Title:To Tour Emei Mountain and Leshan Giant Buddha

Clients:Wenson Lee

September 12, from Chongqing to Chengdu Babao Grand Hotel White night, a buffet in the hotel eating hot pot, due to rain, canceled plans for shopping, back to the hotel early to rest.
    On the third day, September 13 7 am wake up, see the pregnant wife is still sleeping, it seems really tired the day before, could not bear to wake her. Since March of this year I have been to Chengdu and Chengdu newspaper group participated in Leshan, Emei day tour, so of Leshan, Emei more familiar line of play, the last feeling tight travel itinerary, there are several shopping look, so I decided the two personal self-tour, travel agents not to participate, which I give my wife a tour guide, a local day tour tour I know a little, from Chengdu, the group is 580 yuan, so we control the cost of 2 1160 yuan or less on a cost-effective. Closer to home, to 8 am, see my wife not wake up, wake up on her, simply wash the hair after check out. In front of the hotel called a taxi to the new South Gate bus station, taxi drivers that we're going to Leshan, Emei play, it suggested that we go to the bus station car Shiyang, said the new South Gate starting the car soliciting in urban circles, Shiyang direct high-speed car car (as in high-speed side).

    We changed the car to the new South Gate plans to allow drivers to Shiyang bus station, bus station results to Shiyang I regret it, I did not expect so far from the city, playing for 33 dollars, no wonder to find a new driver South Gate station, a lot of bad reasons, to where he can earn more. Buy a ticket at the ticket, 9:20 drive to Leshan 38 yuan / person, and bought some bread, milk, punctuality on the bus on the road the car does not soliciting on the high-speed (in fact there is no way solicit, out of the station entrance is a high-speed), I still do not know whether to choose the car here is a wise choice. The car at high speed on the open half an hour to Leshan the terminal is 11 points, has been thinking about the morning after the station of $ 33 to play at a disadvantage, to the new South Gate would not so much money, do not want to play in Leshan, There is no bus to take a look at Leshan Giant Buddha, and asked a Mei-Mei Kau, said 3-way car next to a large Buddhist temple, said the car came, few people on board, 1 yuan / person, drive too slow , on the bus to see the road signs have still 11 km away from the Leshan Giant Buddha, cheap anyway, not in a hurry, let him see the street. Turn the car in the city for a long time, 11:40 to reach the Big Buddha Temple, hungry, eat at the restaurant opposite was the boss Leshan dishes highly recommended "Western Pa (Pa) tofu," I do not know which is correct, urban hotel the door has two writing. I travel to see friends in Leshan are recommended too, but not eaten, on the point of a $ 20, and point a mustard shredded pork, two bowls of rice. Pa up after the discovery of the West is to use tofu tofu and starch burning, put some lunch meat pieces, mushrooms, etc., and do not cost two yuan, is really fooled.

    Not my wife burning taste delicious. Finally, checkout 32 yuan. Rock Hill entrance to the Leshan Giant Buddha bought a ticket, 70 yuan / person, including Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area and uyu Temple, I do not know whether the Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area to buy a single ticket, I did not ask, should not, should be no price list marked. Up the mountain from the north gate, over the former residence of Guo, parking, a few museum, only to the Buddha's right, that many poor people in the use of spatial orientation of the Buddha with the clutch in the ears do look camera, I feel so disrespectful to the Buddha We did not do so, follow the steps has been to go down stairs really more Exalted, made into a queue, the road is slow, there is mainly caused by the many tourists while walking to the foot of the Buddha, and his wife took a photo, go out into the Forest of Stone Tablets direction in time. In the Forest of Stone Tablets of the gallery in the rest a bit, long journey back to the North Gate of the Temple Houyoux want to see, but the way a female tour guide asked which terminal can Wuyou Temple on board, she said that the terminal does not open (Later I discovered fooled, she did not know). From the north gate out of the gate, they saw the opposite Leshan, Emei Mountain Tourist Service Center, we ask a bit, that is to the car at Temple Mount Emei 8 yuan / person, 2:30, 3:30 and did have 1:50, and you want to go to Pier No. 2 boat to see panoramic views and reclining Buddha. A tricycle, not sitting, went to Pier 2 in fact far, walked five minutes to go. Buy 50 yuan / person boat ticket, just another four people sitting on a boat. Leshan Giant Buddha is indeed seen in the river and the large Buddhist temple in the edge and the foot of the Buddha can not see the same shot a few panoramic view, only to find 85 years have seen a large reclining Buddha, said to be God, lying right in the Leshan Giant Buddha the heart of the Buddha, the Buddha in the Buddha really. From the boat landing has been 2:30, and again sat 2:30 back of the car too late and hungry. We are waiting for the bus at Pier 2, there are a lot of people asked us if we go to Emei, but that we have booked the hotel when not interested, they may get kickbacks from the hotel. Later, a small side is willing to pull us through Ctrip scheduled Emeishan Grand Hotel.

    2 people 3 dollars, I think your point your point, can not let his wife tired. Car on the road and pulled two guests, and 40 minutes later to the side of Mount Emei Mount Emei scenic baoguosi hotel, we went wrong after that, the total station and the hotel lady said no agreement Ctrip, lying to realize that not Emeishan Hotel, almost two hotel names. Lying on the road passing through the post and the last to participate in the team stayed in hotels, the last living feel good, but all the hotels location is the best, just on the tourist service center in the Emei Mountain across from FIT. Into question the total units that have 240 standard rooms, we saw the room, and the last as well, but we were in the Emeishan Grand Hotel set the $ 260 standard room, Emeishan Grand Hotel is a 4 star, poor 20 Emeishan large element should still be a good hotel room. Difference between the two hotels, 200 meters to go Emeishan Grand Hotel to see. A door into the hotel and the Post Hotel is felt not in the same grade, there is a 4-star style. For a check and found that more than 260 standard room 240 room hotel of Posts and Telecommunications little better, a difference of 20 yuan does not matter anyway. After the break, to hit the 18:00 to the city's "delicious street" eat snacks, play costs $ 11. Because it is Monday, do not want our last weekend, so many people on Saturday. My wife and I to a duck hot pot, and stir-fried snail point of $ 20 a good taste. Wife hungry, were called Yangzhou fried rice with a southern flavor, taste good. Also called a few dollars, kebabs and chicken wings, chicken wings taste particularly good, but also a bottle of beer, while drinking and eating meat while listening to singing (of course, have to excuse me for free, temporary tables point), we eat was the oil flow mouthful, spicy sweat and sweat, a checkout only $ 53 cheaper, of course, is the atmosphere is good, I heard almost every play of the visitors to Mount Emei to this city to be "delicious street" eat on a back, at Temple is also a delicious side street, but I heard that this is not good. After dinner at the supermarket to buy blocks of points bananas, kiwi and other fruits (wanted to eat their own, did not expect the next day Emei monkeys of honor), night fight back to the hotel.
Fourth day, September 14 7 am wake up my wife, because the last time I go to Mount Emei travel when the B line, is not the highest point on the Golden Summit (elevation 3099 m), taking the years Temple , Qingyin Pavilion, thin strip of sky, eco-holding area. So this time I have to make up for about the last regret. Check arrived after 7:40 FIT terminal, bought a 8:30 on the Lei Dongping ticket (cable sit on the golden dome), see if there is time, they and his wife were eating a bowl of dumplings. To the check eloquence 8:05, I resorted to Mei Nanji, asked two female tellers FIT 8:30 of the votes, whether on the bus first, I did not expect tellers agree, let us on a bus . This car has been sitting a team, so we start soon after the car had. Lei Dongping the parking lot is to be two hours, the actual 9:45 arrived, only a half hour. From Lei Dongping to Jieyin Dian (the place to sit cable) 1.5 km, there is no real feeling, more than 10 minutes to go to, but there are monkeys on the road the day before we bought the bags to scratch the fruit, kiwi fruit roll the floor, I was very afraid that monkeys hurt my wife, put the bag still on the ground, when the scene is very spectacular, but I can not get out of camera shot, afraid of the camera snatched by monkeys (and later listen to training staff said the monkey monkey do not like the shiny silver to the camera), there is a street monkey staff training, to prevent the monkeys too much hurt. Cable upstream in Jieyin Dian bought a ticket 40 yuan / person, down ticket 30 yuan / person, down only in the mountain cableway station ticket bought. We take the technology is 80 years old Japanese cable (50 a large cable car), and now an Austrian double cable technology 90 years (most of the domestic cable so). Line row for nearly 40 minutes on the cable after about 5 minutes to the golden dome of the.

Golden dome of gold was really beautiful to see the famous sunrise. Here you can see the Gongga 100 kilometers west of mountain peaks (altitude 7556 meters), near the mountains between the clouds stand out, really the same as in Wonderland. Took high resolution pictures, of course, marked the "Golden Summit elevation 3099 m" before the pictures of stone words. And his wife worship at the hilltop temple of the Buddha, but also in two large locks (Jinsuoguan) before the group photo. As in the previous year, Shaanxi Huashan Jinsuoguan bought two brass lock on the lock there, at that time and his wife or couple, it is now an old married couple, and do not have this necessary. Down the line relatively quickly, back to Lei Dongping parking is 12:40, buy a ticket back to the center of FIT, 30 yuan / person, car 1:00 start time. Much to our surprise hillside toll station (where is buy ticket up the mountain), all cars are stopped, not allowed not allowed down the mountain, one should inquire about the central leadership to someone, and some cars have been waiting for two hours a really complaining. Then do not eat lunch, when the business side of the shop was so good, we bought bread and milk to eat. Later I went to 2:10 before the team finally had the car to move forward, finally 15:05 assigned to the station. Off to buy my first ticket in Chengdu, told the 15:30, and crossing vehicles, but also in the middle of the terminal to stop the Emeishan 20 minutes. I think this wait is better to go directly to the center of Mount Emei Passenger car, where the car more, hit the passenger to the city center. When the conductor asked me tickets to the new South Gate or the Chengdu North Railway Station, I would like to Eight new hotels far away from South Gate, bought at 3.15 assigned to the Chengdu North Railway Station ticket, 31 yuan / person. Along the way, this car has been soliciting and finally into the music from Jiajiang on high-speed, but the car quite quickly, to the city, more than 5, the car just after the Eight Street, then found Babao Grand Hotel on the Road edge, lucky, save the play when a taxi shift. Eight took from the hotel luggage, went straight to the venue of the international FAO meeting in Chengdu Hotel. Business group in the hotel lobby for a check-in and meeting procedures. September 15-16, the next meeting, I will be in September 17-20 to begin our Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong tour