Title:Touring Sichuan Si Guniang Mountain


Sichuan Travel Guide: Tours Siguniangshan 5

  D5: before dawn we got up. After washing a hurry, to bring something to eat, bring oxygen bottles bought yesterday (to say especially funny. Original Mix in Guangzhou, said that on the buy, resulting in food skewers, Ali Baba told me, five days ago a car tourism in addition to a young man who did not buy, others to buy oxygen as a result, on that guy died. put strange scary, and I do not want to buy this, because last year to turn over 4400 m in Yunnan's population is white Y Mang Snow Mountain no altitude sickness, but he was a little panicked right, Chuanzhusi selling cheap $ 15 a can, then buy it, prepare a), the road opposite the snack bar eating a bowl of beef noodles ($ 5 ) on the road. Open 1 hour, we went to Huanglong, very few cars on the road, the driver said we had considered earlier. Tickets 110 / person, student tickets are 80 yuan / person, the same Richard lax. Huanglong four began the trip. To be honest, I did not hold much hope Huanglong, one friends say I first went to Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong think not playing much meaning; two last year we went to Baishuitai in Yunnan, and Huanglong are very similar. Climb it, Goodfellas, the ceiling is 4 km. Along the way there are a lot of sliders are parked in there, constantly asked whether we need. No, we are still young, climb move it. Huanglong free oxygen along the way with four points (one mask to pay $ 1).

    A half-hour later, after we climbed to the Huanglong Temple. Wucaiche may in front, and help speed up the pace. Ah, Wucaiche is still quite large and beautiful. Huanglong and Baishuitai different, it's calcified layer is yellow, baishuitai is white, and the more obvious level, but the overall size of Huanglong is greater than baishuitai (tickets can be baishuitai only 30 yuan Oh). When we climbed Wucaiche highest observation deck, I saw the following people have been up more gradually. And so on down the mountain, we found before we really unfounded, those sliders are now the business of fire was incredible, almost empty, it touches us, had to give way to them from time to time it (the slider from the door to Wucaiche 220 million). Three half-hour swim Huanglong, we backtrack Chuanzhusi, 2 pm to catch the bus Wenchuan. Along the way, I saw a chartered tour buses and head off, are not we all glad Jiuzhaigou Huanglong avoid the peak, okay, so you do not, as some friends back to the photo shoot - but not landscape I saw the head.

14:00 shuttle ready to go, is expected to more than 6 points on us in Wenchuan. In the car, we know a Mix from Beijing, but also ready to go Siguniangshan, uh, same destination, then hit the road together. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, friends from all three cities, the road is no longer lonely, this is the fate of the!

Wenchuan nearly 6:30, and ticket offices have closed, hey, can a play it by ear tomorrow morning. 6 people in line not far from the station, the hostel stay in the petrochemical, the standard room 20 yuan / bed, but only a triple. Well, we have a 60 yuan / rooms, three, so decided.

We strongly recommend guest houses in Wenchuan eat far side of a piece of fish. Many locals, we went in the red this point. Unexpectedly, wow, really great. I had to eat fish, Shanghai also eat a lot of places, and Shu Tin House is my favorite, did not think there's a good tender tender fish is good, let's be very conservative to say 3 pounds, just eating the results the two, we are required to add jin, not to rush back to the bath (say 8 o'clock supply of hot water, a large boiler is used up), certainly can eat several pounds of it. Eating fish, even made a lot of side dishes, there are also well-established meat, in short, we are wasting a lot, not eating. Boss, and the bill, plus two bottles of beer, a total of 86 yuan, our family was $ 43 cheaper Oh good!