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Merry Land Resort

Merry Land Resort, situated in Xing’an County, Guilin, covers an area of 988 acres, has Golf Club, the Merry-land Resort Hotel, the Holiday Cottage, and the Theme Park etc. If you want to explore deeper of Guilin City with different aspects, here will be a nice choice.

Theme Park: This theme park contains the Forest Amusement Area along with another six sections offering visitors switchback cars, bungee jumping, the pirate ship ride, haunted castle etc. Here listed below are the 6 sections in the park.


South Pacific Section:

 Here energizes your mind and body with tropical plants, bamboo, thatch houses and magical aboriginal stone carvings.

Happy China Town
Nice opportunity to encounter the essence of the ancient China Town

Dream Global City
Here dreams can actually come true! Do you believe that?

Pirate Village
Do you want to have a close encounter pirates or personal with pirates? If the answer is yes, then, come here.


Western United States Section:

Here offers you a chance to be a cowboy and see the western life

Here offers you a chance to appreciate the Gothic architecture of the 12th -13th century in Europe. Imagine you are a charming princess staying in a big castle or a handsome prince walking among the spires. Do you want to be? If the answer is yea, then, come to here

Except the Chinese New Year's Eve, the park is open everyday.
Jan., Feb., Nov., Dec.
Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Sep., Oct.
Jul., Aug.

Forest Village
With two sections of house area and the campsite area, this forest village offers you a great opportunity to experience a marvelous world of tranquility and relaxation. Besides, at night, people will dance hand in hand around a huge bonfire.

Merry-land Resort Hotel
5-star hotel with an Entertainment Center, Health Center, bar, café and swimming pool will give you a nice experience of staying.

Merry-land Golf Club
An international 18-hole golf course with an alley of alley 7,073 yards
Datura Park with eight scenic spots inside offers visitors another travelling experience while travelling in Guilin.

Merry Land Resort Notes

1. April to October are the best travelling time with best weather, however, the 1st to 7th of May and October are Chinese legal holidays, you’d better avoid traveling during these periods.

2. The Merry-land express runs from Guilin Chief Bus Station to the resort at thirty-minute intervals at the cost of CNY 12.

3. Visitors with heart problems or high blood pressure are asked to avoid activities such as bungee jumping and switchback car sitting.

4. Tickets for the Theme Park are valid for 1 day only.

5. Pets are not allowed at the resort.

6. All food and drink must be purchased at the Merry Land Resort.