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Tianjin Great Wall


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Tianjin Great Wall Facts


Located in the extreme northern reaches of Tianjin, Jixian County is a historical and cultural city. Numerous cultural relics can be found there, such as ancient pagodas, temples, inscribed steles and tombs.

Jixian Great Wall is the most notable of those cultural icons. It starts from Chixiayu in the east and ends at Huangtuliang in the west with a total length of about 41 kilometers. During the Ming Dynasty, Jixian Great Wall became a very complete defensive system because of the constant additions. The ruined Great Wall was repaired in1984. The Tianjin Government spent three years repairing Taipingzhai Great Wall, Huangyaguan Pass and a town connecting with Huangyaguan Pass, namely Pass Town.

In Jixian County Taipingzhai Great Wall and Huangyaguan Pass are the two most famous attractions. Located 0.6 miles southeast of Xiaoping'an Village, Taipingzhai Great Wall means the village of peace and prosperity. It connects the Phoenix Tower to the northwest and Water Pass (in Beijing) to the southwest. The wall is famous for the lofty mountain and marvelous structure. Huangyaguan Pass lies in the beautiful mountainous area northwest of Taipingzhai, 19 miles north to Jixian County. The whole section is built on the steep ridge. Comprised of watch towers, city terraces, blockhouses and passes, the military defense system is complete and indestructible.


  • Huangyaguan Great Wall

Huangyaguan Great Wall is located in the mountainous area, 28 km (17 miles) north of Ji County, Tianjin .It is selected as one of the 'Ten Sights in Tianjin'. Stretching for about 42 km (26 miles), Huangyaguan Great Wall is consisted of 52 enemy towers and 14 beacon towers. It was built in the Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 577), and reconstructed in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). The Huangyaguan Great Wall we see now is covered with Ming-dynasty bricks. The whole great wall was built on mountain ridges with cliffs on both sides, very magnificent, so it was reputed as Impregnable Pass of Northern Jin.

Huangyaguan Pass has a very solid defensive system. There situated a watch tower 1 km from the pass named the Phoenix Tower, which is the largest round watch tower along the great walls in China and serves as the first defensive line of the pass. It is a watch tower as well as a battle tower. The second defensive line of Huangyaguan is the great wall itself because of the wall is too high and thick to the break down. The third defensive line is an Eight-Diagram City in the pass which covers an area of 40,000 square meters includes the 36 crisscrossing streets and rows of old-style houses. Now there built a 30,000-square-meter maze amusement park in the city, making the city more mysterious.

Since 1999, the Huangyaguan Great Wall International Marathon Game has been held here every May. Besides the Marathon, there is a Great Wall Climbing Game on Huangyaguan Great Wall every year, and all the competitors are children from all over the world. The organizer aims to spread Chinese Great Wall culture through the games.

  • Travel tips:
The opening time: 6:00-18:00
The ticket: ¥50 (Mar. to Oct.) ¥45 (Nov. to Feb.)
The best tourism time: all year round

The traffic:
(1) take a long-distance bus at Beijing Sihui Long-distance Bus Station to Tianjin Jixian County and get off at Nanlou in Jixian County, and take a taxi to Huangyaguan Great Wall (the bus from Beijing to Jixian departs every 15 minutes from 06:00 to 19:30);
(2) take the train from Tianjin Railway Station to Jixian Railway Station (the train departs at 07:30), and take taxi or mini bus to Huangyaguan Pass;
(3) take the long-distance bus from Tianjin Hebei Long-distance Bus Station and get off at Jixian Long-distance Bus Station, and then take taxi or mini bus to Huangyaguan Pass.


  • Taipingzhai Great Wall

The Taipingzhai section is located one kilometer southeast of Huangyaguan Pass. It holds the access to the mountains and valleys east of Huangyaguan Pass. The wall winds its way on the ridges of steep mountains for about 873 meters.

Taipingzhai Great Wall is uniquely constructured with brick and stone embedded inside the walls. A shortcut was newly built on the east side, with a stone-tablet embedded on the gate. Taipingzhai Great Wall has six watchtowers, one battlement and one side door in the Great Wall. Within the square, fronting the side door, a nine-meter statue was set to commemorate Qi Jiguang, a famous general of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) who fought against the Japanese invader and defended the border.

There is a square stone-tower named Widow's Tower which is a 13 meters high in the west of Taipingzhai section of the Great Wall. This two-storey tower is separated into four arched hall by four brick pillar. An oblong room is built on the tower and decorated with exquisite dragon-heads at its west end. It is said that his tower was built during the Ming Dynasty, with money donated by twelve women whose husbands had perished as builders of the Great Wall.

  • Travel tips:
The best tourism time: Spring and Autumn
The traffic:Take the trains or long-distance buses from Beijing or Tianjin to Jixian County, and then take a mini bus or taxi to Taipingzhai Great Wall.