Title:Tibet to Everyonw Who Dreams to be There


Male beauty on Tibet, there are countless topics; on Tibet road risk, hence the saying could not finish the story; charm on Tibet, only you can experience the taste of ... ...
One, would like to say to you, the first time Tibet, must not fly. It's like mountain climbing, as people take up cable can never understand the majestic and beautiful mountains. Fly into Tibet Tibetan people can not understand the dangerous and unique to meet their often thin air and the sudden altitude sickness.
Second, the first time in Tibet, the ideal or the train to Xining, Golmud, Qinghai-Tibet line then by car via Golmud to Lhasa. This is because the Yunnan-Tibet line, Tibet line, the Sichuan-Tibet line has too many uncertainties, some places even unreasonable buses, trucks can take forward.
Third, in Golmud not buy the following items: 1) oxygen pillows or oxygen tanks. 2) Rhodiola oral liquid, capsule or oral glucose. This is because every one I've seen people buy a pillow without oxygen because of hypoxia and smoked with them, tend to drag on in Tibet, not willing to throw away (60 to 70 yuan / month), only Several smoke, and also to reduce a little oxygen, you can comfortably do a pillow under the head pad. The Rhodiola, is nothing to eat a little temporary role, and altitude sickness, will last a few days to adapt.
Fourth, in Golmud can buy some fruit and bread for appetizers dry food, mineral water must also be ready. The first time in Tibet, altitude sickness will certainly be along the way will not eat, even eat is also very easy to vomiting, fruit is really good stuff this time.
Fifth, drugs must carry the following ready: cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, Band-Aid. You have to remember: a cold is not terrible, not as the legendary cold is likely to die, but to take medicine in time control. (Our party of people, few people have a fever, but because the medication in a timely manner, all without incident.)
Sixth, in Golmud car, take the state's best sleeper car, opposite the railway station. Every day at four o'clock departure, upper 170, lower berth 180. 130 ~ 140 yuan of private cars, but more dangerous. Dirty blanket sleeper car, you will not begin to cover, but in the evening, cold days, will not help you. (Su Su added: a better way is to take the bus terminal in Tibet in Golmud, a variety of models have, the price varies, you can bargain at the train station take a bus available)
Seven parking must go on a trip to the toilet, whether or not discharges want, because the next stopping point may be four or five hours later. There is no stopping point most of the toilets, local solutions are not difficult for men, but true to the emergency office, President is no exception, this is my own eyes. (Su Su added: to the side most of the toilets are dirty so you do not want to go, so it is better resolved on the spot, we are in the Golmud railway station to the next time, "Golmud Building" on the toilet, because that car across the people can not stand it go in the toilet)
Eight, do not have to wash up along the. Water is scarce, there may be boss call you, but if you really want to wash look, she will remind you pay $ 3.
Nine, to Lhasa is usually midnight to 3 points, can be the first guest houses in the bus station Zhuyi Ye. Not to believe what he first entered Tibet can not bathe too much oxygen or the like nonsense, it is people who fly into Tibet said. After four days and nights by train and car travel, not a bath on the stink. Triple room with bath 30 yuan per person.
Ten, the next day to move to eight Long school hostel, or auspicious hotels, restaurants, or snow, where like-minded friends, easy to find companion. Eight Lang Science: Double $ 70 Triple per person $ 30, Quadruple $ 25 per person, Tongpu 10 yuan per person, free laundry, 24-hour hot water. (Prices going up)

XI to play at Lhasa: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Ramoche, Drepung Monastery, Norbulingka, Barkhor Street. Jokhang Temple in the evening to eight open hall, can feel the extraordinary religious atmosphere. To Lhasa in Tibet is too boring to play alone, each plane of a rich person can come and go. In my view, a good play to go after Lhasa, Shigatse and Tingri to Everest and see Yamzhoyum Lake, Lake go wrong that wood look, or to look at these mountain sites Gyangze, Baiju and Pala Manor . And Shigatse Tashilhunpo is in any case going.
XII can take the train to Lhasa, Shigatse. In Shigatse can find car rental agency specializing in the agency, so cheaper than our travel agents and hotels. (Travel agents and hotels earn you at least one-third) and can be attached note to find in the same direction Lhasa friends. Shigatse rented sport utility vehicle in the 3.2 to 3.5 yuan per kilometer. (Directly to the driver, there is no fee.)
XIII on Tibetan jewelry: Tibetan silver is the so-called copper-nickel alloy, will be wearing a black hand, there will be stench, Tibetans themselves do not wear, do not buy. (You can buy some silver, but expensive.) Knives sold to tourists in general are very rough. Tibetans love the red coral and turquoise, but is really very expensive. It touches you can buy some beads to wear, different textures have different meaning, but there are fake, there are wood and plastic, but the amount of light, texture is also different. Good beads a natural etch.
Fourth, if you go to Mount Everest, the preparation must be prepared to endure hardship. Trap car is commonplace to remind drivers and help Pathfinder, pad stones, cart you have responsibility. At this time, unity is strength, there is a pitch to pitch it, but have to be careful, do not shoes stuck in the mud.
Fifth, more than half of people drink butter tea is not used, you can taste a little less, if the line that you added strength to the great help, if not, it would change drink milk tea, savory sweet, really good. Breakfast can add dumplings or noodles to eat porridge, lunch and dinner and eat on the Minato Sichuan it, the amount of Tingduo, poor taste. Wine to drink, but drink better.
XVI where the temperature difference between morning and evening, to wear the morning, hot on the off, the mountain winds and cold, then wear it, do not bother, it will be very vulnerable to cold. Tent and moisture-proof pad with a few opportunities, you can not take the. If you sleepy own quilt, with a sleeping bag on it.
XVII Such a lap down, almost from start to finish to twelve - fifteen days, or less physical exertion, back on the plane right. Chengdu, Lhasa to fly the aircraft up, two shifts per day, 1,200 yuan / person. Lhasa to Gonggar airport taxi fee 120 yuan can find peers who share.
Friends want to go to Tibet, Tibet, if you come this way, you will have your heart in Tibet, where there is blue sky, with clouds, with your own pain and gain. Perhaps you lifetime; Perhaps you want to go. So, next time let us turn to the right mountain and holy lakes. Gang Ren Bo Qi Yong measures Mountain and Lake Mary next to where the repose of the millennium. High mountains far away, dangerous road, so we say to each other: le, bon voyage!