Title:Night Tour Zhouzhuang


Overnight Zhouzhuang is a long-cherished wish, is planned Zhouzhuang Tour essential. Dusk, in the next election Shuangqiao a small inn, second floor on the street to pick up the room, seen from the pane, visitors from the street, from time to time sell crafts and souvenirs at the roadside stalls small enough to live next to the selection, Kanjia, bustling. Linhe street, river boat load of tourists left and the right shake shake what about Xu Xiangqian. Rowing scull in the hands of the sister cries to hurry Yin.


Catty shrimp, a crab, a pot of fresh vegetables. This is to prepare dinner for my boss. Special shrimp and crab are the boss bought from the market. Add a little salt and two shrimp ginger, a simple one hot; crab to thin refutation, boiled in water; Xu Youqing fried vegetables only a small increase. Autumn dark early, no monthly evening, sitting in a small river, and swayed next to the shop lights, three pots in front of side dishes, a cup of tea. Homes of chopsticks, two hands or catch crabs or shrimp, peel, eat dripping.


Into rivers and lakes, and ultimately, by boat. Old fishing, travel by boat into rivers and lakes visitors to enjoy the experience of the tools. With four ships, and two middle-aged French couple and a guide. Town has been quiet down, Chuanniang shook scull, scull the water's voice in the darkness makes it especially clear. Both sides of the house quietly retreated slowly, two scroll on both sides of the Yangtze River Delta to start. French couple with nestling stern, whispered. I took the bow of the harmonica blowing my own songs, piano around with the boat rocked, yo, I and piano together in the vast night of the. French couple in a hurry, just sit for a boat they hastily leaving the ship return. I have to abandon the ship ashore, and then set foot on gravel paved road.


Farm people to rest early, after just eight pm, most shops are shut on the door, striking the small stuff was gone, for the narrow door. Experienced a day hustle and bustle of town and finally quieted down. Not wide streets have been empty, on both sides of the old house with an indirect one, sandwiched long trails. Out from the window lights and red lanterns quietly shining. There are only occasional visitors to walk and had thirty-two enjoy the town's quiet and leisurely. Look at both sides of the street door, revealed a yellow or white intoxication of light, listening to the TV in the near distance Ruoyouruowu dialogue, waxy waxy Wu Kingdom during the soft language, and sometimes mixed with the sound of children shouting, footsteps stepping stone on the road but also to put in too gently, for fear it will shock the sleeping town.


Occasionally there are twelve narrow door half-open half open, documented side room in the artist brush. Can be pushed open the door to enter, quietly, to see the walls hung with paintings, seasons of Zhouzhuang, Zhouzhuang is one of smiles. And artist chat a few words, a better understanding of some of Zhouzhuang, is more about people who stay here. Turn around and go out, still quiet street, open the door in the escape of light is still quiet, still continue in the hands of artist unfinished work. Nine hundred years of Zhouzhuang, the number of stories for our artist to slowly goods, said slowly.


Back to the inn, the boss waiting for other guests did not return. Holding a cup of tea, Forest River bar side, and then scrutinize it to sleep Zhouzhuang. Boats are parked, and along the lines of, slanting sideways. River tea occasionally heard visitors laughing, echoed in the night, night Oh really very quiet! Zhouzhuang flash into the eyes of a painting, placed end to end in front. River quietly shedding, here is a side street along the river, meandering stone path meandering reach, to know the other side is Shuangqiao. Slanting across the old house's roof south wrong wrong from near and far, faint shadow falls on the river trail. The heart started to gently spread depicted in the black and white ink, is Zhouzhuang night, quiet, serene. Zhouzhuang first time in front of me, revealing the true face First Jiangnan Water Village.


From an early out, that early enough, but found that many students had selected a painting where a good frame drawing board. Famous for painting and Zhouzhuang, Zhouzhuang is the morning mist of the most picturesque. South of the United States in its soft, rain, mist water under the bridge is typical of Intrigue. I will place in them. Everything in the early morning fog stretch Zhouzhuang, the farmers have been busy early up, people who live along the river and the river to wash out the brush; plan to ship in the river at this point is surly crafts, travel by tools; pedestrians knows the weight of empty-handed, and meet each other, hearty hello. Zhouzhuang Water Village is a real life, the feeling of life can not be replaced. Side of the river and the bridge, painting the house, at the foot of brick paved road, in the eyes lightly and dismissively of the show to go. Nightmare of the beauty and simplicity of life of people Zhouzhuang Zhouzhuang real charm lies, really feel a few years ago Zhouzhuang Why people wonder why outsiders would be so amazing the beauty of Zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang is a poem in my eyes, alone, wandering around the river trail, I must also into someone else's painting.


From Zhouzhuang

Eight, the mist dispersed, moved into the first batch of visitors, for a quiet town in turn described the attitude Xiaoying admiring tourists. I will also pack up and leave the hustle and bustle of Zhouzhuang is about. Zhouzhuang to me, is a feeling and experience, Jiangnan farmers, fishermen, only in a small laid-back feel of the night and morning outsiders there. Zhouzhuang day, I stay away.



The trip to Zhouzhuang, starting from Shanghai. Nine sports from eighty thousand people, sitting a half-hour travel lanes that to Zhouzhuang, costs 75 yuan back and forth, with all tickets. Shanghai to Zhouzhuang tourism line at 7:00 / 9:00 / 12:50 / 14:00 / 16:00 a number of classes, Zhouzhuang return with 9:00 / 12:50 / 14:00 / 16:00 several classes. The other from Suzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Zhouzhuang is also very close to.


On the way met an elderly, arrived at 6 am from Nanjing Zhouzhuang, Zhouzhuang near to the afternoon, two points back. Cursory, really rather not come. Suggest noon or afternoon Zhouzhuang, Zhouzhuang, after 4 people have become rare, overnight Zhouzhuang, the dozens of small hostels cost in one block. Accommodation also has good hotels, the cost in the 200-400 range, but less fun. 9:00 the morning can take the car back to Shanghai. The feeling of quiet Zhouzhuang, keep some good impression, good or go back earlier.


Afternoon, early to Zhouzhuang can stroll, walk attractions, the way to buy some souvenirs. Zhouzhuang, but much less noisy beauty. Can be introduced Zhouzhuang buy twelve booklets to San Mao restaurant tea reading, to learn about the history of Zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang's very fresh shrimp, do not miss, inn owners can make and processing. Hall at seven o'clock in the sink next to a tea house with local storytelling, interest among the elderly may wish to clip together to listen to the local.