Title:Qinghai Tibet Independent Travel


Qinghai grasslands, an endless; Himalayas, peak linked to the horizon!The magnificent beauty of the Tibetan Plateau has long been wrapped in my mind, Tibet, my life must go place! August 21, the usual early morning to a lot, I got up less than 6 points on the car last night moved to put the parking spots downstairs. After a hasty wash, carrying the last few pieces of luggage hurried upstairs under the car, start, start, my beloved black Papa (it played a nice name - Panthers!) Listen quietly diverted to this long journey!

Just to set location, they received the MM due to the sun fellow family members can not unexpected sudden illness news, let us at the beginning of this trip appeared in regret, but life is not what is has always been full of regret it? In a burst of sadly, we start when nine players posed for pictures, then Panthers took the lead, followed by Hummer, a large color TV, and Eagle, the U.S. team's four cars beast about 7:30 into the sponge onto the high-speed, north, north, ride away!

Highway is pleasant, about 8:30 we had a Mianyang (about 137km), and then to Guangyuan high speed, followed by a road until the board off - the junction of Sichuan and Shaanxi (from Chengdu, about 323km), About 11:15 we entered the territory of Shaanxi, Sichuan U.S. beast out of it! Ningqiang is the first county in Shaanxi came from some rather strong to Mianxian highway, just go up, has been responsible for the reported truck traffic on the Panthers Qingqing inertia like a "front of the car did not come, can overtake ! "drew laughs from a long time! Haha!

In Mianxian After lunch, we continued marching to Baoji, a couple of choices to reach, but off the first Wu Yi at the temporarily closed due to landslides. We move on, after leaving the dam, on the roadside to see a temple, which is Zhang Liang Temple. Stay slightly, about 10 km we re-turned from a newly built shop Takahashi asphalt. This road has not yet officially opened, does not allow heavy vehicle traffic, so few cars, almost as a channel of our special! Smooth the way, we also found that the dogs here, very unique, long as the fox, not afraid of standing in the road car! Strange!

8:00 pm we rolled into the Baoji city, passing through a long mountain and countryside, I am busy Baoji than we imagined. The help of friends and the local hospitality, we enjoyed a hearty dinner, and live to the entire trip had stayed in several hotels one of the best!

The next morning we embarked on to Xining, Tianshui onto the highway, we gradually begin to feel we are in the Loess Plateau on the road, and both sides of the mountain is yellow, the Weihe River where the water is deep yellow, all I feel that the Loess Plateau of the rough and the history of precipitation! This section of road is still good, but not when there are uneven, and we refer to them as hidden weapon, be wary!

After a Tianshui, we continue to march until Lanzhou, all the way are the highway or freeway. We arrived at 3 pm through Lanzhou, rest refueling our destination today, Xining City to move forward. Met out of Lanzhou on the first traffic jam, and then we start the first paragraph after the encounter is difficult to open, dozens of serious damage to the road kilometers, the road is covered with pits of various sizes, we can only two 30 km pace. Fortunately, the rain comes, finally finish this hard road, we ushered in the highway to Xining, the U.S. began to show that animals are like wild maneuvering to 140 kilometers per hour flying to Xining. The most interesting is that there was a police car lights had been lit in front of us lead, we will keep open the emergency lights, a VIP convoy utterly ordinary, so we welcome into the way to Xining, on the highway even during the Traffic police also looked at us bewildered as to whether speeding? Hey, or whether it! (Please do not imitate!) We out of the heart: thank hospitality of the Xining People! Qinghai, here we come!