Title:Redness of the Tibet Plateau


"Back to Lhasa, returned to the Potala." Many years ago to sing this song of yearning in Lhasa. Than turning a turning cylinder, sounded weathered, muttered between his lips recite the verses of the Tibetan elderly, we may not be so pious, but at least touch on the cheeks can also be brought back to Plateau. So just on a few simple Tintin learn Tibetan, look at the sunny side of the city in the end there are a few landscapes. Ru Lasa city, this highland town to bring you the warm sun, clean air, bright and spacious spotless streets. I have been in the excited state, has been constantly talking with the driver, as if forgotten things have altitude sickness. However, or escape the robbery. Swollen head drowsily, altitude sickness came, and fell into a deep sleep. The evening meal, I feel better and more, the only discomfort is that the legs feel like lead, like the filling of the sink, walk very tired. I want to see the Potala Palace has been suppressed with the urgent desire to sleep.
The next day
Potala Palace, Norbulingka, the Tibet Museum. After a good rest, the day I was able to energetic events in the streets of Lhasa, the Potala Palace in activity in the vagaries of the mysterious temple. As the altitude of the sun, high altitude air, the movement of the plateau, I found my appetite increased significantly.
To Shigatse. Our hotel in the town of Saint-health to live down, wash away the face of the dust, carrying a small backpack to go shopping. Much to see in the street on a hill not far away, like the ruins of the magnificent castle. This is the case of small Potala hill, it used to be palaces. Zongshan Here is the lively market, mostly selling Tibetan handicrafts.
Fourth day
Return to Lhasa via Gyantse. Jokhang Temple crowd flow. Bought some souvenirs in the Barkhor, the Chengdu return.

Kit bags
Do not arrived in possession of the first night bathing, avoid because of altitude sickness caused by unexpected reason.
 The best way to deal with altitude sickness is not sleeping, tibet tours but a walk, then sit down and drink hot rolling of butter tea.
 Bring the highest SPF sunscreen, the sun will be as intensive as the rain hit in the face.
 Lhasa is the bustling Beijing Road, which is equivalent to Shanghai Huaihai Road and Hengshan Road, a commercial street, the other end is very characteristic of small restaurants and bars.
 Basic Tibetan: spit and (thank you), Gongga head Sang (Hello), beer to the (beer), Sang sentence (toilet), to meet their urgent needs.
 Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street is just outside, the colors of the national sale of goods, must be carefully selected before buying, bitter haggling, most of the 2-3 fold can buy it.
 Knives can not carry on board aircraft, it is like to buy only to Lhasa after the post office mail or shipping.
 Pedestrian Street (Yutuo Road), there are many hotels, price from tens to 300. Book a room, be sure to set positive side, the nightside of the room smell great.
 National mall tour something cheaper than the Barkhor Street, such as turquoise bracelet $ 4. B22 can be to find a shop looks beautiful Cuomu JJ, she can even help you shop in the mall the other Kanjia lower than you get the goods.
 Potala Palace also explain the machine to $ 15 is the rent. Do not want to spend money, you can listen to with the team to explain the rub.
 If 8:30 to Drepung Monastery, then no ticket office, but no one actually had a ticket on the tube.
 Sera at the door to the left along the wall to the back door to bypass the debate by the House to sit down along the wall, the opening 15:00, it is worth a visit.
 Travel every summer is the best season, with higher levels of oxygen, for go further afield.

Jump the queue guest
1 eight Long learning Tibetan Hotel: low price and good service reputation in the backpackers. Tibetan three-storey towers around the around the middle is a small courtyard, wearing a "Chu Pakistan", hair accessories encrusted on the side of the Tibetan girl, always singing cheerful songs general working children. The long corridor outside the room, since the above overlooks the snow-capped mountains on the distant snow-capped. Column is famous poster, posters column range of information, plastered with notices travel enthusiasts to find, to see the burial, to Namtso, there are Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean and many other kinds of text notices.

2. "Majiami" bar: It is said Lama (Dalai Lama) is the most romantic history of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, the most personality. He likes to live in freedom. He loved and wrote the famous song, "in that the East Peak," the poems, this poem is now printed on the menu at the bar, worth a visit.

3 other auspicious days --- well, such as college dorms, off-street is near a little noisy.
Hostel --- very good, the facilities are new, and the same hotel, 100 two standard rooms.

Gossip Villa
Get it working, "Gai" to Lhasa after the first time I went to the shop for 10 dollars of gross ticket, and in Lhasa, I sent the first ticket turned out to be a gross misunderstanding. Sat under the Jokhang Temple, when suddenly around the edge of a 80-year-old stretched out a hand to me, although tibet culture, art I wonder why take so long to ask me for money, but the first reaction out of a gross ticket on his hands, did not think he slowly put money back into your pocket and then reach out to me, so I let him out of a hand, did not think he put it back again to continue to reach out, do the I met beggars elders, Mao vote not handle him.

How to do it? I quickly is considered the responses, the edge of another man shot the old man pulled up, the original old people just want me to pull him one only.
Sera Lama quizzes to two, to see the debate after all. After the excitement at the debate, there are monks hastily on the ground before making each other's head, but also take advantage of giving a slap in the face (for show friends, the action is very light), exaggerated movements, facial emotion, we and many foreigners are happy to watch get on the ground. Debate by the "murder" a lot of people's film. End, a student teacher walked in front carrying a notebook, estimated score. They also have quizzes original. Unfortunately not understand Tibetan.

Shenglayingzhuai on the roof
The instruments used in a low voice sounded, and I hurriedly ran out, but can not find the entrance to the temple at the top. Looked around, only the language in Tibetan followers shaking turning cylinder, looked straight ahead, murmuring from my side pass. Two Tibetan girl walked into my line of sight, students should speak Mandarin it. Sure, they let me place a few moments to bounce away, while they bounce back the hands of more than an umbrella. These two little girls, is also afraid of life. A pull with the umbrella above, under a care, he just put me in this clumsy but not great movements of people get on the roof of Jokhang Monastery, the highest point.