Title:Tiger Mountain Great Wall


Toward the Great Wall built in Ming Shan Wanli of the Ming Great Wall, the eastern end. Its name because it was built in the Shan Shan Hu Kuandian County obtained the south. The existing 200 meters, the enemy units 3. There are still six more than the north wall units. Shan shaped like Crouching Tiger, covering an area about four square kilometers, the main peak of 146.3 meters high. South of the Yalu River, and North Korea's ancient city of righteousness at Chek Chau Island and across the river; west by the?ズ Sakura? Difficult terrain, in order to pass powerhouse. Tiger Mountain 20 km north of Dandong city. Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall built in the history of our country's largest and best quality of the project a total length of more than 12,700 years. "Ming Shi" recorded on their "green duck east, west to Jia Yu," but because some sites have collapsed, the only remaining foundation wall, over the years only to find Shanhaiguan people west of the Great Wall, the Ming Great Wall, which has been "East from the Shanhaiguan Jiayuguan in the west, "the error said. In 1989, aerial photography and field survey by research aircraft in the border city of Dandong in Liaoning Province Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County, more than 600 meters to explore the Great Wall sites. Subsequently, a group of renowned experts in cultural relics held in Dandong identified after the demonstration: the eastern starting point of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall at Tiger Mountain Kuandian County lots, it crossed the north and west by the Shan Fushun, Liaoning Province, Shenyang, Liaoyang, Anshan, Shanhaiguan and Hebei Jinzhou Great Wall is connected inside. Eastern end of the Ming Great Wall of identification, is a major archaeological discovery in the history and harvest. Tiger Mountain china tour vacation Great Wall that the Chinese government began to expand its protection and restoration. 1992, has invested 3.8 million yuan to repair the more than 600 meters Shan Great Wall, Great Wall is the most eastern end of the beginning of the face. 2000 and a total investment of 22.3 million yuan, completing more than 1000 meters of the Great Wall of the main repair.