Holiday Beach,Holiday Beach Haikou China
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Holiday Beach

Located near Qingling Road in the west of Haikou, this 6 kilometers long Holiday Beach is a typical place of interest for touring and having leisure at the beach in Haikou. Here is really a marvelous picture of golden sunshine, blue seawater, yellow beach and green coconut trees, and the right place for sunbathes, swimming, sea sports and restaurants for seafood too. Motorboats, surfing, windsurfing and sailing boats on the sea, all of these are available and popular here. Meanwhile, in the theater of Roman style, visitors can appreciate various kinds of shows, including the water ballet, diving, and peculiar singing and dancing from American or European performers.

Holiday inns, hotels, restaurants and amusement centers along with thriving Linma Huanglin trees could be found at its left. The famous and beautiful Qiongzhou Strait locates at its right. Ships can be seen shuttling to and from the seas.