Title:Mountain Huangshan Tour Diary


Huangshan trip from a gathering of several of our buddies. My buddies that wave, the military and their two girlfriends drove to see the Nanhui Peach Blossom. I do not know who suggested the way around to Huangshan. We are five places in the commercial heart of stay for too long, have an strong desire to stay away from this noise. We resolutely, from the proposal back to Huangshan, just a week. I revel Huangshan scenery, the trip to do and also have a way for me to write the impulse, so I lift the pen and wrote five of Huangshan our trip ... ...


APR 15 Weather: sunny

At 7:30 on the first wave arrived home. I would only throw the bag in his home, so he helped me back out at the train station and I joined. 8:30 am sitting out of the car unit, very smooth to get a ticket. But a look at "spitting blood", five sleeper turned out all capped. Quickly called the military's mobile phone, report the situation. He "learned" the meal that I can not force things, alas! These days, Lei Feng is not good when. 1:00 pm and more, the phone rang, the military said four of them are driven to the railway station. 3:00 pm The driver took me to the unit of the Shanghai Railway Station. With four of them joined the military, take a look at the watch, had left the car running out of time, and hurried into the pits. Shanghai to Yingtan boarded a train of 558.


Wave appears to be particularly excited about today, witty talk, our front four funny laugh turned backwards. He run up and down to buy a few packs of tofu, Suzhou, Wuxi and bought sauce ribs, but for our block, he intends to buy a duck in Nanjing. Time to eat dinner, go to the dining car to buy dinner. (Especially you! Cooking each 20 yuan, 5 yuan a bowl of white rice also). Fed on the shop ready to recharge your batteries will climb, but my luck was bad, the gentleman of my bunk snoring can be described as earth-shattering, and then burst burst endless, even with my shop every three The military can hear him grunt. He picked up a quarrel they really can not sleep, "Xinmin Weekly," read together, the night I "Guzhennanmian."


APR 16 Weather: overcast with rain

Morning 4:11 minutes the train station on time docked in Tunxi. One asked Huangshan only open from 7:30 am. Therefore, we decided to find a place to rest. In a private hotel near the train station, the boss say good morning we left, so triple large bathroom only charge 50 dollars us. I did not sleep last night probably the reason, I got to bed it into sleep. 6:30 pm We slightly rearranged the morning and solve the breakfast (5 duck eggs, four buns, dumplings 4 bowls, 1 bowl 13 yuan) 7:30 am We ride on the Huangshan Tunxi to the CMB. (A distance of about 85 km, dealers and a half hours). Castle all the way to paddy fields and tea Relying on the forest. Occasionally have to catch a buffalo farmer walking on the ridge, a few farmers in the tea wearing the Zhu Li, a few braved the tile on the chimney plume of smoke is a good one ... ... the rural landscape in southern Anhui.


10:00 brings us to the car after the Huangshan mountain Yungu Si. Here is flat and the clouds float. Asked a few managers, there is no introduction to the Baie landscape. So we decided to take the cable car up the mountain. (Yungusi to Baie cable full 2804 meters, which needed eight minutes, up fares $ 50). Rain is probably the reason, people take the cable car Trinidad and Tobago, we ranked the team for three hours, only to Baie. Waiting is a chore, if it is to take care of their girls, with Haier young and healthy, walking up the hill. Too much rain and fog did not see the legendary "Magpie Mui" "immortal guiding" "flying drum" and King. The cable car station to the peak before the letter went bar, where pine trees are well known, ground pine, even the rationale for pine, black tiger loose all here. Each species of pine trees are ancient warehouses fresh, green and straight, feel a vague in vitality in the surge. Fairy bridge across the peak before the letter arrived, due to previous sigh, "the letter before the world Huangshan Qi" will have a letter before the name. Down from the peak before the letter to a canyon along the path, where the rocks scales Chungli, some falling on top of cliffs, and some turned out, some of the cliff top, really beautiful, let us dazzle. One asked here called: Stone Sungang. Then return the original road to the North Sea is 2.45 points more than the afternoon. Stomach has Gulugulu barking, and quickly went to a restaurant to prepare a good meal. A look at recipes, "I am dizzy," the high price of vegetables here, let us stunned. (The cheapest one should be $ 20). Picked and little five dishes and one soup can of our 185. Eat the lunch we started looking for hotel, looking for a good few are poor environment. Ready for a bite to live 680 RMB / standard room Beihai Hotel, into the already fully booked even notice. Miss Hall was recommended by the North Sea, another action, No. "tribute Yang Villa", Quadruple with bathroom RMB600 / room. Looked good to stay up. Remove the luggage, we set off. Hotel from the North Sea before the trip, climbing Lion Peak. Unfortunately the clouds is too great, Huangshan was locked in thick clouds dense fog around us, we do not see White as fairy backpack, Pig, Eighteen other King, a pity. Then back to the tribute evening sun Villa, 10 yuan per person to buy a bowl of instant noodles in to be ham, boiled eggs, rustic chicken touches to eat with relish. They wave and the military also bought two bottles of beer to drink up Huangshan ... ... may be too tired to play today, like lying in bed asleep as dead pig, a night without it.


APR 17 Weather: Qing Zhuanyin

Early in the morning got up early, the days have been sunny outside. To see four of them sleep is fragrant, then people go out alone. On the hill stood a, wow, cool! ! ! ! . Saw Barry Jingqu full of tall peaks, rugged, turned, pines Zhuo, chaotic Yun soar. Huangshan is one of indomitable spirit as the whole landscape bonsai, so I am excited about new, extremely amazing. Four have been returned to the hotel they get up to go outside every restaurant to eat a bowl of noodles with the road. Half an hour away from the North Sea out of the mountain, finally climbing the Bright Summit. See a tour of Japan and his party a few elderly people, standing in a open area, across the valley towards shouted loud and clear sound ... ... in the valley ring pull. Looking on the Bright Summit around in front of us is a vast expanse of boundless sea of ??clouds. Hills like the clouds right into every bottle on the island of mountains, is also like a house on the hilltop seat Qionglouyuyu looming. An mountain breeze blowing, clouds the entire film the ups and downs, peaks at a hidden, unpredictable.


From the bright roof down, the days of sea, pavilion, came to a place called the Great Turtle mountain peaks. The peaks such as fishes lying on the cliff next to the peak on the "large article" are engraved. Has reached the hundred ladder located on the cliffs. I strode forward in time, look back at my army they have been down by a mile. Will rest against a large stone mountain so they come. Then just after a tour along the direction of finger tour I saw "Laosengruding", "fairy embroidery" and King. Lotus Peak has arrived at the foot of asthma Xu Xu, estimate our strength can only register a mountain, we decided to give up Deng Lotus Peak, in order to climb the dangerous mountain peak days are still physical. After a foot to the Lotus Peak Huangshan Yuping floor, the most famous scenic spots. Welcoming pine tree to see the country, but see it standing on the cliff side, thinning development arm, jade tree is indeed a "national tree." Quickly leave it next to a shadow. By a welcoming song at the foot of the East to come to the Heavenly Capital Peak. Looked at nearly 75 degrees section ladder, the two girls endless timid, refusing the Heavenly Capital Peak. Wave and the military to accompany them do not have a heaven. I can only alone on the Heavenly Capital Peak, and now they will say good immediately after I climbed to backtrack, walk slowly in front of them, I will catch up with them.


The Heavenly Capital Peak is a winding trail only allow two people pass by. I attend to both sides of the landscape, he kept jumping up, then just listen to the sound of his breathing. Off the ladder, bridge, came to the most dangerous of the carp back, really deserved reputation, a Hill Road about 10 meters, a width of 1 m, both sides of the abyss. Carefully through the fish back, really scared while mountain breeze blowing, blowing me as partners under the cliff at Huangshan, hee hee! On, I finally on the Heavenly Capital Peak, wow! ! ! ! Shiqianfeng actually show, stacked layers of the peak, a towering mountain peaks standing, piercing the sky ... ... should be the phrase "infinite beauty in the steep peak." Down from the Heavenly Capital Peak, like a forced march forward to catch up in front of peers, who tracked the Ciguangge there. Down the mountain near a restaurant in the spring to eight dishes, eating a meal spent $ 150.


3:00 pm ride on the back to Tunxi car, slept in the car, Tunxi is a 5:00 pm. For tomorrow morning to catch the train, we have chosen the train station next to the southern Hotel, environment and facilities, good standard room 120 yuan / room. Also takes a good dinner in a restaurant about a dozen dishes point, we hit nothing left to eat, this meal of our $ 260. Then fight to Tunxi Old Street, Old Street antique, with the Ming and Qing style. Two pairs of arms and wave them busy purchasing specialty, and I picked up a camera, facing the streets according to a up ... ...


APR 18 Weather: cloudy

Take the 7:20 am train from Huangshan sub 220 to Shanghai is 9:00 pm and more, sat more than 1 hour before the car to the house, my trip to Huangshan is also over.