Title:Zhenyuan You Cannot Miss It


My friends two people, and Shanghai, Shanghai travel September 29 to Guiyang Train (K111 time), 9:10 start the next day 11:37 assigned to the eastern city of Guizhou Province - Zhenyuan station. In the Chen-yuan and Guangzhou eight friends we will meet, Guangzhou, starting around 3:00 pm the train arrived at Chen-yuan.

On the train, we met a mid-sixties support from the Beijing home electrical engineer in Guiyang, fifties, when he talked about young volunteered to Guizhou to the determination, after I discovered that this is again to the backcountry place. That we have to travel to the Southeast, he was surprised, and think we really should go there places to go around, so we learned from the electrical engineers of the past and now Southeast and ethnic customs and natural scenery.

The train hit the bus from the train station, the fare two dollars, close to the original, and only ten minutes walk. Many private hotels in town, eight to ten yuan a bed, clean with hot water bath. The town is also two hotels, 120 yuan standard double room.

Zhenyuan city is small, the town museum, we first visited the museum, tickets copy. Chen-yuan is a historic city, the Qin Dynasty is like a county, the Han emperor 5 years (202 BC) is located not Zhongyang County. Hongwu Chen-yuan state home early, under the Hubei and Hunan. 11 years of Yongle (1413) set Zhenyuan House, Gaili Guizhou. Ming and Qing to the Republic, Chen-yuan as regional political and cultural center of eastern Guizhou.

Zhenyuan monuments have Dragon Cave, Dragon Cave is located east of the rivers and mountains Zhenyuan county, from the bus station to go over twenty minutes to do. From the Dragon Cave, Ghost Cave, Ziyang holes, stone palace life, incense rock, composed of ordained bridges ancient architecture, ancient buildings near the hole by cliffs, adherent volley, refined and elegant structure, is the splendid sight of the historic resort eastern Guizhou region, vegetarian the "eastern Guizhou first cave," said.

We walked along the Wuyang soon went to Dragon Cave, Dragon Cave tickets 30 yuan a piece, we go after the encounter happened Zhenyuan Planning Division of Tourism Industry Co., Ltd. Chung, free to explain to us the history of Dragon Cave. Dragon Cave is a religious place, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, the three religions side by side in this, there is a triangle in the pavilion inside the cave symbolizes the three religions co-exist. Dragon Cave on the wood to save the building is still vivid. Top of the mountain, panoramic view of the ancient city of Chen-yuan, Wuyang Bi Flows, the ancient city into two.

Dragon Cave and Guangzhou in the friends we met at night in town to eat the famous red Zhenyuan sour soup pot, distinctive flavor that sour spicy hot pot, and memorable.The next day (10 January) morning at 7:30 our line of ten people by bus to Shibing.