Title:Sichuan Family Tour

Clients:Fei Tsai

This line of five people, in addition to our couple, and another 2 men and 1 woman peers (Tan / Peng / minute), we are through Ctrip "travel together" on the contact, then traveled with a companion. This is a completely self with "Sichuan Tour" (Guangdong Tourism Publishing) and "Sichuan Chongqing" (Tibetan Antelope books) and maps, as well as pre-printed information about travel. Which took 9 days, Flying, or sitting during the chartered bus, in addition to shopping, spending for the 2660 / person. (We were shopping spent 200 yuan) the travel, play four area: miyaluo, Munigou, Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou, trench were playing for three days, not only integrated Belle autumn and winter, and spend quite low, we are satisfied is a self-tour.

    11. 3 (weekend) Shenzhen to Chengdu, (fare $ 700, 5.5 fold) dumplings dinner bell in the Admiral Street to the snack packages, places downtown Shuncheng Tibet Military District guest house, to find a travel bargain 150 RMB / standard room. We at the night market, the other three go to Sichuan Opera (30 yuan / person). Day to spend 80 yuan / person. Shopping $ 70.

    November 4: 9 yuan taxi ride to the station, Chengdu, Simon - miyaluo shuttle (8:00 AM) departure, (fare 38 yuan), means Wenchuan County, Li County, on the way to eat Kao Yumi and black fungus on bread, it is delicious. 3 pm - miyaluo, live in miyaluo hotel, original 480-520 of 230 standard rooms to two counter-offer. Put down the luggage, the car 70 yuan leaves scenic stroll back to 7:00 pm. Almost no cars on the road no one, only a few of us wandered the landscape leaves, the election scene photographs from time to time. Night in a small restaurant to eat Sichuan food. Miyaluo voltage instability, when the bright lights the dark, will suddenly shut down and television broadcasting, 20:00 almost see people on the street, empty hotel room, alone, then there will be a bit scary feeling I almost could not sleep all night. Day to spend 195 yuan / person.

    November 5: chartered 150 yuan to Wenchuan from miyaluo (6:30 start), take the 8:30 train to the Wenchuan AN Hong (fare 34 yuan / person). After the AN Hong chartered (130 dollars) to see Zhaga Munigou Falls (33 million) and two sea. Zhaga way to see the waterfall, the first time I saw snow, stepping on the plank of wood, enjoy the water along the wood, forest, river, floating in thin air, snow, not too many tourists, walked along a lot of fun. Two sea tickets 30 yuan / person, we counter-offer to 20 yuan / person. At that time two sea the whole mountain was empty, only our footprints in the white snow on top of riding through the jungle, snow, watch the deep blue of Zi, share the feeling of quiet and wonderful, unforgettable. This is our style of acquaintance Jiuzhaigou scenery, enough to make us cheer amazing natural scenery, good luck magical pen. (Later I went to Jiuzhaigou, we found that virtually every aspect of her beauty Munigou.) 7:00 car to take us to Songpan County, the driver introduces us to dinner and accommodation. Private homes, residential 15 yuan / person, outside toilet, feeling not enough clean blankets. Then we no longer lived in this level where corruption back on the road. Day to spend 187 yuan / person.

    November 6: chartered day (270 yuan) visit Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou car to take us to stay. Dragon season tickets for $ 50 (season 80), are catching up with winter's first snow, fog, so that the target 50 meters are not clear, difficult to walk up the mountain road, are snow skating, this is my The only worry is over the road. Peak near the sun suddenly appeared, reflecting the peaks, clouds, fog, exquisite beauty. When walking on the Huanglong, snow everywhere, few visitors; under Huanglong, the snow gradually melted, slightly more visitors, in addition to Sands Montreal, other than mountain scenery feel much less time. In the Huanglong 5 hours, accompanying more than two hours, so our reaction to high altitudes is very mild, just a little faint, headache, taking cod liver oil and multivitamin formula may also play a role in it. The feeling of Huanglong is very good, especially in this snow, so pine trees, water, peaks, lakes, large, everything looked fantastic. Jiuzhaigou on the original design of the reasons for retrograde, it is hoped better and better, and indeed it did. To Jiuzhaigou, we surprised her quiet atmosphere and the charm of the venue and Scenery of pure natural landscape, can not help singing "magic Jiuzhai" and "Tibet." To the Jiu Zhai, I more desire Tibet, longing for that pristine pure Tibetan style, and that the plateau scenery. Samsung Ruby standard hotel night stay, standard room counter-offer to 120 yuan / room (price 480 yuan / standard room). Day to spend 196 yuan / person.

    November 7: 8:00 into the ditch, season tickets $ 80, (high season $ 120) tickets $ 70. (Season 90) student ID Tickets are available at half price. Jiuzhaigou scenery natural real, eternal peace, living in them, people just want to watch quietly, forgotten world of troubles. Plateau snow so dry and cold air, but can not block our steps. In the trench for three days, we walk almost every day, nearly 10 km along slowly enjoy the scenery. Although the day was back to Chengdu, my face dry and peeling, combined with lax dress, looks somewhat miserable, but still full of joy, inner filling feeling far better than the appearance of the gorgeous, I am willing to pay for sentiment at the moment, not to mention With a three-day world outside the forest bath! (Of course, we strongly recommend they bring a moisturizing sunscreen JJMM, otherwise, the snow, but be sure to destroy the United States oh) 7 am swim tree is ditch the car, on the ditch, came from the Panda Jian Zhuhai, about 3 km upstream, Panda ride back from the cliff until you come to Nuorilang station. Then get off from the sea tigers, take road to the tree camp. Along the way, wild taste, a combination of natural beauty, experience the walk, not help people frequently stop to watch, during which the border flavor, only from the product. Night in the tree is full of Tibetan style Grand Hotel stay, a counter-offer to 50 yuan / standard room, (season 200 yuan / bed), you can burn water, sending hot water bath. Tibetan family to eat dinner, 5 dishes were $ 85. Tan personally by the chef, drinking barley wine, eating wild mushrooms Jiuzhaigou, fern, gold dish, walnut flowers, sausage, rice taste excellent food and wine. Tibetans say this before they open in Jiuzhaigou Hotel restaurant, more than 100,000 annual income, he went Xinmatai Korea, also visited Shenzhen, Hangzhou tour, an annual spend of more than 20,000 travel, look at this painting his house Feng Diao The wall hangings, think of day to see the people inside the house Village house compound are also high, these Tibetans, but they could not help lamenting lucky. Day to spend 199 yuan / person.

    November 8: Morning noodles. Stockade just a bride married unmarried Songpan, I heard that one dress is $ 30,000, we see more than 9:00, the bride took a few photos before departure. Walled from the tree to the car the morning of a long sea, just under the snow, a long sea and beautiful scenery along the way extraordinary, I am obsessed endless. Liuzhou, the car met a lone girl, speaking on background, her cheerful disposition, loves laughing. She tells his resignation this summer alone in Tibet, Xinjiang live for two months, a month to live in Beijing, Chengdu, but also to the northeast skiing, to Lhasa, the Chinese New Year, about her riding in Songpan to experience three days and nights Munigou I admire her courage, like her personality. Unfortunately, get off, then quickly find her, but then I always wanted to met her, but unfortunately unsuccessful, really sorry. Fate is so goodly portion of luck, he switched between she has gone, not to pursue. Walled noon we drove back to the tree to eat, the afternoon walk road, from the Snow Falls on Long, the rhino sea, the sea tigers, the tree falls to reach tree camp. Three in the walking path along the cliff and continue until Ssangyong sea, then return to the tree from the road Village for dinner. Rhino Sea section of the road to the tree falls, it is essence of beauty, during which Zi, trees, peaks, mountains, fantastic. Night because the other three peers have a ditch, the tree is not the hotel staff, we go to another hotel, live a lot of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts students, counter-offer after the 30 yuan / standard room, (student 45 yuan / standard room ), no hot water bath, but you can put water up to the downstairs. Day to spend 37 yuan / person.

    November 9: morning ride from the Village to the Panda tree, walk road until Nuorilang station. (This section attractions intensive, distance scenery Safe for walking, we were walking along the cliff from the road and twice). Noon to check depression Village restaurant is $ 20 / copy, any rice to eat, Banpen soup, we ordered the three meat two elements of the platter, (twice-cooked pork, potatoes, pork, carrots, pork, chives, cauliflower) to eat very full, feel far less like the legendary "unbearable", it is recommended to eat one. Shopping shopping stockade, bought a vcd, heard along the way within the "plateau" and the "magic of Jiuzhaigou." Afternoon on the car and then a long look at the sea, but unfortunately a lot of snow, the scenery less than the previous day. Car to the tree ditch reed sea, from the road until you come to Bonsai Beach, then ride to Mizoguchi, midway looked like Temple bar 4:00 in the afternoon more than a ditch. Roadside ditch outside the Alibaba Kebab delicious, $ 5 to buy a 12 string, walking, eating, eat until later regret, you should buy $ 5. Ruby took a walk to the hosting of the luggage, buy a day ticket 85 yuan / person (originating car 93 yuan / person, tickets sold out, we bought a second car, six no-vote difference, so season must advance booking) Overnight nine through hotels, (quasi-Samsung) 480 yuan to 120 yuan Standard room counter-offer. Dan-dan noodles to eat nearby at night, fishing for bad eggs. Day to spend 162 yuan / person, the date of purchase crystal necklace, bracelet and bagged snacks beeswax 67 million.

    November 10: In the nine hotels in the yard to sit through 7:30 bus back to Chengdu, sharing 12 hours, half-way repair more than three times, but fortunately each time shorter! Journey intolerable! Later I heard that three of the previous day to go also peer traffic jam, they just 1:00 to Chengdu, or walk for 40 minutes, a taxi to and from Chengdu, Dujiangyan, it seems that this road is really tired of the evil tourists! Set the next day back in the car deep ticket, the cheapest Hainan Airlines, 820 yuan (6.4 fold), a taxi from the station to Simon Minshan $ 14 overnight Minshan next to the nuclear industry, guest houses, a counter-offer to 120 RMB / standard room, very nice room. Tianfu Square near the alley at night to eat golden butter pot, 10 cents a string Chuanchuan Xiang, eat no more, only to spend 28 yuan. Day to spend 84 yuan / person. Shopping mall food nearly hundred dollars. (Hint: There are a lot of red food shopping)

    11. 11 (weekend): 9:30 am Minshan door direct Chengdu airport by bus 313 (half hour), take the 11:30 flight back to Shenzhen.

    Postscript: a simple written record of water travel, there are those who want to reference later. Before I was reading in Ctrip and other sites related to travel a lot of people only get a satisfactory travel arrangements and the satisfaction of economic costs. Jiuzhaigou beauty, in the words difficult to form pictures, plants and trees a bunch of subtle beauty in the clean, broad group of water at the U.S. base in the mountains and waterfalls, and more blue sky peaks Tibetan style, so you stop tasting heart, lament their pen and ink and photography can not express the real beauty of nature. Have the opportunity, between the spring and summer also want to Jiuzhaigou!