Title:Mount Huangshan Big Team Tour

Clients:Shelley Yang

Huangshan, I have long wanted a place names, my dreaming place. Last year I finally got one back to Huangshan. I feel really paradise on earth.One afternoon in early June all our staff 20 people set foot on the train line and began our day tour of Huangshan. Huangshan to Shanghai a few days before the weather comes apricot, Lianriyinyu, If we really have this fear of Huangshan


Like how to do? The next morning came four Huangshan train station, the day was overcast, the clouds a lot. Next was a half-hour drive, the way our nervous attention to the weather, but fortunately there is no next Rain. Finally came to the foot of Huangshan. But how so much ah this fog, thick floating around. We get a six advance to the mountains of the Ferris wheel. Soon came to the Jade Screen.


Yuping floor still is a relatively wide platform, we set foot on Jade Screen, really strange, the sun suddenly came out, first light glowing sun, the air thick fog slowly faded, and then the sun more And more bright, the fog lifted. Good good blue blue day, and acted in a mountain between the thick clouds, we can not help but cheer up. Cloud is like the feet, rolling forward, foot thick to see the scene. We jump for joy, and again


Embarked on a journey up the mountain.

We booked the North Sea hotel, walk from the cable to about 20 km road, lack of exercise, this section of track to go a full five hours. Along the way Qifeng rocks, pine strange, so beautiful.


On the third day morning, we got up at four points early in the morning to see the sunrise, the sun may be a love of children chasing dodge, also may be a girl who likes dressing up, she was so we waited a half hour, only Shan Shan came. Mountain sunrise, but the first time I saw, really not a good feeling, the sun slowly from the thick clouds Tanchunaodai, slowly, slowly, hop on out.


Afternoon we went to visit the Tunxi Old Street, this is a very quaint old streets, all kinds of shops occupy the street on both sides. Have to sell tea, have sold four treasures, there to sell paintings, and numerous everything, a Pieces are exquisite handicrafts. Although they are based on business-oriented shops, but if you look carefully, then, may find them a little more like a gallery.


Night we fly back to Shanghai, with a tired but also with joy back. Recall, Huangshan pines rocks, clouds sunrise is so beautiful, no wonder the great Tang Dynasty poet, will make "the saying Guilaibukan mountain yellow Mountain Guilaibukan Yue "This quatrain is really worthy of the name ah. Friends, if you are unhappy for the lack of where to travel, then please do not hesitate to choose your Huangshan it, will not call you down. Believe me, wrong!