Title:Three Days Spring Tour to Chengdu


In early March, spring sunshine, it is the tourist season. So please leave three days, came in Chengdu, Dujiangyan, Chengdu, Leshan Giant Buddha and the three-day Safari Tours.

The first day, to Chengdu, the occupancy in the Temple of Marquis Wu's Dream 242 Main Street Travel International Youth Hostel (in the Temple of Marquis Wu opposite), had a three to two standard rooms (150 yuan / room), the standard room and compared between the hotel's standard, relatively simple, but very clean, staff is also very enthusiastic, and we very satisfied with where we are these days tourism has become a transit point and rest point. Tel :028 -85570315, 85570322. Closer to home, settled immediately after the site in the hostel across the 82 bus ride to reach chadianzi station (the station from the hostel to chadianzi far, it is best not to fight, or, hey, travel costs will go up), to begin our Dujiangyan trip. In chadianzi station, buy tickets to Dujiangyan, about 17 yuan (some here do not conserve, buy a high-speed road car ride, or take the big road, then the car all the way to pick people, enough of you, etc.), about a hours to reach Dujiangyan station. Out of the station, its opposite a bus station, take the 4-way car to spend a dollar on to the park entrance from the heap, of course, now called the entrance area. In the entrance on the right is for a very famous South Bridge, you can leave a shadow friends. Spend 60 yuan to buy tickets, began the play of Dujiangyan, the tickets behind the map, you can according to the map, about 3 hours away from the reactor can be to park, Dujiangyan, Alan bridge, the Second Temple and Yu Lei Park to play over and over. Yu Leishan out from the park exit, do not worry to play, but to go after one block turn right into South Street, go straight for about 5 minutes after you can see South Bridge, which went to the area entrance. Course is 4 bus ride back to the station and spent 16 yuan on the back to Chengdu chadianzi station, then take the 82 bus, you can go back to a youth hostel.

The next day, from the Temple of Marquis Wu fought to the new South Gate station, about 8 yuan to fight fare in the ticket booth to spend 37 yuan to buy Hong Kong's high-speed bus ticket Leshan into Zhanshang Ju (if only to Leshan, will by seat number), about 2 hours or so, on to the Leshan Port, the station will not bother Mohr-McClune people (of course you get off, you can watch the river panorama about sleeping Buddha), the face of river, to the left walk 100 meters on to the ferry port, spent only two dollars you can reach the ferry ride across the river, and landed about 500 meters to go the right, to the Leshan Giant Buddha on the door. The other two ports cruise, but 30 yuan ah. Or, take the 13 bus at the station, to sit under a large Buddhist temple, to the Leshan Giant Buddha on the door. According to my suggestions back and forth twice, a sea, a land, enjoying themselves. Into the Leshan Giant Buddha scenic area, of course, went straight to the Buddha friends, around a circle around the Buddha, I feel pretty good. Play in the area about three hours later, non-stop riding on the 13 bus, rushed to the Leshan Port, bought a ticket back to Chengdu (fare about $ 33 trips around half an hour, the end is the new South Gate station), which they play a day.

On the third day, of course, is to go to Chengdu in Jintang Happy safari to some friends (although, to the best holidays in the wild into play). South Gate is the new station, to spend 74 yuan to buy a package (this package contains a wildlife park tickets $ 80, the Russian circus show tickets $ 30 round-trip ticket 28 yuan, you see, it is not a super bargain! !!). On the road to spend about an hour, came into the wild, where it is estimated to slow play, probably spend 6 hours or so, because if there is an elephant show at 12:00, 14:30 a dolphin, sea lion shows, 15:30 a Russian circus performers. However, according to my view, it was only three performances and the birds paradise little spectacle.

Overall, the three-day outing in, or had a great time, and spend no more than (our line of three in three days of play in the total cost of approximately 16 million), interested friends, have to try it.