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Guangdong Food


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As one of the main cuisine styles in China, Guangdong cuisine consists of Guangdong, Chaozhou and Dongjiang cuisine and emphasizes seafood, and unique, mixed flavorings. Guangdong food is traditional Guangdong cuisine; Chaozhou food is similar to Fujian cuisine because Chaozhou neighbors Fujian Province; and Dongjiang food, which is represented by Huizhou food, emphasizes domestic animals and poultry.

While featuring sour, bitter, spicy and delicious tastes with a clear and fragrant smell, Guangdong cuisine uses a wide variety of ingredients, offers food of all tastes, shapes and colors, good at changing, and serves light food in summer and autumn, and strong and mellow food in winter and spring. Meanwhile, Guangdong snacks are peculiar about ingredients, some sweet and some salty, enjoying the reputation of "100 kinds of snacks having 100 tastes and 100 shapes".