Title:To tour Mt.Huang in 2 Days


About a month ago, very occasionally an idea, the achievements of our line of 14 people (minimum of 5 years, maximum 62 years) a pleasant trip to Huangshan.

Before we made full preparations, it was responsible for buying tickets, travel was responsible for online printing, and I was responsible for setting room, I found a Huangshan travel through a small way, and began to contact him, I asked a small way to help me set Shilin hotel room, and he immediately asked me to exchange the deposit to him, which makes me doubt his sudden and devastating, so I decided to consider after payment during this period the number of room changes again and again, through a small range of each times to call my patience, I finally determined to exchange the money, given the room.

The evening of August 5 by N519 sleeper, we have a line to Huangshan the next day the dot, a small way to send someone to take us to his Pine Hotel, (CMB 10 yuan / person), to settle a little after about 10 : 00, we went to Jadeite, (fare 5 yuan / person, tickets $ 42 to buy half-price ticket can not be teaching certificate), clear green Jadeite Valley in the spring, could not help but step down off his shoes, I feel really through Beach Front! To save time, we only walked about half way, it is said above, there is a lot of "love" word stone, but in order to save time and save energy, we decided to give up. 12:00 we ate lunch in the pine and 14 in two tables, each table of about 6 dishes, soup, took a total of only 190 yuan. More than about 2 pm, we ride to the Yungu Si gate (fare 10 yuan / person, tickets are $ 130, half the teaching certificate, Tram 65, teacher card useless). Luggage into the hotel up the hill first, some of our people live in Shilin, part of the old people who live in the North Sea floor, more down the North Sea, the old building in very good look at the crystal you can see sunrise and sunset, is the room The facilities were old, dirty look. The North Sea Lion Lin Fengjing far less, a very small standard room to room, bathroom and no bath, just bed quilts are still relatively clean. Things put away, we went to the North Sea near the attractions, dream flower pen, cool sets, monkey view of the sea monkeys, this time the mist began to rise, many tour guide told us that because a lot of attractions see the fog, sunset also can not see, so that should register Lion Peak, just suggest that you do not go. Hearing this, some people have decided that we would team hotel to rest, while we continue to move forward, the results in the most beautiful Lion Peak Huangshan monopoly of the sea and the sunset glow, but soon spread out to the fog, which is up several foreigners, but unfortunately they just do not see the beauty.

5:00 the next morning to get up, to cool station saw the sunrise, the sunrise is beautiful, but a lot of people, almost did not pushed down. Watching the sunrise, back to the hotel to eat breakfast, check out, about 6:30, we proceed to the Grand Canyon. It is a small Production Process, go through the Grand Canyon, usually more than 4 hours, physical strength is not so good people can go a quarter of an hour under the Grand Canyon, and then return Ling path, and you can save more than 2 hours. So when we walked down the Grand Canyon of the vacant at large, come to a signpost at the first, held a meeting, but each person must go elsewhere or worried about their children who now have all this beautiful natural bear to give up scenery! So we decided to go with everyone, tours China, China travel agent we, young and old, will be able to go through. Along the way, remember how many climb the hills, sometimes lower and sometimes, each taking a rest on the stop, admire the scenery, sky blue, Castle Peak and cypresses, breathing the cool air, but also filled with spring water in the fire pond to wash hands. So right up buxianqiao, then turn back to the Baiyun Hotel direction, Baiyun Hotel when we arrived four hours were spent walking through the Grand Canyon West! Let us proud that the team of 5 year-old girl and 62-year-old mother, I actually have a great perseverance to go down!

The next trip is very painful, and we ate lunch at the Baiyun Hotel Pianxiang Yuping cableway from the direction, along the Great Turtle peak, Bai Buyun ladder, Yuping floor, went across such a large hat of tourists and tour guides, Like finish at the same cinema, less than one meter wide on the steps of one person, the person in front of Norway step with the people behind the step, which is far Bi Xihai Grand Canyon of the plank road to danger, in case someone accidentally touch, it will definitely fall into an abyss, we walk in the sea, there is no time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to say that the beauty and the Grand Canyon West is also less than many, the sun is shining, it's that just a short distance to us all tan red. With great difficulty to the cable car port, buy a ticket queue is crowded, we have a people have long been broken up.
Down the mountain, linked to the vehicle for our small way, to the pine, but also arranged a small way to the station in Pakistan, according to our requirements, we are on the bus near the station will be a Denon beach, this time about 5 point and a half, we have the comfort of a bath, do a leg massage (a total of 30 yuan per person), next to eating characteristics of beef fans Anhui Fort, salty, and then back to the bathroom together here to watch the game while the other train, it really makes to enjoy ah!

At 10:00 on August 8, we have a line on a smooth journey to Shanghai, and we all get enough, come back to discuss the next Register now, then we have to look at cedar!In addition to 7 breakfast, we are in a restaurant a la carte. Shilin weekend price of 770 yuan, the North Sea 680, we have such a luxury trip, doing each spent only about 1,000 yuan.