Title:Shanghai Tour Feeling


He can not help themselves, "slack" in nature, in an official visit to Shanghai within 10 days after the second they walked into the room and gives too much space to imagine the place. Really read many books in advance and websites, romantic, beautiful and varied, the actual nothingness, and 30 years, 00 years, gradually interwoven in the mind, have formed a picture.


Only three days, and is "May Day" holiday, only to Huaihai Road, Nanjing Road, the Bund, Yuyuan Garden, Temple, New World has about the concept, while the headlong into a flash back memory is still fresh on put them on paper, getting clear of the superficial impression.


Live near the stadium. From the stadium on a car, went to the Huaihai Road. What is beginning to feel the monotony of the city. But then cars started in the narrow road on both sides of the plane trees in the shuttle, there are the roadside gardens in the fence where the grass was dark green tender leaves behind looked very elegant and quiet, tree house and then I thought, which some of it first? Each style has a house, it is a parasol tree. Then turned a corner and found a statue, said that he suddenly remembered Chen Danyan is Pushkin, Yueyang Road, which is the middle of the street garden.


Huaihai road long enough, five, six, seven, eight major shopping malls throughout China is probably the highest density, and looked for a moment a bit tired, no difference between things and Beijing. Fun is a shop selling jewelry please a real lady sitting in the window display of jewelry, for a variety of positions, there is a wedding photo of your black and white foreigners stand or sit lined up in a row, the Chinese costume, is behind the large glass, especially the black guy is still twisted rhythm of African dance. Red silk gown with black skin and white teeth, very special. Then started and Huaihai Road, the road perpendicular or parallel to the random walk, Shaanxi South Road, Maoming South Road, Yandang, Gaolan Road, and the like, always inadvertently find a celebrity several years ago in Shanghai residence, such as Lin, such as Zhang, Guo example, another example, Shanghai villa.


Bund were not expected to much in the frame there is always irrelevant to people! Look at the Peace Hotel, not far from the top, had an idea, ask the waiter into peace, "where the elevator?" A blink of an eye to the top, through the corridor on the stairs to the roof of the platform, green spire on the side. Can not wait to move to a chair, watching the river on both sides so, thinking not know where the shuttle. A quiet place, and feel in the end not as elsewhere. This photo, as the trip to Shanghai's "work." Came out along the "World Building Expo" out of the White Bridge direction, into a commercial bank, luxury was a long time before people breathe out! High hall, marble columns, arched ceilings, polished floors, are presumably many years before as it is. Oh Oh, really luxurious!


Know the local Shanghai Nanjing Road shopping is not, but eventually would like to see many piles of neon lights at night spectacular. Put it on the Bund "then." Tianyi little dark, really the "First" of the street is lit up, neon density far beyond imagination, clearly off off, always lively. I do not know for many years so I do not know whether the number of years more and more brilliant? Anything else, just ignore the past.


Xintiandi is a westerly wind blowing turning the place, very chic. Although the old house is new turn, can vaguely think of the details of a few decades ago. East meets West thing inside, mixed with. Not in a hurry to sit down and called the point where something, first burst into the clear thinking, to look at frogs and lotus basin taps. Cool really cool. Let your heart feel the sound in the water far away from their own sounds and smells. Do not know behind the towering Red, fast-paced world.Impression about the case in Shanghai, both Chinese and Western, exquisite avant-garde. Accompanied by cloudy or rain, and plane trees of dark green, is a "unique" in that half of Shanghai.