Title:Touring Lijiang By Myself


I am a bad memory of people, so quickly these days has been urging his trip to Yunnan to this appeal to his writings, could not bear it were numerous things that scour the city forget. The morning of February 12, left the office, rush home to pack up a break in the afternoon took the opportunity to leave Beijing. When the night arrived in Kunming, the Jinjinzhangzhang welcome addition to the Expo urban roadside flowers in full bloom in winter by the middle of Beijing, the other, and nothing special. Night within a few days out from the jars to collect the thousands of words on the Yunnan Travel Information, thin look. The main objective of the trip in Yunnan Lijiang, Kunming to Lijiang, because there are hundreds of kilometers during the day and the car is really a waste, decided to take the night train Shaben tomorrow night, asleep at ease. More than seven the next morning getting up, only to find that the city seems to still dream, no wonder the southerners to eat morning tea, all of them are the original slackers!


Exactly, while few people see the gulls go to Green Lake. Green Lake Park, according to Vega-x is Sangui garden, not to sell door there, "Seagull bread" hawkers, first to see so many black-headed gulls flying in the lake that is amazing, look at splitting in Latin pop under the fast-roll, and then I in Kunming, in many places (such as the Grand View Pavilion) Black-headed Gull can be seen in the winter. Went out from the Green Lake in the vicinity of the Yuan Tong Temple, Temple Vegetarian Restaurant home front, where to eat lunch, I feel the level of general, much less in Beijing days of food, but of virtues than just lower prices.


Half past eight pm, the packages ran to the bus station, the three long-distance stations in Kunming from very close, but then has no direct long-distance car to Lijiang, Lianpao three, and finally met a woman that had left a Finally, vehicles may help us cut back, she called a man riding a bike chase, a few minutes had not really stopped that car, too busy to think that we climbed to the upper berth last three beds. As the bed to sleep in the middle, can not see the stars, the air car is not very good, but full of longing for what I do not think that. Stumbled to know over the next pass, Heqing car in a long time, later said the car was transferred from the Heqing, all transfer minibus in the morning we approached the Lijiang. Through the toll station, in the 100 meters sprint car track in general highway, next to the flash "Lijiang Airport" signs, so I am wondering, where exactly will lead to what kind of place?


Car finally stopped, the first thing I saw of Lijiang and any small town there is not much difference, until then, my heart has been uneasy for fear of disappointment suddenly hit. Information search Dayan Old Town all the way, is taking the path, some of the construction of Chinese classical architecture comes into view, we could not stopped in the alley turn left, turn right, starting from the foot of the road into a colorful cement board stone, tempered only the years will make it so smooth. We encountered the ancient city where the first hotel, the building is very traditional Naxi courtyard, hanging red lanterns, the boss is typical of the Naxi people, this stay, with a little tired.


Day before noon, a lengthy blazing light of the pack into the ancient city alleys. Today is Valentine's Day, but here is the Valentine's Day feel a trace of taste, the twelfth lunar month 29 days is the time for large sets, many people who hold a big cock to coat bright streets of Lijiang, a new market to sell, We find out a bit, where there was New Year's custom to kill the cock, and many of the Camellia sell, as long as a few cents, every family will buy a basic, perhaps it can ward off evil. Hungry, just looking for a restaurant by the water, sit down, side streets of Old Town of Lijiang has a canal, where I do not know where the source and flow, not even a small restaurant menus are not just the boss telling you what dishes, Guests look at points. Dishes not too spicy for my taste, but was surprisingly cheap, a pea pods as long as three dollars. Dinner next to the desk sat a drink from the discretion of the Naxi from the old, old reel forthright talk in his story. It turned out he lived in this small restaurant on the back, called "hundred Corner" where, say "hundred Square" only old people remember the name, there is now no longer have the year of centenarians and inscriptions, and this Square, accompanied by a hundred years, he grew up tomorrow full seven years old.


Afternoon, we have been wandering in the old town, bought the local characteristics of the Bunun wind chimes and homespun scarf. The day has gone, the random packing something to eat, looking forward to the opening of Naxi ancient music. Naxi ancient music playing in the old town there are at least three or four games, but basically accepted the Lost Horizon, presided over the most authentic. Lost Horizon is the origin of learning Western music, and changed to the study of Naxi ancient music has been over 70, is a city where celebrities, we heard several people mention him in my mind drew a structure very vague image: ego , talented. When we really come into contact with the Naxi ancient music, see Lost Horizon, still feel very unexpected. The so-called Naxi ancient music, is a traditional Chinese string and wind orchestra playing the music, almost all people will think of hearing the same sentence: "piece should only be the sky," the first song from the "gossip" to the finale, "the elderly" , no one can withdraw from that age-old voice out. Naxi ancient music is playing in an open empty field, the stage background is more than 40 of the portrait, it was all gone a year for playing the elderly group, and now this ancient music is playing along with the reduction in those who disappeared, many young people can not stand the process of studying ancient music boring (need to memorize a lot of classical). That night, the first deputy governor of Yunnan Province, personally came to ancient music playing field, in the kind invitation of Xuan Ke, deputy governor of the spot became the head of the ancient music ensemble, which if this is a blessing it Naxi Ancient Music .


The next day early morning wake up in the city, it is New Year's Eve this day, each in front of all early kindled incense, paste real handwritten scrolls, washed with water and stone road, we hired a taxi to the tiger jump Gap. Tiger Leaping Gorge upper, middle, under different sections, including the tiger jumped from Lijiang City, 100 kilometers, the Yangtze River where only twenty meters wide, it is particularly turbulent. Tiger jumped over the town to open the posterior is not very good to go, toss in the mountain bumps Britain, from time to time to see "Do not stay in dangerous mountain," the warning signs. Both sides of the mountains are getting closer to the water more and more anxious, began to appear some of the roadside monument, giving the Tiger Leaping Gorge, is for visitors to pictures of it, until the car stopped at a row house, the driver told us to. There is only one path along the gorge down, the sound waves crest reached the ears of more and more clear, he could feel the water vapor, a large stone in front of Tiger Leaping Gorge is precisely because this "tiger jumping stone" and the name, legend Tigers jump to the other side is by the rock.


Children because it is New Year's Eve, New Year driver to go home early, we did not stay too long in the Tiger Leaping Gorge will be returned, a good day to inquire about the Yulong Snow Mountain of the trips, the vega-x recommend "Mama Fu" Diet Hall to eat our dinner, Lijiang restaurant industry is really interesting to write the menu when the waiter will be sitting next to you, and makes asking, carefully written, no hustle and bustle of Beijing small restaurant, not the hotel's standard, just make you feel very close, very easygoing. In fact, not only the waiter, all the people of Lijiang talk is slowly, but then we re-read all that is caused by the elevation of the plateau. New Year watching the bustling atmosphere of the city we have been infected, buy firecrackers into the crowd to celebrate, I will never forget midnight, all the fireworks in the city four weeks boiling the moment the scene.


Take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday travel schedule these days have to arrange a tight grip, one on New Year's Day get straight to the CMB Yulong Snow Mountain. Lijiang Snow Mountain far away, I could see from the city directly, but always felt separated by the fog, white misty lack of clarity and Pakistan to talk about a genius to know the conductor, since the Lijiang earthquake, snow-capped mountains look short part of it, more and more warm weather, little snow, it seems not so clear. I feel more and more mountain split mottled white patches that point unreal, very much doubt that what is snow or light-colored rock. There are two cable on the Yulong Snow Mountain, a small departure from Yunshanping cable, the other one is just 98 by the end of the big cable repaired, more than four thousand five hundred meters above sea level directly, we chose a large cable, from the foot of lush green trees between the start and was told 20 minutes to.


Large cable parked in a vast expanse of Bing Talin before Bing Talin said to have eight years of history, looks like the ice was like a tight blockade of the Stone Forest. Indeed, not much snow on the mountains, covering a large area of ??hard rock, but have not seen snow in my eyes of people, is still spectacular. High altitude there are some really let me anyway, very slow walking must be controlled, otherwise the heart will beat too quickly, from time to time to see the body on the snow-capped mountains meet the oxygen of the people due to the rush of Pakistan 2:30 pm return can not stay too long, hurry to leave the mountain, back to Lijiang.


I like the feeling of the walk around the ancient city of Lijiang this place there are many strange places, such as located in the southwest, but it has the beautiful Yangtze River Delta, is not a well-developed city, there are several Internet cafes, not long after I turned could not help but got into the close a window on the far "Yahoo!" the word Internet. There are only two machines, also have in use, only to find the laptop to me, pulling a 163 account, the general rate. Night did not forget to ask a question to Dali's car, reducing trips during the Lunar New Year, we packed up their bags that night left the next morning Lijiang. Perhaps the reason is visited Lijiang, Dali's Erhai Cangshan not in my mind to leave the slightest impression. Today, sitting in front of the computer back to Beijing, Lijiang, I often feel is a very illusory shadow, and when I tried to use a real pen to record it, it is difficult to read this text with vivid descriptions of people appreciate the time I get rid of the endless busy city has shown signs of her feelings. Because a lot of speculation, ever full of visitors this year, Lijiang, Festival visitors to the residence is not a good arrangement from the forum I saw a lot of complaints about the text. Forgot to mention earlier, my first time in Lijiang to see the sky so clear the stars, it is left Lijiang in the previous night, maybe in the future I can not return to Lijiang, so that one day erase the other.