Title:Norbulingka-Essence of Tibetan Art


Norbulingka Tibetan word for baby park, located west of Lhasa, the Potala Palace in Lhasa River about two kilometers, with a total area of ??three hundred and sixty thousand square meters, was built in the eighteenth century, the forties, was VII to ten IV, the Dalai Lama's house, each spring, moved to the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama begins in this life, work and study. Now here is Lhasa's main tourist attractions.

November 1, 2002 I returned to Lhasa from Shiquanhe, the next day sightseeing in the Norbulingka. This morning exude the atmosphere of my Ali plateau carrying a camera, take a taxi from Ali came to office in Lhasa Norbulingka main entrance. Enter the door first thing your eyes are a deep forest, have entered into early winter, are still tree-lined, lush vigorous, full of life. Continue to move forward on the right there's a wall of tall, thick red walls, as if across a mysterious place, ask hawkers know the wall is a place where monks live and work. Then I look around before and after the empty, apart from the leaves of cheerful singing, breathing is the sound of the wind, the atmosphere has actually helped me a little timid, and feeling into another world. Walked quickly forward, there is a hole to open the right door, is a three-story building, no characters on either side instructions, open the door and found only one layer palace, about 200 square meters, stairs and other exports have been closed, it may be renovated . I am the only one within the palace, I hastily browse the instruments used, murals, and Buddha Lama's seat, sculptures, statues and other law enforcement, display dazzling, brilliant gold wall. It seems there is not a place to live as a mortal, but rather out of asking this is Kelsang chapter is VII and later the Dalai place to live and study. Phodrang Tibetan language is the meaning of the palace.

Unconsciously, I went to the front of a building, the doorman said it was quite a golden chapter. At this point I was secretly whispered one visit lonely, can not even leave a shadow, suddenly felt a noise behind him, looked back and stood three girls, is "slowly Shaotou green, graceful flowers servant," I smiled to They nod, they also reported me to smile. Zhuangshu and to see their temperament I asked: "You are students, right?" Replied: "Yes." "That school?" "Tibetan Language Department of the University of professional tour guides, to come here on Monday practical lessons, so to rehearsal today in advance, the teacher you are ...? "" Oh, I Wang, Ali work, back to the mainland arrived in Lhasa on leave, "I went on to say," Let me guess, "Eyes speak against a The naughty girl, "you are ...." before I finished she immediately said: "The three of us are Tibetan, Tsering song I called Jane, she called Nima Ram, we were the Qamdo people" , pointed to the girl in red clothes, "said her song was called Jane Ren, Shannan people." I said with a smile: "No wonder all so beautiful, originally from the beautiful town ah!" They also laughed together . travel to tibet Tour of three girls really became my tour guide, while they take notes while introduced me to introduce their ancestors to explain their national culture and history, but also to help me, I photographed this picturesque scenery in the shadow . In this quiet garden, in the glittering halls, and beautiful girls a wonderful treasure and appreciate the art of trance I have the feeling of living in paradise.

Since the opening of the 7th Dalai Norbulingka, after almost every Dalai Lama are its expansion, especially expansion of the Thirteenth Dalai gold and gold Phodrang Lingka largest. Golden chapter in the depths of the forest rather, three-storey main building, into stone by the side, Palace of the top material selection Maizhokunggar folk art tiles, outside also has a two-story villa "Kelsang Deji" and the green grass around the park quiet room "Code Ji Min was." In a green surround, the Phodrang Qiaojiao cornices looming forest, charming and engaging music hall intermittent quiet, fresh air, tranquil environment, Zhensi god place to live. There are quite a golden chapter temple, worship hall, preaching hall and the bedroom, Khenpo room, warehouse, etc. Display a large number of temple sculptures, the walls are painted, financial Tibetan style murals on the whole, in addition to describe the story of Tibetan history, as well as Wutai Mountain, the Summer Palace, Longevity Hill and many other style and Han Han Gods Jubilee map. Phodrang the magnificent golden, rich taste, but also that the Jade Emperor's Temple.

Next we went to Da Danming quite a long chapter, Dadan Ming for a long time, "eternal" means. Da Danming quite a long time known as the new chapter house for the XIV Dalai Lama in 1954 built, is a veritable palace of art. The new palace building, decoration, display set in Tibet's major monasteries, palaces, buildings in essence the culmination of the style of the temple both strong color, there are palaces, mansion of the pattern, not only Bi Gesang Phodrang, gold Phodrang more luxurious magnificent, elegant and unique gift to the atmosphere. There are new top afar Falun Gong Gong streamer Jing Zhuang, side by side, glittering, gate brackets carved Dragon and Phoenix to fly, life, a wall several feet thick top layer of red Bian White - willow branches treated with stained and percent, even more luxurious. Intrauterine display statues, Duixiu Thangka, pagodas and lighthouse feast of paintings of the monasteries in Tibet comprehensive, Diange mural style, fascinating. One of the murals, including Songtsan Minister sent by Gar Tang marry into the map; very intelligent when the tshe ZAP years on the feast known as the Tang envoy uncle, his mother, Jin Chenggong pleasant surprise vivid and moving the main scene; a sixty-five years into the Beijing audience with the Dalai Qing emperor, was canonized and the recipient of the gold book gold seal scenes; 1954 XIV of Laijing Kang-Tibet Highway to Beijing to attend the National People's Congress and in various places to visit historical facts and other stories in Tibetan Buddhism. South of the mural design is painstakingly accomplished, well-a strange mural has a round shape, Tibet travel China tours round figure to praise poetry in the verse arranged into a song can anyway. A mural, a historical story of a girl by three further interpretation, as if I entered a time warp, experienced the development of the Tibetan people one after another thrilling, epic historical scenes, which is today deep Tibetan culture, Tibetan compatriots, deep-rooted historical roots of ideas. Look at the XIV Dalai Lama of daily living facilities, bedroom, lounge, bathroom, bathrooms are open to build the era - the 1950s world of material of its kind. His position by the gold foil wrapped, inlaid with precious stones, lit themselves in brilliance, its gate arm, bed, sofa, bathtub, toilet and other novelty even five years later, not subtlety. New extrauterine trees, flowers, grass and white against the background of the world, is said to have forty-nine kinds of cypress pine forests consisting of sixty kinds of flowers set off; flower beds under a grass lawn; lawn next to the fountain, stage, pavilions and stone bench, stone table, is really a colorful landscape of "realism" ah. Just think, when you're in such a luxurious residence, so as to enjoy the material, when you sit flowers and leaves, overlooking the peaks protruding, nearly one hundred tours aromatic red yellow blooming, birds contention performances will What feelings have it! In addition to the gods, who in addition to the Dalai Lama, human mortals probably only to imagine it!

Norbulingka, elegant gardens, beautiful architecture and rich artistic subtlety build a paradise on earth!