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Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot

Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot refers to enjoy the scenery areas of Lijiang River (part of downtown area), Taohua River (Peach-blosom River), Guihu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Shanhu Lake and Mulong Lake with a round-the-city waterway. It actually is divided into three main theme scenery area, Mulong ancient water channel scenery area, Guihu Lake scenery area and Ronghu Lake-Shanhu Lake scenery area.


Guihu Lake Scenic Area

With over 1,700 meters from north to south and about 110 meters wide on average, Guihu Lake Scenic Area was originally the city moat of the western Guilin City in Song Dynasty (960-1279), known as the Expo of famous gardens, bridges, trees and flowers. Here grows a large number of precious arbors and flowers along the lake, such as redwood garden, magnolia garden, palm garden, gingko garden, white pines garden and banyan tree garden. As the bridges, there are Yingbin Bridge, Guanyin Bridge, Xiqing Bridge, Baoxian Bridge and Lize Bridge. Want to have picturesque scenic spots to take pictures? It must be here.


Ronghu-Shanhu Lake Scenic Area

Originally called Nanyang River, it was the manmade city moat of the southern Guilin at the time of Tang and Song dynasties, and enlarged in Ming Dynasty and at that time it became an inner lake. In the following days, many local governments and public offices built their offices along the lake and created a charming beauty of the lake.


Mulong Lake Scenic Area

Featuring the integration of historical culture into the nature, Mulong Lake Scenic Area is rich in manmade sights, such as Dongzhen Gate and the site of the City Wall in Song Dynasty. A very large building complex is scattered around, includes Mulong Pagoda (imitating Longhua Pagoda in Song Dynasty in Shanghai), Song Street, Half-side Street, Mulong at Night, and Ancient Song City.

Besides, there is an ecological landscape zone between the southern Mulong Lake and Diecai Hill where visitors can admire forest, grass, falls and streams.


Li River and Taohua (Peach Blossom) River

These two beautiful rivers connected and thus created more beauty to each other.


Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot Notes

Admission Fees:
CNY 149 for adult;
Half price for children between 1.00 and 1.40 meters tall;
Free for children under 1.00 meter tall

Take bus no.2, 16 or 23 and get off at Xiangshan Park Station.
Take bus no.10, 11, 14, 18 or 31 and get off at Jiefang Bridge Station. Visitors can get aboard at Jifang Bridge, Zhiyintai Dock and Wenchang Dock.

Opening Hours: All day

Boat Trip Period:
09:30-18:00 (daytime)
19:30-21:30 (nighttime)