, it is best not to rush on the plateau.

Tibetan medical experts warn tourists not to believe on the plane to go to Tibet, the Qinghai-Tibet line is easier than to adapt to altitude sickness to say, especially if you are the first time on the plateau.

Although theoretically easier to adapt gradually into the plateau, but it refers to walking, etc., does not rise more than 300 meters a day case. Now take the Qinghai-Tibet Railway cars are mostly in the 30 hours that arrived in Lhasa in the middle but also climb 5231 meters of Tanggula, the danger of actually have to fly over Tibet.

Moreover, it is a difficult and long lines, along geographical and weather in tibet climatic conditions, such as more complex, often around the clock along the bus open. Moreover, the Qinghai-Tibet line travel and do not have good medical condition.

More cautious to say that the first walk on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau on the choice of fly line is indeed better security, especially for those with physical usually is not very good tourists.

If you really want to see the scenery of Qinghai-Tibet line, preferably in the Mainland on the road, because then you have basically adapted to the plateau of the situation.

Altitude sickness varies, not on the plateau is difficult to predict before. Each person's response forms also vary, in general, lean is better than fat people, women better than men, short man better than a tall, young and old who are good at.

However, treatment of mountain sickness in Tibet has reached the world's leading medical technology position, for the treatment of mountain sickness have an effective treatment, medication from oxygen, until doing the most complex cardiac catheterization, the way a facility should be taste. Autonomous Region in Lhasa People's Hospital, in particular, within the Second Department (AMS Cardiovascular Research Institute), a high level.

Many doctors pointed out that the prevention of altitude sickness, the most important thing is not carrying a psychological burden on the plateau. Altitude sickness, many people have a strong fear, and some media publicity has deepened the wrong impression. In fact, travelers over 99% of Tibet's response, will not result in mountain sickness in need of treatment!