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Ling Canal

Located in Xing'an County, 66 kilometers (41 miles) away to the northeast of Guilin in Guangxi Province, the Ling Canal is one of the oldest and most integrated canals in existence in the world. What’s more, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, cultural relics, and historical sites of Guilin tours.

As early as 219BC to 214BC in the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang (259BC - 210BC, the first emperor who unified China), the canal was built. Since then, the canal has been renovated several times. Including the six countries (Qi States, Chu States, Yan States, Han States, Zhao States, Wei States), Qin Shi Huang dispatched 500,000 troops to the regions south of the Five Ridges (covering Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces). Nevertheless, there were no convenient roads to the south. To solve this problem, Shi Lu (an official of the Qin) was ordered for the building of a canal, thus, the food and money can be transferred in time. Once completed, to their surprise, the project not only facilitated the transporting of goods but also provided irrigation to the region. All in all, it occupied an important position in the integration of China and the prosperity of that region. In other words, the canal witnessed the history of the Guilin.

The length of the canal can reach about 34 kilometers (21 miles), consists of two parts: the northern canal and the southern canal. The Xiang River and the Li River are connected by this canal. The canal is 10 meters (32 feet) long and 1.5 meters (5 feet) deep. There are five parts consisted of the canal and each of them has a specific function. For example, Hua Zui, in the shape of a ploughshare, is a stone dam made of giant stones. It is used to divide the upper reaches of a sea partly into the northern canal which disembogues itself into the Xiang Rive and partly into the southern canal, which empties into the Li River. Generally speaking, the regions are still benefit from this canal for it still performs its function in terms of irrigation. So you should visit Ling Canal if you travel to Guilin. Here belowed is something about Guilin travel guide.


Ling Canal Notes

Transportation: Take train 2514 at 8:16 AM from Guilin and get off at Xing'an Station. Ling Canal is in the southeast of that county.