Title:So Tired to Tour Mt Huang


Very early in planning a summer vacation where to play, when finalized to Huangshan, the donkey began to search their online experience Huangshan tour, heavy silver in exchange for dozens of pages of tips and routes. This is really the middle of a lot of useful suggestions there, but there are some not at all. Huangshan back now, I would like to share my journey of Huangshan.August 7, companions and I boarded the Huangshan from the 2239 Nanjing West bound train, fares 27 yuan, this train is a real garbage truck, dirty and messy, and nodding to sway to 8 hours before . If you walk from Nanjing, suggest that you take the car to go, as long as five hours, if starting from Hefei to go on the best from Hefei, Hefei origin is air-conditioned car, much more comfortable, seems to have been fast.

To Huangshan is 20:30, and a friend to a restaurant we dined Street received very general, nearly 10 o'clock after dinner, still in business but in a rush to the supermarket to buy expensive a mountain of dry food, we stayed in Yan'an Hotel, also in Old Street in the vicinity, is the kind of relatively simple standard, although everything, but what not how. Although repeatedly stressed that we do not want into the tour, just to help set a room in the mountains, this "friend" (actually a friend of a friend of a friend ... We were transferred several hands, and afterwards we do not think she is a friend ) threats that now is the peak season, if you do not join the league so it can not get a room, but unfortunately we had to agree to join the league. In fact, a question came to the mountains, there is no standard rooms, 8 shops and more human is not enrolled and can set the time to set. And after the exchange and the group know that this "friend" wants us to join the league because of our quest for high into the tour, are looking to earn a little from us. Loss she boldly said, "We are friends, I do not make you a penny."

Well, 6:30 we were to wake up and this is a group composed of FIT, we live far, so call us first, so this so that, until 7 o'clock until 8 o'clock fast starting from the Huangshan , during the hawkers selling patiently, we bought a map, raincoat, concentric lock, anyway, to use, not expensive.

Over about two hours, we reached the mountain's Yungu Si, climbing rope, or whatever you ride, the train because of nausea, poor sleep and mood is not good, not climbing I feel tired, so we chose the cable . The results for the eight-minute cable, we paid more than 2 hours of waiting. Also tiring standing there, about to lose my patience, finally our turn on the cable car up. Fast line to Baie nowadays it began to rain, a misty rain misty. We are almost at the same time people reach Baie climbing, but climbing all those who poured a drowned rat, three of which MM or even abandon the afternoon trip, the hotel to rest.

We live in Goose Mountain Villa in Baie cableway station up the steps at 200 meters. Mountain Villa in the day and no bathroom, outside there is a travel toilet, toilet for each room a free card, 8 turns with it. Off the toilet at night travel, hotel on the first floor bathroom open, because the lack of water, almost can not be washed, dirty. Although the room is on the first floor, but almost underground, very wet, the ground full of water, blankets, bed sheets are wet feeling. I did the whole evening was how uncomfortable sleep. Each room is only a bucket of water, looking not very clean. If you're like me and stay sensitive to the toilet, or do not live here that has.

After lunch we proceed, the route is the peak before the letter, cool sets, the North Sea area. Because the room has been set down, no worries, we decided to follow the group to go to the sites themselves to play, I act, it can be considered semi-self. Wang said: "There Kiwi Rose strange, very concept, but people are much in danger of scarce at Yan." Well-known place is always full of people, according to eventually become a single photo. So each of us can climb to a spot where some climbing, some places to go to. But because of the rain, distant sites can not see, so we are very sorry. Peak before the letter head is a cliff, steep peaks below the cliffs. We climbed to the cliff, I gingerly did not forget to behavior among pictures of the occasion. After walking to the cool table tour of China, China holidays in the bell tower to spend two dollars to tap bell to the safe arrival home. View of the harbor to see monkeys, sunny days, thanks to a little time, or what is also invisible.

The next step toward the North Sea to the way in the North Sea near the hotel charges a toilet, very clean. Another loose forward is to unite, said just 56 branches. Pai Yunting pretty, but so many people. How did we go out into the magical area to stay off. Tour will not go there, the tour guide told us that route, but also specifically told us to back to the hotel before 7:30, and pointed out a short cut back. Online ALICE say good magic, and she did not let us down, strange, strange, dangerous. Raoshan the middle there is a way, we went to the head, and Rao Zhezou a circle, the following scene as above, and we wasted so much time and energy, I did have to die, breathless, looking flushing, a person holding two crutches, my companion is always in front of me two, about 30 meters, so I think this is not always the end of the stone steps, three steps take two steps to stop my heart I still want to take the cable that was mountains, and if climb, it is estimated that 3 MM and lying in the same hotel to rest.

Companion insisted on going back on the road Danxia peak, I had to 舍命陪君子. Approaching the Peak, has gradually dark days, visitors have been down, and said that not enough time to see the sunset. I bent down, no way to partner, but insists that from the other way down the mountain. Compromise, we hurry hurry. Proved picked the right way, they will have a stone, overlooking the West Sea reservoir rock song straight after Jade, there are still rays shine, we are here according to the Huangshan trip to one of the best photos. Line to the unity song, the sky is already completely dark. Fork in front of the tour guide told the shortcut to go from here, when just to the two patrolmen, they say the best to go West, the North Sea, on the road with lights, fork too dangerous. So we had to seek long walk safety. Along the way, with dim lights made of light, barely visible road, a place neither visible meters away, in addition to us, the way a person can not, we go frightened, breathless, from time to time back, afraid of a robbery that sort of thing happen . Finally we reached the Baie, on the 200 meters to go down, but this period of no light. Walk 50 meters and suddenly see the white front of a floating down the hill, we as a bit of their hurry. I do not know how the other side, since we are frightened, people down there so late? We take two steps back to look, have not see anything, but we seem to have just the illusion. Companion taking into account safety, took my hard climb, I tired to death, to take a break, he did not make, I simply dragged him up, this is a most tired I go, when I saw the lights Mountain Villa I really feel too warm when the.

Is almost 9:00, and the room were already asleep, snoring was playing special ring, I lie down together clothes, but how could not sleep. The next morning there is no sunrise, but we have been 5 o'clock wake up, and at 6:30 we proceed towards the Bright Summit. Because they no longer come back, things had to back in the body. We bought three bottles of two 1.5-liter Nongfushangquan, there Huangshan Hotel in filling a large glass of water, the first day did not even finish a bottle of water, so much water was carrying the whole, there is to eat a piles, as the first day of exhaustion, coupled with rest well, so all luggage companion back, but on this I also go tired. Advised to go to Huangshan friends, not to take too much water, too tired, and walking does not have any appetite.

Bright Summit on the way, did not see the wise teaching of secret passages, and no lovely UNIT. We climbed up a large piece of stone, but the smoke too much, could not see anything. To a flying stone near the road is not, in fact, come from the West there may be more recent, but the last time does not permit, the tour guide did not mention this. Stone is also flying clouds and fog, mountain breeze blowing clouds, occasionally revealing the distant mountains to surprise us. On the way back to the base peak, peak on nothing to see, first we have to a young man and the two girls get down the mountain down, there are blocks of stone above the peak, we climbed the stone, and continue to climb the first two, the third block, eyes suddenly become clear, Journey Into Amazing Caves. Above there is a special stone like crocodile, sparsely scattered pine trees. Distant peaks looming in the clouds in the shuttle, just the sun Zhaxian, more like fairyland, we are here and left one of the best photos. Down the stone path winding up the other side as well, but somehow was sealed.

Long tour to the Jade Screen direction, and we still go its own way, go to Baiyun area. Went to sea pavilion, just fork in the road, weather overcast shade, clouds scenic way to look gloomy, we walk in the wet steps, surrounded by no one there, fog Mimang two meters away from the scenery, the heart want to really "white" area ah! Like walking on clouds. Baiyun area on the map (buxianqiao) and Hoi Ting almost at the same height, but we came all the way is downhill, suspect that this is down the road, coupled with no addition to our figure, further and further doubts, although landscape can also be art, but the long walk has never been buxianqiao, does have several rack in the middle of spring on the bridge. Went to a corner, the front will continue downhill, my companions have come to believe: we may wrong, I walk, and decided to go back. It touches the way back ran into three young men happily forward. Come to-day under the sea hotel behind the wooden ladder, control ALICE tips, discovered that in fact we did not wrong, just not where it went, I regret to see the way companion, went back the proposal, but I felt weak, but in any case by the foot can not afford such a toss up.

With a little regret that we diverted from the sea, Yuping Pavilion floor. After the Great Turtle pack turtles, fishes companions climbed the peak breath, a foreign backpacker Mix in with the shoes to try and peak friction, too, climbed up, and the companion secretly captured on camera. Since then, he would automatically behind us. We talk all the way to Sky, gripped to climb down, foreign friends to go straight Yuping floor, we will have to go back to cave fishes, then parted ways. Just went fishes hole day it began to rain, ao in the lack of good rain hole itself can be presented, but the hole just to shelter, can not help but feel glad, foreigners may think that not so lucky.

While the rain stopped, and the like longer follow the Sky, but the stone steps must be very slippery after the rain, so we backtrack from. Lotus Peak on the way to many scenic spots, but have been obscured by clouds. Liu's shot from the flowers of our hundred ladder to climb, then either continue to climb Lotus Peak, or down to the Jade Screen. Think of Lotus Peak is also vast expanse, climb no meaning, to go directly to Yuping building. Yuping floor really very beautiful, welcoming song would not have said. At this time also some sunny days, followed by the steps of the Heavenly Capital Peak is clearly visible. Can not help but wonder Heavenly Capital Peak's steep, thanks to the Heavenly Capital Peak mountain, I have no reason to climb, or I fell on the Heavenly Capital Peak. Ashamed to say, Lotus, two peak days are not conquer, only left to the next, and after a month prior to training camp because as 5,000 meters per day.

In the Jade Screen shot several photos and finally down the mountain. I am determined not to take the cableway to experience the feeling of climbing, let alone say it before the hill worth seeing! In some landscapes and a half before the Temple, after just a few steps to walk. Down the mountain is easy to say difficult, really makes sense, if the legs have been cramping like. Took me down more than three hours, after many of our people down before we arrive. We missed the team's cars, only to find their own car. We pulled a little bread and soup to the mouth, where the incumbent cart. If you go to Jadeite, from soup to go close to the mouth. But I just want something to eat comfortably sleep. In others this time, I experienced severe local rural women, she sat down directly in front of you, and a mouth Jiji quack peddling so-called specialty mountain wild mountains, and the logic is very strange: I first told you , you have to buy my stuff! Possession of her eloquent, I am unmoved. Waited 20 minutes and finally drove, my ear was clean down with the child.

Huangshan City to less than 6 points, the car ran into two women described the hotel, the price is very cheap: standard room was $ 60, my companion what they agreed, although I consider them a tricky, but people too tired, even if the. But it is still expensive, the station is between the mouth of the Lou Wai Lou standard 70, and this private hotel room, especially the small bathroom, no bath, no soap, toothbrush, shampoo, air conditioning is the most ridiculous of the remote control is always in the hands of the boss, not to you, we open the air conditioning went out for dinner, thinking back to the room to cool, and thought our front foot to go, the boss put the rear foot off the air conditioner, and power!

Settle what we want to eat snack Street First Floor, old man riding a tricycle, he kept the first floor of the things you say, we pulled into a hotel called New Street, and pledged that cheap taste here Well, he finished at the door waiting for us, to pull us to Old Street. After dinner I found the old man slipped, and the owner said tricycle to collect the money. I am terribly angry and companion, the old man pull us here do not know how much to get a rebate it, afraid to slip when a guilty conscience for money, down to the main idea to shop, we simply ignored, paid meal left. Street did not go. To be honest, was beautiful Huangshan, Huangshan were bad. Clarify the trips, the next morning, we bought a train ticket from Shanghai to Huangshan Huangshan left.

Do not bring too much food and water, the mountains are not imaginary things so expensive. For example: a packet of West vat surface 8 for free water; package the cheapest two dishes plus rice 25.Mountain three kinds of people: porters most difficult, and does not like talking to people; bearers the most annoying, boring abduction earn you money pit, not litters also ridicule you; sanitation workers the most intimate, the most dangerous dry live, willing to answer the question Road.
Your energy is very important, otherwise really Xinyou, is weak. I plan Jadeite, Xidi all boring to go.Do not bother to sell hotels, restaurants, specialty people. There is not really something Street