Title:Tips to Tour Hongcun Village Mt. Huang

Nationality:South Africa

(A) clothes:

Huangshan may encounter pelting rain, a raincoat is a must thing, you can choose to cover some of the area long. Do not take a lot of coat, a long-sleeved wind, a pair of trousers is enough. The best shoes to wear shoes, and waterproof the best.

(B) food:

Huangshan specialties must eat, a few people with a la carte is not expensive, as to what the name of the dish I do not wordy, and got there naturally known. Mountain water, food will be expensive, but does not say under the Elephant's so terrible, can provide them with water, dry food and chocolate, even if the other things, climbing or to pack light. We had never thought to be in the mountains a la carte, but the reality is better than we expected. Besides, out of a rare thing. Mountain hotel can provide breakfast, 20 yuan, and we eat in the North Sea hotel is $ 40 buffet, okay.

(C) live:

This is our greatest concern. I think in addition to a place to live in the mountains to implement in advance, the mouth like a soup, Hong Village and other places of hotels, restaurants a plenty, the price is around $ 20 a person, we live in is one of the suites 2,3 , has a bathroom, and there still clean. We live in the mountains of what Beihai Hotel Villa quadruple bunk beds, 24-hour hot water, very clean. That six or seven I have not lived in the block, but listening to friends that very terrible. Of course, you can back the tent up physical strength, Beihai Hotel entrance there are many places you can camp's.

(IV) line:

Sleeper from Shanghai to Huangshan tickets at 100 yuan / person around, soup from Huangshan City to the mouth of the minibus is 10 yuan / person, from the mouth to the foot of Huangshan Yungu Si soup minibus is 10 yuan / person, then Huangshan tickets is 131 yuan / person, students can fold the cable is 66 yuan / person. From soup mouth Jiulong Pu and Jadeite we pack the minibus, to send us to the two places, Jadeite tickets 42 yuan / person, Jiulong Pu Tickets are 20 yuan / person, students may discount, then back to Tangkou luggage and sent us to Hong Village, four people spent a total of 160. Hongcun tickets we saved. Wood floor ticket is 20 yuan / person, tours China, China travel agent but we were still 4 to 50. Hongcun to the wood floor can be called light, very close, because we are direct to the wood floor, so the fare on the province. Yixian County from Hongcun open to a small fare is 5 yuan / person, but the car is not good, Yixian County, Huangshan City, to 8 yuan / person. Huangshan to Shanghai by train hard seat 46 yuan / person, the dining car is 30 yuan / person, up from the sleeper to Shanghai, Nanjing is 43 yuan / person.

(E) Remarks:

Travel must take the drugs out, Band-Aid, berberine, safflower oil, cream Promise essential.With some plastic bags would be helpful.If it rains, it is recommended to go to Jiulong Pu, huge water potential, the sun came out later to Jadeite, the waters, because water in the sun under the Zhaoying would be better.

From Shanghai Huangshan will definitely not buy seats, got to seize the seats necessary to the dining car, there is still about 7 hours, you can enjoy two meals breakfast and dinner, and then immediately start up the sleeper from Nanjing, the station the next day ago can nap for a while.From Jiulong Pu, Jadeite can come back or directly to Xidi Hongcun, so luggage can be brought up, because 12 points is to be charged.

Huangshan to control the film camera, or make another claim to some of the name area. Huizhou architecture can take to prepare some black and white roll, a lot of flavor, but also a color film, both have their own characteristics.Buy album in Hongcun Tunxi Street in cheaper than that. Can bargain shopping in the Tunxi Old Street a little hard, because I bought an antique ink stone, asking price 300, the last Kandao 60. These are some tips for preparing a trip to Huangshan friends to share.