Title:How to Protect Your Skin on Tibet Highland


Scientific research that cause skin damage and aging of the most important reason is sunlight. Tibet is located in the plateau, dry, thin air and dust, ultraviolet light is very strong, and travel is usually very difficult. Such an environment on the skin is not a small challenge. If you do not want to sacrifice on the road in their own skin, then it must be prepared, especially the travel lady.

Hat is necessary, but Do not cap belt too tightly, so it is easy forehead acne. Sunscreen may not be cheap, sun protection factor greater than 15 is better. Sunscreen ten minutes and then go out - to be applied chemical sunscreen agents combined with the skin for some time, to achieve the best results. Travel will inevitably sweat, the best painted once every twelve hours.

Particularly important to note that while the lips. In Tibet, the lips are very easy to crack. Must be prepared to lipstick.In addition, to maintain peace of mind is conducive to maintaining your skin; even if conditions are sometimes difficult, but still have to eat more fruits and vegetables. Another good recipe is to keep the skin: be sure to wash your face at night before going to sleep, wake up the morning is best not to wash. More than 10 days time, outdoor activities, without good sanitation, better not wash your face, a slight breeze will generally have a protective effect on the skin, of course, painted a little butter will be better. Dirty little afraid, afraid of is clean and easy to wash too drying and peeling.

Eventually, say, black is black and not a relationship with the individual's skin, and if you spare the measures or black, it can only go with the tide to make a healthy bronze beauty of the.