Title:wandering again in Potala Palace


This 1,300-year history of the world's highest palace, bringing endless source of fascination for modern people, I think this is where it's most fascinating, each one will go to people who were born in Lhasa, but it gives everyone experience is extremely Different. How long to stay on the Potala Palace, you will have a new experience, because 1300 years of history mark will bring you the ever-changing impact and shock your senses being affected by different stimuli including sight, taste, hearing, and touch.

You visited the pagoda at the same time, think of this jeweled gold pagoda where is what. Walk them, I will put in the chest with both hands and ten, I do not know can not bring Aura. In addition to the Potala Palace, the history gives me a heavy base pad, the art of luxury feel, rich Buddhist culture, the number of East Gate to the deepest impression on the toilet. Potala Palace of the bathroom, very much, because in Tibet have the habit of drinking butter tea, buttered tea has a thick smell of meat, so there is little smell of Tibet's bathroom, bathroom alone nose smell Ganzhi orientation does not seem Efficacious, with the Potala Palace in full possession of lit butter lamps and incense, incense is everywhere, it would be difficult to find the bathroom.

I am not saying how high the bathroom in Tibet, in fact, equipment in general, but the scenery outside the window is a bathroom which can not be compared, huge windows, panoramic view of snow-capped mountains near and far, with a window looking out, I picked, as if air, I saw straight wall has been extended to the foot of the hill, under the expanse of lakes and residential areas as vivid as the small sand table, which makes me think of a similar scene, but it is in Copenhagen, Denmark, a 600-year-old ancient Castle restaurant on the sixth floor, is a human being, I feel the environment is very similar, but it was a night. I do not know why these two memory information will also converge, and now think is probably the same feeling, the same act gives me the same feeling, while the place really has a lot of the same feelings, I think others will have this Kinds of feelings. I kind of impulse, is to be a Lama in the Potala Palace to live for a while.