Title:Tips to Shidu in Beijing

Nationality:United States of America

Shidu in the upper reaches of the Juma River in Fangshan District in Beijing. From the estuary to the thousands of shidu village, along the Juma River bridge on Ferry to ten times, "shidu" hence the name. Beijing in 1986 was named the eighth King King sixteen. Juma River is out of thousands of Yamaguchi, from Zhoukoudian, about 20 km here, bypassing the Zhangfang is a scenic valley. Juma winding valley area has water, when you enter the valley over the first bridge, even if you have been to a transition, and with the mountain bend and cross the bridge, even if the second crossing, cross the bridge so wade carefree carefree, has come to Shidu. Yang Road, capable of reaching the bat down the days, the mountain peak. Board the "Hope Buddha Taiwan," Badu, nine crossing, Shidu panoramic view. Shidu village in this area north of the village is located in Shen Jian gorge, unusually quiet. From mountain climbing and on the road can be through Temple. "Mountain golden holiday, beautiful stones deep lake," the six-crossing the landscape, the most pretty. Crossing the mountain as machetes, knives whittled six, steep Jun Zhi, pulling the heavens, and the many monuments, there are the ancient battlefield of Mu Guiying War Liao-jun, as well as to extraordinary and dangerous, You-known "three clear holes" and so on. Junya shidu quiet, nestled near the mountains, flood companion, a unique, is the spring outing, especially in the summer summer resort. Tickets :12 - 20 per month. Accommodation: Located opposite the railway station Longshan Hotel is a good place to stay. Another piece of the impact of the September bus crossing the plains, there is a camping area. best places to travel in china Transport: Take a direct route to 10-way travel, the bridge in Beijing, coach approved by the Housing Liuliqiao have to shidu; the most convenient way is to take a train station in the Yongding Gate, a day made two train a day, can make a back and forth.