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    Guilin is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. This special location makes Guilin to be a multi-ethnic area. On this land lived 12 ethnic minorities and their ancestors can be traced back to Qin Dynasty. Guilin’s special location not only brings up a great number of people but also breeds innumerable graceful water and marvelous mountains. Its well known karst topography is the most spectacular scenery in the world. Clusters limestone mountains tier upon tier like Chinese monochromes stretch to the endless miles. Just like you are in the fairyland. Besides the amazing karst topography ,Guilin is also famous for it’s strange and beautiful mountains. The most famous two are Elephant Hill and Moon Hill in Yangshuo. All these mountains are formed by uplifting of the earths’ crust in this region. They are also the creatures of nature.



    Guilin is a world famous scenic city and historical cultural city. Its breathless natural beauty and profound cultural foundation attract many famous people and great poets come to this holly world .Therefore here you can feel a strong natural and cultural ambience.

    If we said Guilin’s mountains had made up its body ,then Guilin’s water had made up its spirit. Li River is Guilin’s most scenic area, it was selected by National Geographic Magazine as one of the world’s top ten watery wonders. It’s running through Guilin from north to south and on its western lies the center of Guilin city. Because Guilin is in a subtropical monsoon zone with a warm and moist climate so this unique climate make its full of green sceneries. Actually Guilin was named after the fragrance of the osmanthus tree. When you throw yourself into the refreshing nature your exhaustion of body and mind will gets be relaxed thoroughly.

    April to October each year is the best time to travel to Guilin. The average temperature is around 17~23 degrees that is ideal for travelling. It’s suggested that 4-day memory tour in Guilin be good. You can be close to the natural beauty that you have seen in the pictures. You can feel the natural and the local conditions and customs just by bicycle or bus in the countryside. Or you also can sit in the modern coffee house to feel the mixture of simple and unsophisticated through the café window in the West street. All these you can do is not just a fairy but a simple ting, if you really want to. Come with us to start a nature venture, you will have a enjoyable and memory tour.