Title:Xingping Night Tour with Firework


This is not a plan to spend the night in xingping arrangement, simply because during the Chinese New Year visitors to Yangshuo is really more in the West and even county to find the ideal point to the accommodation at all. All in the name of the hotel stay off the Internet all full, remote from the West is also a call for knife-point price, no way home, but they went to the bus station take the bus, rushed to xingping lodging. Yangshuo to Xingping the road is really bad, and the scenery along the way into the absolute inverse. So bumpy all the way to the boss and that boss on the Internet called the fish of both the gall to fall asleep, and give them both cats secretly sleeping together Zhang Ying, Unfortunately, it was actually not wash out, there really is a great pity but also the beginning of Chinese New Year .


Near noon to xingping, a legend in the town. Although few (except the boss outside) are Guilin, but they are the first to xingping. The initial impression, this town and other towns around Guilin, does not seem any different, surrounded by mountains, the town side of territorial waters, the scenery is no multi-language to describe, but not seen anything out of Qizhuo different views, all the fame, it seems just because the piece of water called the Li River, the mountain called Old Village Mt. Lingnan the landscape between the Star of Romania was one such town, the stage like a paradise, like the poetry and painting scenery and one of human joys and sorrows together, the thousands of years, and the same, a simple and straight to that moment in landscape. In Xingping, the town witnessed the first years of a banyan changes. The town's people, living the quiet comfortable as ever. This town trip, how can not hurry up.


The only major roads in the town on a rampant feeling, it can be described as a Shuangzi. Small town, the hotel will be a few, willing to stoop to your visit to this small place is not a lot of tourists, most young people are also carrying bags. It is easy to find the one called "Bamboo private apartment" hotel stay down, the hotel's name also made a rather special, feel competing with the advertised state-run hotel a few years ago the contrary, it seems that trying to highlight its own private home-like style. And then solve the lunch rush is the problem, it went straight to terminal. Afternoon charter boats running out of guests, most of the tourists are day trips, then back to Yangshuo accommodation. To contact the skipper (in fact, according to our later discussion, he also a lot of money the owner, like a pier looking to do business in the reception) tried to persuade us rented a boat with other tourists, we prefer to give concessions. We are pressing for four separate charter a boat, rather expensive 也好. To see the skipper of the frame is then enough people do not want to sail range, has to consume to the dark, while the same boat and two backpacks were foreign friends, we compromise, six to go along with each people 30. Results to halfway, but also an excuse to get dark early, just after nine horses on the turn of the mountain, and made my boss almost a year of robbery against ships on the move, look at the big New Year's, then - put up with.


Back to the pier, dark days, heard in the old Walled mountain river, and could not help but stir up. The whirring of the climb for a while, actually cruelly tired, stop pulling the cat's breath with one side, one side decided to strengthen the training later. There are half-way block the monument, saying that the Japanese pay for repair of two kiosks, Mid-called peace pavilion, called the Peak-friendly kiosks. Peace bad enough, the friendly people really want to Pooh. The most disgusting is then written on the steps of dozens of bands of the past thousand years of history of so-called Sino-Japanese friendship, and even what XX Sui make in the column, and 1937-1945, is a just war in the. Although I am not a nationalist, can not stand such a way out of something. Higher up the more steep mountain, but the mountain is not very high. Two women climb half of the Xiecai, boss and I get enough, honking panting up the arch. Top of the hill overlooking the Li River scenery both sides, but unfortunately it was late, according to them looked very bleak picture, but also to stay one point regret.


Dinner is to go online several times over the Li River spring and recommended hotels and found that no one actually in the hotel to eat, we are not scared to go. While hovering at the door, have a Mandarin speaking very Guilin sister greeted us in, asked about the original is a few tables inside and another. Guilin cuisine is of course, sour beef, fried beans, fried cauliflower, Lijiang River fish, the taste is very positive. Finally, small fish eat this much emotion Jinzhou MM: This is my most comfortable in Guilin eat a meal! So I moved the cat began to Jesus the boss, that he abused the Northeast MM stomach.


Satiate, the wife suggested to put the fireworks, this is simply an irresistible idea, then go out into the flicker of the river run. River, there are many sell fireworks, are bought up, it is convenient. There are some accent to the tourists like Guangdong, but also the river, so he put together, enjoy together, cheered together. Hands holding a cat thrown fireworks thrown ah, gorgeous smile and swayed the fireworks, the child-like cute. Distance, that is, the Lijiang River flowing quietly, and the looming little boat lights, mountains and water are completely hidden in the darkness, only that moment when the flash of fireworks, can see the hazy outline. 7-8 years have wanted to own not let fireworks fireworks, those childhood laughter light gradually forgotten, perhaps only when the fireworks shining again, only occasionally remember it. But this mountain the water, and share thoughts, but it is also forget how the. The way back to the hotel, a hum of Luo's "Nostalgia" Four Stanzas, the cat at the side in a good mood to put it nicely. Nice ------- Oh, that I often sing.


The final proposal is a very imaginative - to the town to listen to Caitiao. Xing Town night just their civil Caitiao theater staged to celebrate the Chinese New Year Caitiao drama, is unlikely to find such a genuine reflection of local culture and folk art Guilin - we are so enlighten the fish from the north comrades. Although the former palace Guilin culture often have Caitiao staged, can always be felt next to the game room seems more interesting more, turning each time to have a direct, not once heard inside. Compared Gui opera, Caitiao more drama can be regarded as representatives of civil society in Guilin, although singing is close to Mandarin, but they are nothing but dialogue, monologue or authentic Guilin words. Play staged in the town's small stage, we do not know the way, actually touched the dark background, but also in a circle, into the theater was already opening a while. Seen selling tickets for a long time to find a place, the original theater is not money, the income from the audience all the automatic contributions. The story is very traditional, very simple, say the stepmother abused two children, then good people with the help of siblings to find his father, all statements, stepmother to get the story of retribution. All the costumes are fairly simple, a joint touches mean a long drama: practical guidance by virtual things, asked the ancients remind moderns. I see very serious, very serious cat on the side looking at me, a look back, behind the town are very seriously looking at us very strange, so awkward was only laughed. Most failed is this: I actually saw a long time to even play the last name do not know.


Afterwards, with the crowd, through the night, we walk in the town of stone alley. Learn to play in a Beggar lotus fall, I put this gently interrupted by a touch of quiet: boss boss you give some wine, gold and silver on everything there. Laughter, spent Valentine's night floating in the air.