Guiyang Hebin Park,Guiyang Hebin Park Guiyang China
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Guiyang Hebin Park

Riverside Park of Guiyang covers a total area of seventeen point one hectares, of which water area takes up two point six two hectares. In the Riverside Park of Guiyang in Guizhou Province, greeted by the clear waters and green hills, the beautiful parterre, the extraordinary towers and pavilions, the gallery ballroom and even the serene rearing pond, visitors will get a feeling of relaxation and joy. In the summer, at the foot of the hill in the south, with old willows stretching far and low along its banks, the limpid river is good for swimming. There are also bamboo buildings in the park, such as bamboo fence, bamboo room, bamboo garden, bamboo pavilion and bamboo corridor, giving you a strong rural flavor and making you forget all the worries of the world.

Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hour: all day time
Best Time to Visit: as you like, especial in summer