Title:Nanning My Second Hometown

Clients:Quan Chen

From the real sense, Nanning not really my home. The so-called home, but wandering ancestors settled in the final leg of journey. The Nanning, is the first stop of my life. A dwelling in a city, a long time always hear a variety of complaints. For example, we said that we should flee the city, we find that our ideas in the city in the scene, even without those scenes do not have photo light rain Yan Flying clouds return, should also have Chopin, Schubert's works VII Serenade for background or cultural ideas. So many people bailing out of the city return to the so-called nature, "51", "11", then in droves carrying a delicious delicious

Bag to the mountains to search for us in the city can not find things, such as vegetables, such as flowers, such as fresh air. Sitting just a button you can enjoy the ultra-cool air-conditioned room, rustic is good enough for city people who read seems to be a sense of superiority is difficult to split away from the city's steel and concrete is sometimes more like a fashionable forest slogan, or more like an attitude, spoiled attitude. People bailing out of the city, rushed outside people who want to go, whether it is compassionate Kuan Jie, or the deadpan irony?

What is the city? The city is composed of row upon row of tall buildings jungle landscape is brown or blue glass wall separating the shopping paradise, perhaps it is an atmosphere, a yearning, a dream, one soul, it is only the city but not a somewhere else. Nanning and other cities will undoubtedly not much style difference. However, there are always many people in each city trustworthy, can look forward to things, when you repeat the chaos in a city of people actually do not need the operation necessary to spend too much time and effort, and some shiny things a back or a bent can be seen. One afternoon this spring, I stood on a mountain in the alley, and others, on the rain I have found a home sitting on the floor also can not imagine the scenery. I saw a side of green moss with a water bottle with the butterfly species of flowers, hear the people's Lane in the recorder drum in place weekdays somewhat impatient of Cantonese is so distant, many elders and women sitting in front of the house on a stone bench serene and calm. I also thought I had a night to the hospital to see friends, friends, pale face and pale walls of the ward giving a cramped feeling. I accidentally looked out the window, the window of the city was ablaze with lights, as if every fan has a window behind the warmth of the story. I suddenly have a deeply moving, the moment I see the slogan of the so-called escape from the city back to nature is so hypocritical. Living in Nanning in the face of it must have some real courage, this is my life of this city a breath. This atmosphere or in you for a better life and hectic time, or day on the job car Nagarekawa line, or walking along the street turn Lane arcade when it unwittingly grab your breathing, you With the urge and courage to live, so you at any moment one of the most extraordinary calm and moved, touched the heart of the city life, working in Nanning, there are so many things that make you move, make you comfort, so you have a home feeling. You glad that they live in the city, the city moved to give you too much, and in noisy and chaotic life in the grasp of every move is not easy, you have a feeling of home more difficult. We need to do is to try to come up with some sound only as a way of life, a gift of Nanning. I want to say perhaps, although I can not become a nostalgia Nanning, Nanning, but I have a home of close, it is inseparable from the city I can not do without the Nanning.

I think school's first essay published in the newspaper, whose name is called "Yongcheng Rain King." For a long time I was thinking Nanning to me, just like the rain wash over the cool, I do not think there is meaning thirsty.