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  • Guiyang Nightlife

  • Guiyang is energetic and so are Guiyang people, so Guiyang's night often begins later, sometimes after 21:00. Shopping malls and large marketplaces are usually closed at 22:00. People do not worry about their safety at deep night, the public order there is quite good.

    Many locals would like to spend their nights in snack stalls. Every day, after 18:30, street stands on the popular snack street-Shaanxi Luwill begin repairing cooking delicious snacks. Just like Sichuan people, Guiyang people like spicy food, but the spicy food in Guiyang tastes a little numb and spicy, which is different from Sichuan food. Hot pepper is indispensable to Guiyang dishes and even three meals a day. Despite of some home styled dishes, beer and various kinds of snacks, sea food from southern coastal area are increasingly popular in Guiyang too.

    Apart from the local snacks, Guiyang people have a special nightlife destination, the Vinegar Bar. In the city, young people like bars, pubs cafes and Koraoke just as people in other big cities, but Vinegar Bar are unique in Guiyang. As the name suggests, the vinegar bar is a place providing vinegar drinks. But actually it is much different from the vinegar used as culinary ingredients. You may be appealed by a variety of vinegar drinks such as the fruit vinegar drinks, drinks with special material like the sticky rice and the pearl powder. Vinegar drinks are called the healthy drinks. Ready to have a cup?

    The bars gather round on Hequn Lu, Shaanxi Lu, Beijing Lu and Nan Men.


    • 1. Bars

    (1) 9 Ku Music Bar
    Address: Cishan Xiang (Lane), Fushui Bei Lu
    Average cost per person: CNY100

    (2) SOHO Club
    Address: F2, Sheng'an Hotel, Zhongshan Dong Lu
    Average cost per person: CNY100

    (3) Lvdao (GreenIsland) Bar
    Address: Yan'an Dong Lu
    Average cost per person: CNY200

    (4) Shangri-La Bar
    Address: on Hequn Lu is where young people like to gather.

    (5) Zuo Ri ChongXian
    Address: on Shaanxi Lu, Guiyang


    • 2. Coffee House

    (1) UBC Coffee
    Address: No. 155, Ruijin Bei Lu, Guiyang

    (2) Victoria Coffee
    Address: Xi Hu Lu

    (3) Coffee Shops
    Master Morgan
    Address: No.178, Hequn Lu


    • 3. Theater and Cinema

    (1) Guiyang Grand Theater
    Address: No.2, Shi Nan Lu

    (2) Renmin Cinema
    Address: No.79, Zhonghua Zhong Lu


    • 4.Dramas

    Guizhou folk drama has a long history. Qian Drama, Qian Opera and the Di Xi are popular in Han areas. The Dong Drama and Buyi Drama are performed mainly in the minority ethnic group areas.

    Anshun Di Xi (Di Xi literally means the Field Drama) and is known as the Living Fossil of Chinese Drama. The performance of the Di Xi indicates the minority people worshiping the god, expelling the ghost and praying for peace. You may find the Di Xi performances in some minority villages such as Tianlong Tunbu.