Title:One Day Shexian County Independent Tour


Shexian is a national historical and cultural city, the famous "arch of the town." Go to Huangshan, I planned to go on a trip Shexian. For some well-known attractions already familiar, just wait for the feeling person.To Shexian the night before, I live in the Tunxi Old Street first guest houses, listening to the waiter that several guests to go Huashanmiku and asked if I was interested, you can go and ride with them. Huashanmiku is a new development sites to the Internet unheard of before. I know a little, that is an artificial caves, that is, primitive man lived in caves. Introduced it on the map "to the enigmatic stone to" attract more tourists. "


I am a little hesitant to go? The next day travel Shexian, must rush back to Nanchang night train, time enough? Not a single from the picture why the locals say will generally, if not previously seen similar sights can. I think I've been to the Banpo site of the primitive tribes living there have been some understanding, then, I will not go?Ultimately decided not to because the traffic is not convenient. Huashanmiku Although far on the road in Tunxi to Shexian, but was turned into a way to go, but also because it is newly developed, little car traffic, fear is never to return, if the car you need to come out about two ten minutes, had blocked the intersection to Shexian car. I want to think about carrying heavy bags on the dusty roads, but also worried about time, I gave up. However, the heart was a little disappointed. Especially the later found not much time travel Shexian, half of the afternoon I spent wandering in the heart of regret it deeper. So newcomers can decide whether their trip to go there to visit.


Tunxi (Huangshan City) from Shexian far away 27 kilometers from the bus station take the bus, but cost four yuan. But the arch Shexian concentrated in Tangyue, Tunxi to Shexian 20 kilometers further north off five kilometers is it, years ago, there are films, "Virgin", as if played Fu Yiwei, is shot here . So I spent three yuan ticket, with the conductor say, under the arch, on the line. The car, the driver came around a few Shui, the first one through bargaining, research lines, that a good 6 yuan to the Huai Tong (based on users in Travels in the introduction, to spend 5 dollars to ride tricycles can be arch, but do not have to under the arch, the arch and then forward Huai Tong is 1 km, one of the attractions of online recommended), after closing the road.


The driver said, the Church of tickets to 50, in fact, worth nothing, that is seven arch, on the road you can see. He promised I would stop camera, but can not get off, get off because you have to buy a ticket, so you can save $ 50. I know Tangyue are arch arch group, nothing more than the story of these paragons of chastity, is a feudal society, women are oppressed and imprisoned tragic history, so take a look on the line. Tricycle until Huai Tong, a village ticket, 18 yuan tickets actually! Yeah just a small village. I feel more and more wrong, the driver certainly get a rebate! Long-line prompt, how do I not alert? But has come, alas, the brothers make a point when for farmers contribute it! Buying village, fortunately, with a small guide is also good, a seventeen-year-old young girl, put it carefully and comprehensively, my problems can be trouble, but I never enjoyed full-time tour guides services, and this is always smiling little girl all the way to talk over, really good mood.


Tickets, said Huai village pond is Shexian Pearl, the prime minister Chengyuan Feng Song hometown. There are many cultural relics, with the prime minister Zhuangyuan village, the village head and a seat alone on the Square Xing (Chung Tang emperor and the scholars set the country's real conspiracy Ampang things monuments), as well as Yu Shu F, geniuses way through King's former residence, ancient, old trees and so, accompanied by the introduction of the little girl, we had to go Street Lane, explain also interspersed with some folklore, although I do not believe those stories, can still very happy little girl and chatting. I always have a doubt, the status of feudal society, women do not, of oppression and slavery is a common phenomenon, may not remarry after the death of her husband, three from the four virtues, and so are not unique here, why is it here, particularly the arch? The little girl told me that Li Paifang have three conditions: First, filial piety and righteousness; second was moving in the Crown, so there is opportunity to progress made by the emperor, the emperor's permission can be obtained. Because the arch is not easily able to built; third was the home money. Emperor allowed to build, but have to pay myself, the emperor will not give money to it. I suddenly realized that listening to, is not that rich merchants, the official also moving more, and for them to build an arch can be "immortal", so that future generations know their family out what people had to " immortalized. " However, in those thousands of years of wind and rain through the arch behind the many sad stories ah, men abroad to do business, or test fame, or politicians, left is lonely woman. Their day to day housework, serve the elderly, child care, from young to old age, watch life. What is more, not just pro-window-set, husband died, the woman can not remarry, and some on this die, there's a hunger strike to death, because she has no hope in this life, and not as earlier relief. It established an arch, what is the point? I was the feudal ethical code for these oppressed women and sorrow, but also for life in a modern civilized society themselves lucky. Suddenly I burst its like, so many novels Heroine, weak woman if you can learn a martial arts away from home, to hell with three from the four virtues, Zhu Cheng Lee University, from wherever they went, Robin Hood, Happy can life, and might even find Mr. Right it, that's a Swordsman:).


On the way back took a few pictures, then go out into the intersection to go, ready to go Shexian hailed. I suddenly find the road from the edge of passing buses, called the driver was going to stop, not opening it, he suddenly too fast, the bus thrown behind. I understand, fooled, and much suffering. Get off, I reluctantly took out 12 yuan fare to the driver, and then wait for the bus just bike over it, but to Shexian, ah! You donkey, never, never mind, go Tangyue arch group now has a bus, as long as 1 yuan! And it took me back and forth tricycles 12 yuan! I learned the painful lesson it, do not repeat it!


Get on bus bound for station 4, tickets $ 1, tell the conductor I see Xu Shihfang, the driver was the last place they let me down. Get off is "Xingzhi Park", while the opposite is near the bus station, and well remember it. Walks into the Xingzhi Park, which is actually just a middle of the street where a big garden, containing a bronze statue of Tao, Guo under the Soong Ching Ling was the inscription "Jesus Christ Biao", and learn more about the Tao in his The Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall Tao think worth a visit.


Shexian just a small town, Xu Shihfang, Doosan Street, Tao Memorial all in one street, very close. I stumbled onto the roadside near a seat antique gate, came closer, "South Qiaolou" words hanging in the middle, turned out to be Shexian Museum. "South Qiaolou" was built in Sui, after the ancient times through the renovation and maintenance, now preserved in the style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Shexian museum is in them, exhibited Shexian ancient artifacts. I was interested in the museum, although I have to climbing stairs (down from Huangshan, the foot will be very sore), or go look. Museum admission $ 6, student tickets. Inside the main exhibition of the various generations of Korean paintings, porcelain, Inkstone, etc., but I do not know. Well, frogs, thought, as if the museum can be as Wuyuan with a tour guide just fine.


Get in the door is a hungry, eat a bowl of shops on the roadside fans to burn, this is the Huizhou dish, but unfortunately the general taste. Proved to the owner of the other attractions of the line, but also attractions that here there is a "Yuliang Dam", wait a minute to go take a look.Xu Shihfang on the road, I saw the bustling pedestrian, crossing under the arch several times I feel the officials of the year riding sedan chair from here, but after the mood.


Doosan Street is the city a protected area, due east of Doosan, named after a relatively well-preserved Huizhou architecture. Significant roadside identification, easy to find. Into the alley, all bluestone road, alley deep lingering, my heart is thinking through the Rainy Dai is like? Looked up, put a table there, oh, they have to buy a ticket. Here 10 per ticket, there are student tickets, with a good guide. I was looking around to find the guide it, the thin man who stood up ticket, ho, the original is dual roles! The tour guides know the more, introduced, including Huizhou architecture, Hui opera, merchants, etc., Huizhou culture, I've learned in Wuyuan some knowledge here has been review and strengthen, as the difference between the Ming and Qing architecture, Huizhou three birds, Inside the residence fabrics set the style, horse wall and low walls, high-rise Shen Yuan is for what ... ... from here I can compare merchants and Shi-family homes are different, I saw the school house (the old private school) is What I know why the use chestnut wood doors, and room corner of the floor drain, dismount in front of stone, and so on. Surprised at the wisdom of the ancients at the same time, I feel more and more life-long learning, ashamed at their own insignificance and ignorance. Although this knowledge I might soon be forgotten, but I will not forget it has shocked me in mind. Knowledgeable tour guides, and even talking about my home county have surnamed Sun was sentenced guilty of trouble, Oh, I really die of shame it! The downside is guided Speed ??too fast, and the Mandarin is not standard, and sometimes did not understand his words. To go, he said something quite interesting, then, to share this with you: "Eat in Guangzhou, playing in Hangzhou, the old in Huizhou, died in Liuzhou ...", where I've also heard, but not remember.


Huizhou architecture in fact, I think Shexian as Wuyuan, whether or Doosan Huai Tong Street, old buildings are not as Wuyuan preserved intact, and the new buildings and old houses staggered a bit nondescript. This country is not in Wuyuan. Wuyuan Government does not know to the development of tourism, or to protect the integrity of the Ming and Qing architecture, because it is not provided housing in the countryside, but may not remove the old house. In the Huai Tong, village is a table tiles, a group of people watching; and then further away, there is a fortune-telling women to help me, alas, no longer Huizhou heavy atmosphere of learning, so feel Shexian of strong cultural atmosphere is not as Wuyuan ; if to compare from the museum, it is much better than the. Think to look at Huizhou architecture, should be preferred Wuyuan village or Yixian County of Xidi, Shexian is not known to residential areas.


Tao Memorial is expanding, the door actually no one ticket, but until I find out who I did not buy tickets. Haha, take advantage of it! Tao's museum details the life story, as a great thinker, educator, Guo given its high evaluation, and Confucius, his par. I discovered after reading "Tao" was his own to change the name, formerly known as "knowing", but then he felt "OK" than "know" is more important, the so-called "line in order to seek knowledge and to know more line," so renamed the "line know, "I deeply think that is. My superficial understanding is the "Journey" than "read" is more important, so have time to read on the nature of this book, I learned from books that can be proved, I was through " line "to seek" knowledge ", Narathiwat words with me ahead of the game, huh, huh.


Yuliang Dam to the door on the bus at the bus station (CMB), not many passengers, fare $ 1. Not yet reached the end, the only one I had. Drivers and conductors should be back to breakfast, just send the conductor to tell me to get off the street Yuliang Dam, go into the alley, you can not buy a ticket. I am a bit skeptical, and yet out of the car, I heard that tickets for 30 yuan which. Walking in the alley, across fork to ask, and she can go out, I saw a river runs through the eyes, wow, refreshed ah. Listen to the tour guide said Doosan Street, Yuliang dam known as the "Anhui Dujiangyan," the ancient Huizhou people here under the Xin'anjiang boat, go down to Hangzhou and other parts of business or science test. Ancient transport facilities, waterways, although slow, but better than Han Lu comfortable, so most choose to go out by boat.


I walked down the stone steps on to the dam, the sun very well, according to the body warm, I thought this Yuliang Dam is a long way to go than the Dujiangyan though, but still worth a visit, especially not to spend money ( they make, huh, huh). The large stone dam the river for thousands of years has been washed clean, and I sat down on the white stone, and the two are woven nets of fishermen while chatting sun. Fishermen say that the river has been as before, and looks okay, you can waste all the villagers Wang Litou down, in fact, the water is dirty, and we are still in the river laundry vegetables; chatted about Huangshan, that was previously time of low ticket prices did not go, do not want to go now expensive; and local migrant workers talking about a lot of people in Anhui is also a less well-off provinces, which, talk to you, I have had compassion. Because no tickets, I was on a little nervous, do some people came for me Yeah, and in the heart cursed his "coward." Can not buy a ticket there is no tour guide, ah, did not detail personal with me, alas, there must be the loss of income! New multi-residential river can still Huizhou architectural style with many door are hung two lanterns, like "New Dragon Inn" in front of the same lantern, arranged from top to bottom, hang with us at the side of a New Year is different, I always remember to ask what it is custom, and later went so far as to forget, if newcomers to go, still remember to help me ask ah.


Yuliang Dam still go back from the road, river alley lot, Passepartout road. A watch, too early, but the evening at eight more trains! The next few hours I had to stroll the streets in Shexian. Although it is a foreign land, but not the slightest strangeness, like back in my home, very friendly. I do not know why, every time I go out to the city will be a little fear, while the body was able to duck to water in the rural town, very free. And, I am often in economically developed areas do not like, and the object of Guizhou, Anhui, Jiangxi province's customs, but also unforgettable. Is not the scenery is beautiful, but rather the human warmth, perhaps the economic backwardness of these areas, but the rustic, warm fellow who always make me grateful, I think of when many years later, there is still warmth in their hearts.


2239 times Nanchang Nanjing West bound train 20:08 from Shexian out, tickets $ 34. Recommend to the train station too early, because ticket sales began at 19:30 to go on the bench too early can only sit in a daze, and the station in the outer suburbs, no place to visit, very tough. At this point, although near the spring, can the car is not crowded, I can find a seat, really happy! Safe journey home to myself.