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Huaxi Park

Huaxi Parki is the center of the Huaxi Scenic Area, located in the south suburb of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, occupying an area of about 825 mu (about 136 acres), of which about 300 mu (about 49 acres) is water area. Compounding bucolic scenery, natural hills and rivers with ethnic features, it accquired the name of "Back Garden of Guiyang City".

Huaxi Park was constructed in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911),  by a local country gentleman. He established towers and pavilions on the hills,  planted trees and flowers, also, he piled up little islands in the water, until 1930s, it was rebuilt as a park. After the founding of The People's Republic of China, the park brought in tourist facilities and renamed as Huaxi Park, which means a park where flowers are in full bloom and streams flow.

Unlike other man-made parks, the stream and the four hills in Huaxi Park are naturally formed. Huaxi (Flower Stream) winds elegantly blowed through, bring quite good fragrance of flowers. While the four hills, Gui (Tortoise), Lin (Kylin, an animal in Chinese legend), Feng (Phoenix) and She (Snake)  Hills stand by two sides. With its clean water and charming scenery along the banks, Huaxi is regarded as "The First Love Stream" in China. On Gui and She Hills, with various stones in peculiar shapes bordering the roads, the scenery is also appealing. Lin Hill is the highest of the four. It is like a ferocious kylin howling angrily at the sky. Standing on the hilltop, visitors can have a panorama of the park. On top of Feng Hill, you can overlook the stone houses, stone walls and stone village roads that crisscross the field.

Baibu Bridge (One Hundred Steps Bridge) should also be recommended, a winding bridge with stones fixed in water, while it is different from other common bridges in that whenever you walk on the bridge, you will just like you are walking on the water surface, especially in summer when the water level is high.

Besides, the park includes several other bridges, pavilions, towers and gardens. Some have historical significance; some are magnificent; and some of them are of distinguished styles.


Huaxi Park Notes

Admission Fee: CNY 10

Opening Hours: 06:10 to 22:00

Recommended Time for a Visit: One hour