Title:One Mysterious Tibet monasteries-Sera Monastery


Sera Monastery is one of the six teaching yellow in color La Wuzi mountain north of Lhasa, Ganden and Drepung par. Salad in the Tibetan language is the meaning of hail, some travel guides on the meaning of writing there are wild roses, but a very stubborn Tibetan friends denied this claim, even if I listen to a 50-year-old in Tibet is a very distinguished old tour guide explained too. There are only a few Sera Temple, To visit, the line is very simple, general warehouse tour only to visit Giza, and measures of scholastic debate Chin hall. Giza Sera's main supply warehouse there - Ngau Tau Ming Wang, he is the main tantric Buddha, legend (forget, go back and ask Ronaldinho) debate by the House is a major feature of salad, close to the Giza positions. Generally Monday to Friday 15:30 to 5:00 has been debate, monks sat on the floor began to learn in the exchange, when the debate by the rich body language is the number one killer of film.

Chin hall measures the highest body of every temple in the Tibetan calendar, December 25, the first time I watched Sera measures Chin hall in the morning worship. Speaking a little bit funny, a friend told me that the Tibetan Sera 27 is an annual festival Sera, the results I asked several Tibetans who did not say a definite date, so I believe a very serious answer watch face is also very serious young man. (Last year's No. 26 are not Tibetan, is 25 over the 27). The first time I had a hit record to get up early, 6:00, dark and cold, the fight to the Sera Monastery door, not even a ghost, the first day like a good excuse for fare-beating is not used. tibet travel Too quiet, and is almost silent, Chin hall from the entrance to the measure line of sight, only two windows with lights. In positions of Giza to find a place to sit, a lot of stars in the sky, known only to the Big Dipper. I walk the sound awakened eaves of wild pigeons, cooing sounds so I think there's others to follow suit, but fortunately good face on the wall of the four kings.

Sit for an hour, or only coo, feet feel cold, I certainly start the wrong time, back pack back, met people in nursing homes Sera, a little girl and her mother, and asked them today Tibetan few numbers, the first thing her mother said, you come too early, right. Sad, maybe she know that an hour of loneliness. Followed by a woman again, she asked me to help the Tibetan language, on 25. 10:30 to go to work, as well as three hours, I told them to turn through, anyway, did not go back and do things. They broke into the house around I tried heating a mad house on 8 square meters of circular motion, adding a 3 way Lama. I turned to see standing next several laps. Bright twilight sky, Lama, more and more, turning in circles with several dozens of people, surrounded by many people, as well as in the squatting detoxification. In any case, it was like. Very strange, all the books in this Buddha statues are not introduced, since they are not afraid of dizziness in a circular motion so it must have a special significance.

8:23, measures Chin hall roof bell came knocking, all monks are walking toward the inside,. In the hall door like a tourist who said the call came in English, English idiot I do not understand, he took out the book to read, "I was Japanese, how to see the burial," little Japan. Sera behind this wanted to tell him that expressly prohibited the celestial burial for him to visit Washington to endure playing, watching his thin appearance, or put up.

Followed by three people in worship when the door shut quickly squeezed into the hall. Oh, a lump, mixed with the stench door piles of shoes, a lot of people, there should be 800 or so, I have seen the biggest temple in the river scene is only about 400. We are in Weng (to lead the prayers of the Grand Lama), led by chanting, deep voice resonates through the hall in good divine, his nervous hands and feet do not know how to put the old people feel disturbed.

In several small temple turned out, a row of the east by the Church a few long table mats, several small Tibetan and Japanese are sitting there, and I sat. Get up early, very sleepy, eyes will fall asleep like, even sitting in the chanting asleep, opened his eyes in front of a bowl of buttered tea, thank God. Good to drink butter tea, fragrant and thick, has been warm to the stomach. The monks are also in the drink, they are stuck in a wooden bowl arms. Roasted barley tea drinking again distributed, this is enshrined in the Buddha tsampa before, conical, red and white above the butter, is estimated to have dedicated the last month, roasted barley flour mixed with the barley wine has been sour. The first bite when I actually feel like a port wine, chocolate, and the second hard mouth and teeth drilled two ditch out of a big mouth and immediately regretted it. The roasted barley flour to take home to China tibet travel operator friends, smell, and an old Tibetan saying this is foul. Finally, send a small snack, a big square wooden tray with biscuits, popcorn, candy, and everyone just take a little bit. My breakfast here resolved.

When we eat in there have been chanting monks, spread through the speakers to sound the audience. Have now heard one of the few monks in Lhasa have him. At the same time have a child by the parents with alms, one hair one dollar. His hair in front of a Lama in the money, I listen to Osama bin Laden Gyatso said, the monks in Sera Monastery in Lhasa have only wages, Qinghai, Yunnan and Sichuan to the no. After two bowls of hot tea to drink, I have to donate money after.

These are the daily life of Sera, the most special year is December 27, heard the day of tens of thousands of people will come to worship. The next day my alarm clock rang 6:00, I wake up is 8:40, arrived at Sera worship team has lined up Military General Hospital junction. Well, like this holiday. 10 minutes walk to the entrance, the entrance is now the exit normally, the left Mora (old lady) to jump the queue, I followed the crowd into it, jump the queue at the entrance of people have lined up three rows, I am surrounded by people riding in people's feet into a piece of channel. Stood next to a shelf or restrain lovely Tibetan Lama's forced break, as long as one is not good monks shelf drilled again and again out of a difficult one, smiled trouble, but when will the drilling shelf looks loudly to intimidate .

Team moving too slowly, one minute can only walk a few steps, I was next to the monks to sell hada laugh facial muscles are still stiff in front of him, so I jump out of the ranks to move forward. We are very tolerant in the past they must line up the mark let me jump the queue, Lama smiled and let me just before. Team too long, usually do not use all the way to go, winding along the team for several minutes before walking to the drum came place. In positions of Giza. Here we put a lot of Thangka, is above the Tau Ming Wang, on the ground drew a lucky eight Swiss. Wherever he goes there in the west of the throne, seat of a great lama in yellow cloth with a touch of what the first believers, meet the fast was when I saw Osama bin Laden in order to maintain Gyatso, the two are very happy The grip of the hand.

This meet is a very gentle thought about, but which actually has a very hard thing, knock down the head is still playing a bit, but fortunately my head hard. After knocking his head standing next to the tree view, bin Laden Gyatso came. We have not met more than a month, sometimes called contact, what major activities are the temple he informed me. We are walking Ramla measures to recognize, because the companion small Z a bad heart, thanks to the way in return he and six other monks to take care of Sera was able to one day walk 60 km at 10 pm to check Daga County successfully returned to Lhasa. Since then we became good friends. Bin Laden is a very outstanding Gyatso Lama last month, the temple's large river will be gathered by the debate the three major monasteries in Lhasa elite, he also participated. His English is very good, Chinese will be the general conversation, when he found my English sucks some serious and told me to learn English, English is the open window to the world.

Bin Laden Gyatso told me who the most important thing is the hands of a Dalai Lama Vajra, I see the legend that information, also known as Vajra pestle flying, flying from India, this day will be a year before in 4:00 at full speed to the blessing of the Dalai Lama Potala Palace, Sera Monastery and then back to every person to worship blessing, blessing the people by the Buddha, God bless law enforcement. Less to the Potala Palace is now part of. Gyatso said last night listening to bin Laden was sleeping calmly walked on the line, usually around 10 pm until the end. Then to bin Laden's quarters saw Gyatso photos when on foot, have our tea break on the way to cook the scene, when my feet hurt numb, sitting on the grass eating hard tack stream. I really miss. In the twitter of birds outside the window is called, I really can not think of a relaxing here to enjoy the quiet.
Temple row of the roadside when a team is still so long, everyone line up so happy to wait for God's protecting.