Title:Tips of Staying in Lhasa Tibet

Nationality:San Marino

With the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet railway line, an altitude tourist boom quietly rising. According to medical theory concerned the plateau and highland tourist experience over the years, suggesting that the majority of the plateau tourism enthusiasts in mind four notes, easily swim plateau.

Clothing: to bring enough clothing and paraphernalia. As the large temperature difference between the plateau sooner or later, and the vagaries of climate, the need for timely change of clothing to avoid cold. Strong UV plateau, sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen, skin cream, lip balm, long-sleeved shirt, sweater, etc. are all essential supplies; best not to wear short-sleeved shirt and shorts, to the Everest, Ali area, northern Tibet region throughout the year must bring Down; shoes best hiking shoes or hiking shoes.

Food: To ensure food hygiene, eat easily digestible food. Can not eat too much, should not increase the burden on the digestive organs, not drinking and smoking, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and food, adequate drinking water. Smoking will increase in the highlands altitude polycythemia, excessive drinking more dangerous, more likely to cause alcohol in the highlands of high altitude pulmonary edema and gastrointestinal bleeding. Do not start oxygen, as much as possible to adapt it to their own, otherwise you could never do without oxygen at high altitude, because the dependence is very strong.

Alleviate altitude sickness can take some drugs, such as the plateau Rhodiola, ginseng tablets, 100-ning, American ginseng, salvia pills, glucose, etc. Industry sources also suggest that if you are able to adapt to the taste of butter tea, may wish to drink some butter tea to alleviate altitude sickness to a certain extent.

Live: to keep warm, less to avoid catching a cold bath and exhaustion. Sleeping pillow can be due to the booster to maintain adequate sleep, avoid hooded; sleeping room should not be too high, too easily lead to lack of oxygen at room temperature. To maintain ease of mind, emotional stability, to avoid excitement, to prevent hypertension induced by high altitude and high altitude heart disease.

Line: early plateau, can not move to the walking, not tibet culture, art tours jogging or running, can not do physical labor. Fatigue is one of the factors induced by acute mountain sickness, the young visitors curious, easy to overestimate their own strength, which often increase the altitude sickness, excessive fatigue and high altitude pulmonary edema or high altitude-induced coma. Once the physical discomfort, to see a doctor, not their teeth. Of acute high altitude diseases such as high altitude pulmonary edema, high altitude cerebral edema prevention to early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. In the event of serious altitude sickness, and absolute bed rest should be appropriate, adequate oxygen.