Title:To Tour Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong in 2010

Clients:Hong Tsai

Sichuan Travel Guide: Jiuzhaigou Huanglong tour in late September
The end of September tour Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong

I on September 24 and my mother from Shanghai, 26 noon to reach Chengdu. Many people may like me, before starting to Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, accommodation costs and more concerned, my first trip, costs, accommodation to share with you.

Take the road from Shanghai to Chengdu, as well as supermarket shopping before departure, not counting the cost, but must declare that I am shopping in Shanghai prior to departure (dried beef, noodles, biscuits, rice pudding) about $ 150.

D1 (26 days): noon, arrived in Chengdu, take 5-way station for bus n taxi to the main entrance of Sichuan University, wanted to live in Red House, Red House was told far away from the main entrance of Sichuan, then take taxi to the red tiles Temple on the Beiyuan Hotel, suite 220. After a brief rest went to eat lunch next to the Red River Valley 28, 34 and then take the road to the Western station to buy tickets the next day to Jiuzhaigou. The station has moved, continue to take 4 to chadianzi bus to Jiuzhaigou tickets 78 × 2 = 156. To take over 4 minutes dumplings taste Chun Xi Road, drunk tofu, Long Chao Shou (small ravioli), Fuqifeipian (ie, beef and celery), and the next day on the road to buy bread and fruit. Finally, take taxi back to Sichuan.
(Taxi: 8 × 3 = 24, bus: 10, lunch 28, 220 accommodation, dinner 25, 8 bread, grapefruit 4
Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou: 78 × 2 = 56) Total: 475.

D2 (27 days): 8 am a car, bus taxi chadianzi Sichuan to $ 29 in chadianzi breakfast (2 eggs, 2 bowls of rice, six dumplings, a dish side dishes) to $ 6 inside The buns taste good. From Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou travel 11 hours, the middle stop 4 times, bought a bottle of water $ 3, 2 apples 0.6 yuan, 1 yuan walnuts.
Jiuzhaigou Hotel 100 live electricity, dinner pot of scrambled eggs and a pot of vegetables 23. Jiuzhaigou outside the hotel a lot, but most 20:00 after the hot water.
(Total: 162.6 yuan)

D3 (28 day): breakfast 2 eggs 10 yuan plus 12 yuan, send packages of $ 10 tickets plus Jiuzhaigou sightseeing tickets (2 student tickets) 410, selling water $ 10.
Ditch the car is easy, scenic ride, no one checked. Personally feel about Jiuzhaigou one day, but a little catch. Trench can still live, I travel around 4:30 pm when a tree Village residents asked me to live not live, one night 30. 7:30 am I into the ditch, a ditch at 5:30 pm. Tickets into the second groove 40, ticket 90. If you want to stay in the trench, enough to buy one day ticket, the ticket the next day and do not spend money unless you feel rich.
Out of the ditch and the other two chartered to Chuanzhusi, dealers about 2 hours, a total of 140, two group of 70. Chuanzhusi accommodation 70 (general conditions), dinner 30 (terribly salty), bought a grapefruit 10. To tip the driver $ 10.
Total: 665 yuan

D4 (29 day): 7:30 am from Chuanzhusi to Huanglong, or take the car yesterday, 40 per person round trip, the driver in Huanglong. The scenery very beautiful morning on the road, saw the roadside snow, leaves and shrouded plateau of clouds. Car to Pass (the highest point on the road to the Dragon) off camera. Ruozuo bus, you will not stay here.
Huanglong tickets 80 × 2 = 160 (student tickets), two Sprite 10, a barley bread and two Ma balls 5 4.

Huanglong tour we spent five hours, was carrying oxygen bag, totally unnecessary. My mother is 48, not oxygen bag no problem. Huanglong top Wucaiche very beautiful, I can only be described as very beautiful.
Out of the ditch to buy a barley cake 8, yak meat, $ 16.

After the fight go back to Chuanzhusi 10 Songpan, Songpan live in Sun River Hotel 120, 100 is said to be mentioned. Sun River, lived a very convenient, there are two horses left 20 meters, and then forward five meters is the bus station. Songpan - Chengdu 50 × 2 = 100, ahead of the best ticket to buy, buy later sat behind the seat all the way to Britain, and Chengdu, a day to only three classes of vehicles (6,6:30,7 points). Evening in the North gate stuttering Alibaba kebabs, 33 string $ 16. 30 public at chicken taste good.

Songpan is a very nice city, it should be one night, where foreign tourists to Trinidad and Tobago, many of which are directed to go riding.
Total of 479 yuan.

D5 (9 30) Songpan to Chengdu car 10 hours, road traffic accidents and traffic jams.
Night live in Sichuan Red 120 (poor condition), dinner 67, rent 2 42.
Total: 229.

Some people will be surprised that we never eat lunch from noon, in front of me said, I bought before departure beef, rice pudding, biscuits, etc., and kill the Qi and Ma, with fruit for lunch. Jiuzhaigou Huanglong personally feel than the United States, more natural flow of water so that it may have aura. In addition, the best morning a little earlier to Huanglong, visitors came to appreciate the leisurely.