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  • Guilin Travel Tips

    • 1.Fast Facts

    Zip Code: 541002
    Area Code: 0773
    Population: 680,000


    • 2.Emergency Telephone Numbers

    Fire: 119
    Police: 110
    Ambulance: 120


    • 3.Hospitals

    (1) Guilin Renmin Hospital
    Gained high fame for international service
    Location: 12, Wenming Road, Guilin City

    (2) Guilin Di Er Renmin Hospital (Second Renmin Hospital)
    Address: 2, Diecai Road, Guilin City

    (3) Guilin Di Si Renmin Hospital (Fourth People's Hospital)
    Addres: 20, Fengbei Road, Guilin City


    • 4.Banks

    Bank of China
    Guilin branch: 5 Shanhu Road (North), Xiufeng District
    Sanlidian branch: 6, Lijiang Road, Qixing District
    Jiedong branch: 130, Jiefang Road (East), Xiufeng District
    Pingshan branch: 16, Wayao Road, Shixia District
    Zhongshanbeilu branch: 390, Zhongshan Road (North), Shixia District


    • 5.Post offices

    Donghuan Rd branch: 61-2, Putuo Road, Guilin City
    Zhongbei branch: 100, Zhongshan Road (North), Guilin City
    Qixing branch: 7, Chuanshan Road (East), Guilin City
    Yangqiao branch: 97, Zhongshan Road (Middle), Guilin City
    Lijiang branch: 9, Lijiang Road, Guilin City
    Pingshan branch: 18, Wayao Road, Guilin City


    • 6.Universities

    (1) Guilin University of Technology
    Address: 12, Jiang'an Road, Guilin City, Guangxi
    Tel: (+86) 0773-5896079

    (2) Guangxi Normal University
    Address: 15, Yucai Road, Guilin, Guangxi

    (3) Guilin University of Electronic Technology
    College of International Exchange
    Address: 1, Jinji Road, Guilin City
    Telephone: (+86) 0773-5601372


    • 7.Public Security


    An international city with very safe touring environments, however, still need you to pay more attention to your belongings while near bus, train station with crowds, that’s also useful in whole China.