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  • Guilin Food and Restaurants

  • Guilin food is really a fusion of Cantonese cuisine, Hunanese cuisine and local ingredients.
    One of the most famous and typical local flavor must be the Guilin Mifen (Guilin Rice Noodles), which could be eaten for breakfast or just snack with different toppings in different restaurants in Guilin.

    • 1. Here listed below are the most famous Guilin Local foods


    (1) Lipu taro pork
    Made from Guilin preserved bean curd, Lipu taro, pork and other ingredients, it tastes soft, juicy and flavorful, and locals believed that it could prevent inflammation in the body and improve one’s complexion.

    (2) Stewed duck with gingko
    Made from cubed duck meat, ham slices, gingko and other ingredients, it tastes very smooth and delicious.

    (3) Stewed clams and chicken
    Ingredients include: chicken, clams, slices of ham, preserved longan.
    It is believed that it could nourish the pulmonary system, prevent coughs and invigorate one’s kidneys.

    (4) Lo Han boiled chicken
    Ingredients include: Lo Han Kuo, milk vetch and codonopsis pilosula
    It could help to lower blood pressure.

    (5) Duck wrapped in lotus leaf
    Ingredients include: lean pork, mushrooms, ham, bamboo shoots, taro, green beans, and shrimp etc, and the duck is stuffed with these kinds of ingredients and wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed.

    (6) Yangshuo Beer Fish
    Li River fish is cooked with fresh-brewed Li River beer, ginger slices, garlic leaves and tomatoes.

    (7) Roasted Sucking Pig (Piglet)
    A delicious dish known for its lustrous and lightly golden skin, tastes extremely delicious.

    (8) Fried Beef with Winter Bamboo Shoots
    Home style dish consisting of winter bamboo, beef, mushrooms and fungus


    • 2. Here listed below are the most famous Guilin snacks


    (1) Guilin Rice Noodles (Mifen)
    Featuring round, thin and flexible rice noodles with toppings of Lettuce, Sirloin etc., and the soup, which it always come with, is made from pork, fermented soybeans, orange peel, licorice, cassia, fennel, aniseed and mangosteen etc.

    (2) Youyi Xuan Rice Noodles (Mifen) Restaurant
    Provides with various types of meat noodles
    Address: Lequn Rd, Guilin

    (3) Shi Ji Rice Noodles (Mifen) Shop
    Sells various types of noodles with various toppings
    Address: Jiefang Xi Rd, Guilin

    (4) Nun Vegetarian Noodles
    The special part of this noodle must be the golden, sweet, fragrant soup, which is consisted of soybean sprouts, fresh straw mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots etc, besides, the noodles are served usually with Guilin fermented tofu, scrambled eggs, vegetarian ham, wheat gluten and spices,

    (5) Guilin Water Sticky Rice Cake
    A ball-like sticky rice-made cake with mung bean paste, lotus-seed paste, sesame and sugar inside tastes like cotton candy

    (6) Water Chestnut Cake
    A horse-hoof like cake made from rice flour, brown sugar, water chestnut powder, and sesame seed powder, which is common to see near the scenic spots in Guilin and Yangshuo.

    (7) Oil Tea
    It is the favorite tea of the Miao, Yao and Dong ethnic minorities in the northern part of Guilin, and it is said that is could prevent the bacterial infections and enhance the immune system.

    (8) Sticky Rice Dumplings
    With osmanthus flower sugar, sesame paste, coconut paste, mung bean paste or meat wrapped in a bamboo leaf, this kind of rice dumplings taste very nice.


    • 3. Here listed below are the most typical Food Streets in Guilin



    (1) Five main food streets in Guilin
    Food City (200 m to the east of the bus station)
    Binjiang Rd Food Street (Fubo Mountain to Elephant Trunk Mountain)
    Jiefang Xi Rd Food Street
    Zhishan Rd Food Street (Facing the Food City)
    Putuo Rd Food Street (Chaoyang Intersection)

    (2) Guilinren Wangjiao Food Street
    With vendors selling various Guilin snacks on the either side of the street
    Address: 268 Zhongshan Zhong Rd, Guilin