Title:Six Days Guilin Tour

Clients:Selina Sun

Speeding car on the road for one hour at midnight that we are familiar with the West came. Night in the West is still no place to stay, only the second best, Jin came to the hotel from the far West, where usually as we would like. Put luggage into the West, blocks the food stalls are still lively, West Street bar is still noise. Eat a big meal later in the Great Booth to Tintin, Tintin in the wall decorations add a lot, but together with the original decorations look something nondescript, and not a familiar feeling.

West Street is indeed a place where you can relax, where you can be lazy, free, nothing to enjoy life. Morning sun is very bright, and I re-enter the West MOON find hotels, many of West's newly renovated hotel, has become a bed becomes more beautiful, of course, more expensive than the original price. Many guest rooms are back in the morning a lot more beds, we found a more appropriate national hotel room, put six queen-size bed just fix the big room filled with paint fumes. Finally settled quietly in the sun these days the release of accumulated fatigue, to meet a few days by our abuse of the stomach, from the "no" with no breakfast to Red Star's PIZZA straight to fade in the stomach until the swelling stays . Afternoon leisure time free, rent a bicycle ride Huangyou to go to the welfare direction.

Turn under the flyover bridge from Yangshuo has been a gravel road, the road on the left is the Lijiang River, the river Bambusa Multiplex swaying, we bumped in the gravel, through the village before retirement, even if the arm has been a bumpy road shock was numb, but the pieces never to see a repeat of the painting, depicting the rural scenery never repeat, my heart is flying! To catch the ferry boat to welfare, sitting on the shore of chating nap and went into the town being the town quiet and orderly, the town is holding a book of high school students filed out of the small alley, a street between the red paper fans workshop to a large fan to dry in front of the roadside, Square, within the two people are busy, to stick a fan in the cooked refining, a fan started in the union of art, a variety of large and small kind of fan or hung or placed to fill the promise of a big house, the aunt is sticky fans coming to see us give us busy, but not necessarily the price and the sale of cheaper than the West, from the workshop out back Walking through the stone road seems to have nothing to read.

Fleet of Foot in the wide back on the road, full of yellow and green hung staggered persimmon tree on the roadside, stacked high on orange box in the minivan, as well as neatly hanging on the front of the house This is the most abundant this fall to see the most attractive fruits. Quickly returned to the West, we began to think how to arrange our stomach stuffed, as usual go to great Booth eat half full, then eat Western food. Garlic fried eel pieces, fried river snail, fried vegetables. . . There dumplings, wonton. . . Hot meal of Chinese food came to the LISA'S, LISA'S guests are mostly foreigners, in-store business has been placed at his door the table on the street, the wife a Red Guard outfit in the shuttle guests. The West people coming and going at night crowded in here eating the eyes of foreigners has become the landscape of those tours. . . Late at night, groups of people gradually receded but the West is still lively, still some people in the bar drink and a laugh.

Early morning mist wash the West lively night of noise, sitting outside watching Tintin from the people by the few, better by a quiet fade into the bustling again, those people from our landscape, sitting of us is their landscape. . . You can search for people coming and going there to look at the way the edge of the travelers, then you will find that the world is small, Mr. camouflage again in our view, sit down and share the experience of place these days apart, ask photography, unknowingly half past eleven, and once again bid farewell to Mr. camouflage and then back into the house ready to pack up and go back to our starting point ---- Guilin.

Of course, even before leaving to complete our lunch, not breakfast Chung then the stomach to digest, the Red Star, was on the menu familiar and unfamiliar name of the dish even though peace of mind to the point, because the chef's craft is really reassuring. Street Good-bye, good-bye Yangshuo, even from your side tonight still pass. The luggage at the bus station, went straight to Zhengyang road, because we know where there are a lot of food to attract us, Zhengyang road is still busy, still Zhengyang Road, delicious snacks, but those shops are gone hot sauerkraut Shadow children, can not help a bit disappointed.

Eating walked the streets walked by the Imperial City, and finally back to Guilin, and today it is to eat a day can not eat, but can not escape the temptation of Guilin, Guilin from that overcrowding can know where how attractive, has missed the last time again, how can you miss it? The frequency from Guilin to Shenzhen on the train started, seven fifty we set foot on the way out.